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  1. When does this new stroke lab shaft release?
  2. Based on the two-year cycle, you’d think a new Toulon line should be releasing any time now. I know there’s a Callaway embargo lifting this week, but I don’t think it includes putters?
  3. Can anyone else confirm?! This is beautiful, if true.
  4. New low price! If you’re considering PXG, you won’t find a better price, even with a possible price drop.
  5. Final price drop for the PXG irons. New 7-P Gen 3 P’s. $690!
  6. I’ll do my best to work with offers. In typical WRX fashion, I’ve gotta move this stuff to make room for the Spring spree!
  7. Has anyone hit both? I’m looking for a little more distance than I’m getting with my Gen 3 P’s. I know the lofts are the same on the new 0211’s as they are on the Gen 3 XP’s. Also interesting that they have the same dual core technology. I guess the only differences are forged vs cast and the weighting system in the 0311. What about distance forgiveness, etc?
  8. *** $599 shipped! *** This comes out to under $150/club including the shaft upcharge. If you’re waiting for Gen 3 prices to drop, they won’t be this low with the shaft upcharge. PXG Gen 3 0311P 7-P Standard length, loft. 1 degree up. DG 105 S300 shafts ($40 upcharge per club) I hit less than 10 balls off a mat with the 7 iron - not a mark on it. The 8, 9, and P haven’t left the box. Paid just under $1100 with tax and shipping (DG 105 is a $40 upcharge per club).
  9. I’m fairness to TM and Callaway, they only do that with their entry level irons. The P range for TM and the Apex line for Callaway are on two year cycles.
  10. As others have said, I’m sure the performance will be there; however, when the Gen 3’s released, I remember getting that “I cannot wait to get a set of these in my bag” feeling. I’m not getting that at all with the Gen 4’s. Time will tell.
  11. I do own the P790’s. I like them but don’t love them. The Apex’s are always a great set of irons. I plan on demoing them, but curious if anyone has hit both and how they would compare them.
  12. Has anyone compared the two? Hoping to get in for a fitting in the next week or so, but I’m thinking the Apex 21 will be the biggest competition for my P790’s.
  13. My thoughts on this are similar to yours...I don’t recall an “original PXG blade”... The sizing has always been very consistent.
  14. To offer some context to my experience with PXG, I always felt their equipment performed very well compared to other OEMs but, for me, the difference was that I found a product that worked as well or better for me than what I was currently using, and (again this is my opinion) it looked far better than anything I had ever seen or played. Personally, I never bought PXG equipment because it “has a sweet spot the size of Texas” or any of the other marketing claims...I use PXG because the equipment performs admirably for my game, and there’s nothing close to the aesthetics in my eyes. I’
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