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  1. I played the Gen 3 Gap wedge for a long time and absolutely loved it. So easy to hit and control yardages.
  2. When I had the i500’s they were longe than anything I had ever hit, including the P790’s. It was effortless distance. The feel wasn’t good, but not terrible. The sound was pretty emphatic. I actually think the original i500’s had a cleaner look, but these look good too. I’m really interested to see if these perform just as good as the original i500 with improvements to the feel and sound.
  3. I think you’re right…there was a pretty big gap between Gen 2 and Gen 3, but I don’t believe it was as long from Gen 3 to Gen 4. Edit: I just checked… Gen 3 irons released Jan 2020. Gen 4 released March 2021. Gen 5 are set to release June/July 2022. So the release cycle has been pretty consistent in terms of length of time between releases.
  4. Gen 3 to Gen 4 was about the same timeframe, was it not?
  5. The i500’s were very thin too. Thinner than the P790 and 0311P, at least. Honestly, these look identical to the i500 with the exception of the textured area. The big changes should be under the hood.
  6. Yep. Currently in the Gen 4 0311 P although I’ve only been able to hit them a couple times at the range because of winter. I previously played the Gen 3 P’s and loved them. Before moving to PXG I played P790 Gen 2 and 919F. The 0311 P’s seem to be the perfect blend of the P790 and 919F…great distance and forgiveness with amazing feel.
  7. I haven’t seen this in hand yet, but I would be very surprised if it isn’t closer to the size of the P. I don’t recall ever seeing a driving iron that was as thin as a tour/better player model.
  8. Has anyone ever purchased one of these through Lowe’s? I’m not looking to spend $500 on a mat, but I want something decent. Lowe’s has a 5x4 “Dura Play” mat for $125. I tried looking up information on this manufacturer and, I found plenty of info on Dura Pro, but nothing on Dura Play. Any insight would be very much appreciated.
  9. I went directly from the 919F to PXG Gen 3 P. They have a very similar profile, but the PXG’s are longer, more forgiving, and have just as good of a feel, if not better, than the 919F. Not to mention they are only $133 a stick right now, and they’ll be at your door n two weeks.
  10. I love this thread. Golf is probably the most humbling sport there is. I don’t care if you play a $500 bag or a $5000 bag. Don’t act like a ******, and I don’t care what you spend or how you dress. People have the right to enjoy the sport however they like but, if you don’t play the game with humility, I hope you get what you deserve. It’s difficult enough as it is, and the egos are the probably the biggest reason more people aren’t playing. JMO.
  11. I seriously considered doing the same and, when the prices come down on Gen 4, I’ll likely add 8-G in the T.
  12. Love em or hate em, no one is turning around orders faster than PXG right now. In fact, their product is shipping faster than it was pre-Covid. Of course there are limitations to product availability but, if they have it, you’re getting it within a couple weeks max.
  13. I’m guessing the ones that say “TC” (tour certified) in the item name are the ones without sight lines?
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