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  1. Ive been playing modus 105x in Mizuno MP18 SC for 18 months. They are fantastic! I came from Callaway X forged with px6.0. I find them smoother than the Px (I had the rifle version) and they flight really well. Generally I’m a smooth swinger, I find I fit into wood shafts like Tensei Blue, KuroKage etc do something with a little bit of kick but tip stiff. For reference my driver swing speed is 106 - 110mph and 7 iron carry is 165. One thing to note is that the 105x is actually 112g, so perhaps with your 105mph driver speed the x-flex could be worth a look? I don
  2. As mentioned already, all great irons in their own right. However they will likely suit different golfers / types of player - ping i210 have medium to wide soles, which I personally find harder to get good strikes with. T100 have a narrower sole and (Im assuming because I’m too lazy to check) less bounce so will play differently.
  3. As you said, all other clubs are working well so your setup works. I did the same thing, adjusted my grip, tried to get less flat on the back swing / in to out etc... and then just thought, why am I changing something that I know works (for the most part) to suit one club of 14... I know driver is a different swing to a degree, positive angle of attack etc but just didn’t feel right having to change my swing. Anyway, best of luck with the sale! The G410 is a solid club.
  4. No probs, my driving is always a strength of my game. I’m a medium distance hitter and find myself on the fairway most of the time. The Sim Max was the most erratic I’ve ever been with a driver (and I’ve had a few!!) and I can genuinely say I seen places of my course I’ve never seen before. As someone posted, a hook is the result of less than ideal delivery of face/path. However looking past that obvious fact, some clubs just don’t sync with your swing and encourage bad movements (for whatever reason). It can’t be coincidence that the first round with my Mavrik I missed one fairway,
  5. Got rid of my Sim Max for this reason. I got it with Aldila Rogue silver and tried Ventus Blue and an x stiff tensei blue to see if they helped. However I was pull-hooking it a lot which then resulted in not having confidence to swing through so I’d block it. Every other club in the bag was working fine... moved to Mavrik SZ and pull hooks have gone and back to finding fairways again. I can’t give you a solid reason why I was so bad with the Sim but I was... I’ve had M2’s in the past (2016 & 17 versions) that were really good - who knows.
  6. Agreed, I’ve been searching for a replacement for my G400 max - bought a Sim Max and it was the worst I’ve ever been with a driver. Got fitted twice by two different fitters and came out with the Mavrik SZ, same shaft and setting both times. I know everyone says this about new drivers but this one really is hot off the face, ball speed is amazing from it.
  7. I have the Mavrik SZ 9 deg turned to 8 and weight in the back (what I was fit for) I compared it extensively with the standard model. I found no difference in forgiveness between them, I had a more consistent dispersion left and right but also in retaining ball speed. I have been immensely impressed with the forgiveness of the SZ, out on the course I’ve seen heel and toe strikes both retain good distance and flight has been pretty dependable. I’m also seeing a 5mph ball speed increase over my previous G400 max. I swing around the 105-108mph and have gained around 12 yard
  8. I recently ditched a Sim max... was getting a two way miss, had rounds with Aldila Rogue Silver, Ventus blue and also a tensei blue... could not get this club to work... wasn’t getting the ball speeds I had expected either. It wasn’t any longer than my G400 max, just got a fitting recently for the Mavrik SZ, weight at the back and -1 deg and Im seeing 4.5mph ball speed increase, avg of 10 yrd carry increase and a consistent little draw... For reference I’ve played M2 16, M2 17 both of which I found more fade biased than Sim Max.
  9. My fleeting romance with the Sim Max has ended and I’ve went back (for the time being) to my G400Max. I was getting a two way miss with the Sim Max and found it really unpredictable. In driving range conditions it was long but on the course it just put me in trouble more often than not. The Sim Max was good when it was good, but just not reliable and confidence inspiring... for me at least. I’m going to try Mavrik and TS3, possibly the 410LST as well. G400max really lacks in wind and can spin a lot, which is why I’m on the never ending hunt for something better
  10. Came to read real-use opinion of Mavrik vs Sim, leaving with everyone’s thoughts on a guy called Matt’s indoor testing... I suppose this is the lockdown effect
  11. I play 50,54 and 60 all in the copper Hi-Toe. Love them, played SM6, MD4, RTX and the Hi-Toe are my favourite. Great feel, really like the Hi Rev shafts too. I find the grinds and bounce to be versatile, My home club is a links course but have used them on many different courses and they’ve been great
  12. For reference I use the Callaway Apex utility (previous one than is currently out now) with a recoil shaft which gives a pretty high ball flight - good for coming into greens
  13. I’ve tried and owned a few different hybrids, most recently the Titleist 818 (smaller one) at 19 degree. I still had the same issues as previous models of it going left and I found it difficult off the tee as well. I decided to try a 5 wood (Mizuno st180) and it’s been a revelation for me - better of the tee and great of the grass, only down side is not as great out of rough. I have a utility iron at 21 degrees, which goes 205 and then my 5 wood goes around 225. However I find it easy to choke down and hit it 215 if need be...
  14. Can’t say for sure on all of them but I know at least two of them were fitted for them (and I’m the third) and 2 out of the 3 were in Callaway irons with cupface tech. I have tried the p790s (demo club) and thought they were good, I can’t comment on them specifically. My own original comment and experience was on CF16 irons and in reference to the epic forged, which shares the same face technology.
  15. > Thank you. This is so true. Most other posts in here are just baseless rants. > You can see the irony of your comment? I agree a badly fitted iron can produce inconsistencies, but that’s not exclusive to players improvement irons. I’ve experienced it first hand, and several playing friends have sold similar irons for the same reasons.
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