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  1. I’m wondering the same thing. Either grabbing two of the Sugar Daddy wedges or two of the forged wedges and one of the new driving irons for roughly the same price. Thoughts from anyone who has hit both wedges?
  2. The Sugar Daddy’s are the same price they’ve been for a month or two. They change price for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
  3. One thing that isn’t mentioned enough… Most of the faux-forgings are a cast body with a welded forged face or vice versa. PXG’s are hallow, so they aren’t a “true” forged iron, but both pieces, the body and the face, are forged. The Gen 3 0311 P’s are the softest iron I’ve ever hit. To me, they felt better than the 919 Forged I played for a while. I haven’t hit the Gen 4’s yet, but I’ve heard good things.
  4. Why did this get moved from the pre-released equipment forum?
  5. Nice. So they had a sale following black a Friday? I can’t recall.
  6. Was hoping PXG would drop the price of the Sugar Daddy’s just a little more.
  7. You guys were spot on. I submitted an inquiry last night. I woke up this morning and had a return ship label in my inbox. They already placed the order for me to receive a new replacement. Kudos Callaway!
  8. If I remember correctly, the Grand Bassara (spelling?) shaft is something like $600. Just crazy. Like I said, I’ve never experienced anything like it. I was playing with a buddy once who lost the head of his driver, but it was over 3 years old.
  9. I bought the GBB Epic Star off Callaway Pre-Owned. Condition was like new. Not a mark on it including the original stickers. It came in last week. Put it in play for the first time this afternoon in Hilton Head and the head snapped off and flew about 30 yards on the 3rd hole. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Trying to reach out to Callaway. Surely they’ll replace the driver?
  10. I figured it could be good to capture all the Black Friday deals in one place. Calllaway preowned is 20% off full purchase right now. I expect that to go up Friday. TaylorMade typically runs a special on the MySpider. Anyone know of anything for PXG, PING, DTC irons?
  11. IMO, the top line is a little thicker than P790, T200, etc., sole is pretty standard. They look and perform sooooooo good.
  12. PXG does not have a “standard” release cycle. As the poster above said, they release new product whenever they’re ready to and, oftentimes, we don’t know much of anything about it until it releases.
  13. Purchased the head over through the custom shop when I had the Phantom painted. Condition is like new. It’s been sitting in a box for about a year. Asking $80 shipped.
  14. I’ve found that they frequently update pricing and promotions on the first day of each month.
  15. I had a package go out last week via FedEx ground. It’s typically a 3-4 day process. It was immediately marked as potentially delayed with an ETA of this Friday. I woke up this morning, checked the shipping status and, to my surprise, it said on vehicle for delivery. The red “potentially delayed” alert had switched to a purple “potentially early” alert… strange, but I’m not complaining.
  16. I tried going from the Gen 3 P’s to the Gen 3 T’s about a year ago. I was good up until the 7 iron. I now have a blended send of P’s and T’s, but I definitely found the T’s more difficult to play beyond the 8 iron. That’s just me. I have a set of Gen 4 P’s 5-G on the way.
  17. Trading these in to my local fitter on Wednesday. Make an offer if you’re interested!
  18. For those asking about trades, I appreciate the interest, but I am only accepting cash. Also, I am open to offers, so don’t hesitate to reach out.
  19. I’ve had these as my backup set to the Gen 4’s, but I can’t justify having them sit around. They’ve been through one range session and 18 holes. Barely a mark on them. Upgraded shaft and grips. Gen 3 0311P 6-G DG105 Stiff +.25 GP MCC Plus 4 Teams Midsize Black/Red Standard Loft Standard Lie The Gen 3 P’s currently got for $149 + $40 for the upgraded DG105 shaft + $10 for the upgraded grips, so $200/club. Asking $750 OBO shipped continental US.
  20. Slightly off topic…can you see signatures in the mobile version? They never appear for me.
  21. Does anyone have experience with Haywood Golf? They have, IMO, some of the best looking irons offered by a DTC…simple and minimalistic. TXG, Michael Newton and others have reviewed them and they seem to be legitimate performers.
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