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  1. The JPX line actually releases several months before the year it’s named after. For example, the 921’s were available for preorder in August 2020 and began shipping in mid September. So it should be almost exactly a year from now. However, with the MP line not releasing until 2022, I wonder if that will affect the release of the 923’s.
  2. So the i59 head is larger than S55, S59, etc? I know it’s been guessed a few times, but have we confirmed where this falls in Ping’s lineup? Is the i59 closer to Titleist’s T100 or T200?
  3. Interesting. Thanks for the info. Any idea what Titleist are saying the recommended hdcp for the T200 is?
  4. What did you notice in terms of performance? Forgiveness compared to T100?
  5. I agree that carbon on drivers doesn’t feel cheap, but the carbon is nothing more than a coating or top layer, it doesn’t act as the actual frame of the driver. Irons are made of metal. An iron with an entirely plastic back is going to draw skepticism. It is what it is. I like the looks of the T200 but I’m going to wait to see how the polymer and paint holds up before I buy. I’m not paying $180 per iron for something that’s going to chip or crack, if that ends up being an issue.
  6. Ha I can’t argue with that! Unfortunately, I didn’t start playing until my mid 20’s, and I do everything left handed.
  7. And you would too, if you were left handed.
  8. Not sure where you found “1%,” but it’s much closer to 10 than 1… any source you find from the last few years will tell you 5% at a minimum, with most being 7-10%. 10% of an entire industry is not something you ignore. With all other major manufacturers producing nearly all their irons in a left handed version, there’s no reason for Mizuno to be so far behind. It is what it is. As a lefty, I’m just used to it. The 919 forged were the last Mizuno’s I played, and I’m done with Mizuno too. The SEL’s are a poor excuse of an offering considering what a small percentage of golfers play the
  9. I’ve had the same issues with paint chipping off the crown of my TM hybrids and driver. The silver part across the top above the face. I love TM’s product performance, but I’ve always had issues with paint chipping on their drivers/hybrids/fairways/putters. And yes, I always keep the head covers on.
  10. Has anyone confirmed if the T100s is slightly larger than the T100? Also, as previously mentioned, wouldn’t the TPU insert in the T100s make it slightly more forgiving on off center hits? I know I can play the T200, but I’m tempted to try the T100s.
  11. So we’re thinking the Mizuno Pro script will be part of the US release?
  12. I should have clarified. I was referring specifically to the T100s…and more so looking for similarities in performance -distance, forgiveness, etc.
  13. So would the T100s be equivalent to the Apex Pro, P770, i210?
  14. You can find them in the “Titleist T-Iron Specs…” thread.
  15. Appreciate the insight. It just seems so weird that you could pop off a plastic plate and see the guts of the iron.
  16. So there’s no goo, no TPU, no insert whatsoever, but it’s obviously hollow…otherwise there wouldn’t be a polymer back. The max impact reactor is a small piece pressing against the back of the face, if it’s anything like the previous MIR. Something’s gotta give. This isn’t adding up.
  17. Exactly. You can’t weld/fuse/laser a polymer to a metal. All you can do is apply an adhesive and hope that holds up. Only time will tell but, at this price point, I wouldn’t feel very warm and fuzzy about the back of my club being glued together with a piece of plastic.
  18. Every time I see these, I immediately think of the gawdy chrome on a classic car.
  19. I apologize for the unpopular opinion but, cosmetically, TM missed the boat here. Unless the new version has a distinct performance advantage over the 2019 model, there’s no chance I’m upgrading. Just my opinion, but I’m not paying $1400 for that, especially if there isn’t much of a performance upgrade.
  20. “Hollow” like the Apex where it has tungsten placed within the body, or hollow like the T200/P790/PXG, etc, where the inside is literally empty or filled with goo?
  21. They look so good. I hate that it bothers me, but something about the entire back of the club being a plastic cover doesn’t sit well with me.
  22. Does anyone know which drivers have the deepest faces in 2020-2021? Are these measurements available anywhere? TIA.
  23. I appreciate the conversation and your insight. Hopefully we get more clarity on this once the embargo is lifted.
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