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  1. Is that until they’re released or is that when the embargo is lifted?
  2. I’m sure TaylorMade is snooping around here somewhere...can you give us a countdown?! @TaylorMade Golf
  3. 2019 P790 officially listed as “Sold Out” on TaylorMade’s website. When will we see the new ones?!
  4. I think they usually post the range update on Tuesday, don’t they?
  5. Do we know for a fact, or are we just guessing with absolute certainty? Lol I mean, we got lefty MP20’s
  6. There’s been a lot of talk about Titleist and TM irons being in bags the week of the Open...so, it’s possible we’ll start seeing some new releases in the next couple days.
  7. It says the P790s will be restocked August 4th? That is odd...
  8. If these really are available for preorder in late June, we’d have to hear something this week or next. I’m between these and the new T200 release. Can’t wait to find out more.
  9. Thanks, Larry. My reason for wanting to move on from the DCB is that the size is much bigger than what I’m use to. The forgiveness benefits certainly don’t seem comparable to the size. I’ve played smaller heads like the p790 and i500, which seemed just as forgiving but in a much better package. The top line and sole are both really thick, and I’m not loving the turf interaction. Hence why I’m looking into the T200. It looks like it offers similar performance benefits in a much more appealing package. Although, at this point, it seems like I should wait for the new T200 to come out in
  10. I also find it interesting that the ratings are missing some pretty important clubs...i500, most of the PXG’s...does the manufacturer have to supply this information for Maltby, or does Maltby develop the measurements themselves?
  11. So, speaking to the original post, it looks like the T200 could potentially be a better fit for me. It has a slightly higher C Dim and a slightly lower V COG.
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