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  1. That might be tough now that Tommy lost his tour card
  2. I don't consider the stance tab socks thin at all. They're actually too thick to wear with my ZIT. But they're very comfy socks.
  3. I think Bubba poster a video on Insta with them and some Breds today or yesterday so I'd assume they're coming
  4. Nevermind they're the same ZV2 he's been wearing all week. Just didn't look the same at first.
  5. He's the only knucklehead not wearing a hat too. Must be the Ireland uniform.
  6. It's very common/ trendy in different places around the globe and even in places like LA to "mismatch" on purpose
  7. Saw this online this morning https://northcoastgolfco.com/products/glove-love-case-pre-order?fbclid=IwAR276FJBW3mYXNB83WYvibA3PGyKttPpayeuf99HR0oEa0NO0h-gw0-hPYg
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