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  1. Hello I'm looking at these two 2 irons but Im not familiar with how to tell if they are miura forged. I know some rac cbs and mbs were. Please let me know what you think! Also looking at this MacGregor PCB that I have seen was miura forged as well. Thanks!
  2. Yea it looks interesting figured id give the x stiff a try in my driver
  3. Anybody ever tried this shaft? https://www.diamondtour.com/fgs-vision-wood-shaft.html
  4. It was all cut from the tip. It had broken off at the adapter and I cut off about another inch or so
  5. What exactly does net shaft butt left mean?
  6. I have a 75g x flex evenflow black that broke at the tip after being pulled from a driver so I cut it down to 39 inches. Would it be a bad idea to throw it in my 2 iron? Currently have just s300 in there which is the same as the rest of my irons.
  7. Yea I was just trying to get good deal to try one and see if I liked the single strap before potentially getting a mackenzie
  8. Yea that's my concern. I did buy this off sideline swap so I wasn't sure if it was possibly fake
  9. Hey everyone I recently got a jones originals golf bag. The clubs hang way out the bag making it super unbalanced. Am I just stupid and doing something wrong or are they supposed to be like this? Clubs are standard length. Not even my putter or wedges come close to being near the edge of the bag like a normal one. Please let me know
  10. Hey everyone, Curious if anyone has compared the Hzrdus Smoke black 6.5 vs the kiyoshi white 05 75 gram driver shaft. Currently have the smoke in my epic flash but just picked up the kiyoshi white for a great price but obviously with the circumstances unable to test it at the moment. Let me know your thoughts on how they'd compare. Thanks!
  11. > 5hort5tuff said: > Hey man, kudos for going with a new builder. It's nice to have a personalized putter with your own personal touch. In this case, I think it looks a little bit rough around the edges. The toe and topline look a little sharp for me and the stamping is a bit...well not my style. > > Regardless with a little patina I think it will look cool > > Why go with an unfilled face? Yea I wanted something that actually looked handcrafted and imperfect like the stamping I didn't want it to look like it had been made in a factory like scottys. The unmilled I just wanted to try and see if had some better feel since I can always get it milled if I didn't like it. So far I'm loving the feel off of it. It rolls a lot better than my scotty which really surprised me
  12. Hey everyone just wanted to share a putter I recently bought and haven't seen anyone post about them before. I was looking for a custom putter and looked at everyone I could find from TLamb to Mannkrafted. I found Goodwood on Instagram and his prices are incredibly affordable for a custom piece. He worked with me on doing the hammered bit as thats what I was really after. The feel off the putter is incredible I was really surprised vs the scotty cameron pro platinum mid slant id been using for the past 10 years almost. I went with the unmilled face and am loving it. Also went with the raw finish as I wanted to eventually get the rusted look. Let me know what you think of it! Thanks!
  13. Hey guys the chrome is peeling off my mp 33s and I was wondering if there was anything I could do that didn't require me sending them to get rechromed or the use of dangerous chemicals. Let me know thanks!!
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