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  1. Bob - I play the P’s, but I’m curious how the Gen 4’s compare to the Gen 3’s. I’m on the fence about ordering a set of Gen 4 P’s. I know it’s all subjective, but have you noticed any performance advantages?
  2. DG105 Stiff, but I’d actually like to try them in the Elevate 95. I’ve done well with that shaft in other irons.
  3. Obviously plenty of factors, but I hit the T well up to the 8, then I started to lose distance at the 7, whereas the P’s were easy to hit through the set. It’s all about your skill level/ball striking ability, etc. For “tour” irons, the T’s are pretty friendly. Also, I found the size difference between T and P to be fairly noticeable. The top line of the T was definitely thinner, but the head length was most noticeable to me.
  4. Did you play the Gen 3 irons? I’m curious how G4 P compares to G3 P.
  5. For those who upgraded irons from G3 to G4, are there any noticeable differences? I loved the G3 P’s but, for me, they’re pretty far back in the distance category compared to Apex, P790, and other distance irons.
  6. For those who have upgraded from Gen 3, is it worth it? I love the feel of my Gen 3 0311P’s, but I experienced a half club drop off from the Apex’s I was playing previously. Is there any added distance in the Gen 4’s? I know the lofts are a degree stronger.
  7. Is there a way to translate the Japanese sight to English? Can anyone confirm if there are lefty options?
  8. The first image we saw of the 223 was a left handed head and there was some talk that the 223 line would be offered lefty.
  9. Not to go too off topic, but there was a recent industry study that showed teeing it up higher does increase carry and height. Just an FYI.
  10. Their premium products (irons and wedges) are still more expensive than almost anything else out there, even with the discount. More importantly…why obsess so much over their pricing??? Do the clubs perform for you? That’s all that matters. If you’re mad that you bought the clubs at a higher price, just wait for the price to come down before you make your next purchase. Their pricing structure has been pretty consistent the last couple generations.
  11. 2-3 weeks. Just a little longer than it typically takes PXG. Still much quicker than any other manufacturer. They always prioritize assembly of their newest line (Gen 4) now. Edit: That was 2 months ago and everything is very fluid right now.
  12. I thought the new 0211’s are standard +0.25? I’ve always had nothing but spectacular customer service from PXG.
  13. New P790 - $186/iron New T200 - $186/iron New Apex - $185/iron Ping i59 - $250/iron
  14. It’s no different from most manufacturers are doing…new model every year. There are a few that do every other year, which is pretty much what PXG is doing. Did people really expect them to release just one, even two, sets of irons in 7 years?!
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