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  1. -Now walk 100% of the time -Use Clicgear 3.5 currently -Would walk 100% of time with Motocaddy
  2. Please take a look at the posts a little further back. Code was good only Sunday and Monday. It's dead now!
  3. Geese, a bunch of teenagers from Brooklyn. Very good debut album just out, Projector. They describe the vibe best, Radiohead meets prog rock with some of Interpol’s attitude.
  4. Love mine as well. And the customer service is also great.
  5. Can you kindly expound on "how to correctly wind your hands and arms in the backswing"? Perhaps some supporting video(s), if you know of any?
  6. For the lefty's out there, NY Golf Center appears to have the left-handed CC Newport 2 in stock at MSRP, $599. NY Golf Center is (primarily) a brick and mortar store here in NYC and their site indicates these are currently available. Good luck...
  7. Look at their Instagram page; nothing but aggreived customers who never received their orders.
  8. Another Puma BOA person here as well. I too will not be returning to laces any time soon. BOA rocks!
  9. Agree that The Golfers Journal is terrific. Expensive, but well worth it. McKellar Magazine is also really good.
  10. sonvolt22

    Tony romo

    Missed the cut by only 17 strokes.
  11. sonvolt22

    Tony romo

    Through 13 holes, he's tied for last place...
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