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  1. Cbx looks better imo but I haven’t seen in person
  2. Has anybody laid eyes on the cavity back wedge?
  3. I got excited for this again then remembered there will be no lefty 4 iron
  4. I have the 6.0 LS in my 7 iron now. Hit 2 shots with it last night. Hard to say much but the shaft feels softer than my DG S300. Most of that prob has to do with 10 grams lighter but I felt a little more flex. Very inconclusive since only 2 shots but I think I gained a little distance in the air. I’m a high spin player because I’m too steep. Usually my approach shots stick, my divot is usually no more than a couple inches away from the ball. These shots had a tad more rollout but I think the distance was gained in the air. My shots didn’t just fall out of the sky. Who knows... I’ll do som
  5. Sold TT DG S300 AMT (3-9), TT DG S300 (P). Essentially the same as stock TT DG S300 AMT MCC plus 4 align grips bbfco ferrules Will hate to see these go...
  6. It was stated earlier in the thread by someone who’s seen it in person that the turbulators are still there
  7. Sort of disappointed they went with 425 instead of leaning into 420
  8. Funny you say that I’m kinda in the same boat. Want some of this new line but it’s going to be hard for me to give up my mp-20s in 7-P.
  9. Wonder when we’ll get more info. Eager to compare with the p7mc and learn more about custom offering
  10. I think we’ll find out the oem question on Friday when TM, mizuno start preorders. Fingers crossed
  11. Interesting. I played 6.5 lz in 785s and loved the shaft but only played a flex up cause those are soft. I’m used to s300s so we’ll see if the LS compares
  12. The more I hear the more I need to get my hands on them. Hopefully mizzy offers them on the new jpx. Thanks for the infos
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