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  1. Good insight. Still waiting to see in person. My initial thought is bending it a little week but maybe I don’t need the additional bounce. I don’t know if they’ve done a c grind like this before.
  2. Looks like USA offering is up on clevelandgolf.com Have to wait until 6/11 to order from Cleveland.
  3. pretty sure Keith Mitchell plays the mp20s
  4. *added shafts lengths *Pictures below... SOLD - Sim2 head Cobra F9 head - used - 9 deg - $190 OBO - includes weight kit & headcover Motore X F1 shaft - 42.5 - 68g stiff - mcc+4 std grip - $160 OBO Tensei raw white - 42.5 - 66g stiff - mcc+4 std grip - $180 OBO
  5. $300 shipped CONUS. OBO Pretty much brand new MCC +4 standard grips. Just didn’t get along with this shaft.
  6. This is right from a technical perspective but I personally was still launching the zx5 lower than the zx7 due to the loft.
  7. I decided to split the set between the 7 and 8 iron. I as well had tighter dispersion with the zx7 7 iron but just felt over the long run the zx5 has to be more forgiving. Another big factor is I have players irons right now so I wanted something in a little different category.
  8. Nice! Separate topic but it’ll be interesting hear if the raw finish effects the feel.
  9. Tried to order a Pro XE and it was cancelled due to backorder ?? Looks like the X2 was released in 2017 and the XE in 2019. Wonder when I'll be able to purchase the new one? Anybody heard anything?
  10. Man I’m another one on the fence about going stroke lab or not. I feel like I like it but I gamed stroke lab for 2 years and I still have no clue if it makes a difference
  11. Anyone who’s been able to test the full bag care to share carry #s between the 4 iron and 5 iron? I’m curious cause there is only a 2 deg difference in loft with zx5
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