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  1. Outside of industrial applications and super high end cinema work global shutters are still pretty rare, especially among CMOS sensors. There's still just too big of a price and image quality penalty for global shutter sensors to be the standard. That said, the camera actually being limited to 30fps is extremely unlikely unless they're using something from around 2010. Most likely the 30fps comes from limitations of the iOS/Android camera APIs which generally only allow access to the most basic of camera operations unless the developer builds their own API. On Android at least, there's been some progress with the CameraX API which allows more access to camera features but I'm not sure how broad the adoption is there and I don't really know much about the situation on iOS.
  2. The camera may have higher speed readout modes at lower bit depth or resolution that could be used.
  3. The method Flighscope patented isn't dependent on metal dots, it's actually very similar to Trackman's spin harmonic method except they use a different signal processing method to decompose the spin frequencies than Trackman.
  4. The R10's path measurements are very good after the 3.60 FW update. The spin axis, however, seems to be a bit questionable indoors but outdoors it's pretty solid. Certainly not GC3 level good, but definitely not a "random number generator".
  5. Since it's through FSX PRO it should be both, a top-down view and an elevation view.
  6. The software knows the spin axis without the gold package, it just won't show you the data directly but you can get an idea of it from the 2D ball flight in the basic package or the 3d ball flight in the silver package.
  7. For outdoors, Trackman and Flightscope both look for the "spin harmonics" reflected back by the ball. Flightscope uses a different method of extracting the data, however, to get around Trackman's patent. Here's a link to Trackman's writeup on the process.
  8. Just another quick update, after another range session I'm seeing that club path appears to be pretty consistent and accurate. I actually put some more effort into aligning the R10 with an alignment stick this time and then measured some divot angles as a sanity check and everything looks really good, I suspect it's actually outperforming the +/- 1 degree rating but I don't really have enough data to be confident in that. This is all on an open grass range with nobody else around so others may have a different experience. AoA seems a bit less consistent but I don't know how much of that variation is me vs the R10 itself (or possibly related to flying divots). It does seem to be good enough at least to tell me when I'm starting to get a bit "choppy" with my irons. As far as absolute spin numbers go, I don't find most of the numbers particularly believable. As an example, I hit a bunch of 9 irons during this session and looking through the data, the spin numbers range from 1/2 to as low as 1/3 of what I know my spin rate to be from both GCHawk and aboutGolf simulator data. Surprisingly, since FW3.60 I actually find driver spin numbers to be the most believable although still slightly high. Spin axis though seems reasonable, at least as far as predicting shot shape where I only very rarely see an incorrect read that isn't the result of a massively off-center hit.
  9. GCQuad and GC2 overestimating carry on high launch/low spin shots is pretty well known. If somebody goes to test a new driver without hitting their current driving alongside it on the same launch monitor then they're just asking for trouble, there doesn't need to be anything insidious about it.
  10. I hadn't really dug into the AoA numbers too much but looking at them now they don't seem nearly as credible as the path number. I'd say something like 50% of my wedge shots have no reading for AoA and then half of the ones that were read have a positive AoA. I do notice that the 4i and 2i shots seem to have more consistent readings and more believable numbers so I wonder if the issue with the wedges has something to do with the R10 picking up the divot. Driver numbers seem reasonable but with significantly more variation than club path although that may be real as I was playing around with my driver stance width during this session. As an aside trying to post-process data through the GG app is a massive PITA. There's no way to easily switch between shots from the detailed data views and if you filter the overall shot list will randomly reset position and/or filters when you return to it so trying to flip between shots is just painfully difficult. It seems pretty clear that whichever team developed that GUI never actually tried to compare any meaningful data from multiple shots during development/testing.
  11. To be honest something like 7 degrees is high but probably isn't out of the question as I've been drawing the ball a bit too much the last week or so. That said the absolute value of the path isn't really all that important to me, I'm much more concerned about consistency. I also didn't put all that much effort into aligning the unit other than kind of eyeballing it with an offset alignment stick.
  12. Got out to the range to test the R10 with the 3.60 FW update. Up to this point I've been reasonably happy overall with the R10 but I've actually been using the SC300 more often at the range as it seemed to be more accurate for carry distance with driver and woods. My main issues have been carry distance with driver/woods, driver spin, wedge spin, and chipping. When I first got to the range tonight I had a guy very close to my left hacking away at a furious pace; I noticed a lot of really weird readings for swing speed at this point but most of the ball data seemed fine. As soon as the guy left all the weird readings disappeared so it definitely seems there's still some data selectivity issues. To be fair though, the guy setup uncomfortably close to me and it's an open grass range with nothing in between. The first thing noticed is that club path measurements seem to be greatly improved. I hit 20 pitching wedges and all but one was in a range of 6.9R-8.1R degrees, big difference from previous sessions where I was used to seeing a range more like 2L-12R. Driver distance and spin also seem better, but definitely not perfect. Where before I was consistently 10-20 yards short the carry numbers seemed pretty reasonable and spin seems more believable overall (averaging around 3400 RPM before vs 2500 RPM now), but there were a handful of odd shots where it was measuring ball speeds in the high 160s and yet giving carry distances in the 250-260 range. Wedge spin seems better as well, before it was telling me I was averaging ~5000RPM with a 54 degree wedge where now it was averaging ~9000RPM. Finally, played a few holes on HTH and to my delight chipping seems to be hugely improved. The previous attempts I'd made with HTH the chipping felt like it was completely random whereas this time every time I had to chip the distances seemed spot on. Seems like a huge improvement for a first firmware update, has me much more optimistic about the R10 long term. Now if they could fix the course download issues and make it easier to export session data or at least make it easier to cycle through the detailed information from multiple shots.
  13. That's possible, but I suspect measuring club path is not nearly as simple as measuring ball path. For ball path you have something that approximates a point source moving in a relatively straight path (especially over the range these units can see) to track; with club path you have a much larger object with different parts moving at different speeds and directions along a complex path to track. I would expect to see improvements to the club path/AoA measurements, and thus back/sidespin, over time via FW updates. How much of an improvement will largely depend on what are the fundamental limits of the doppler units being used and how much effort does Garmin want to invest.
  14. FWIW club path is actually measured, not calculated; it's face angle that is calculated.
  15. Yeah, to be honest I'm really kind of surprised we haven't seen any real firmware updates for the R10 yet and no fix to this issue with the app. I've owned quite a few Garmin products in the past from the cycling side and while there are pretty much always issues on release they're usually super active with firmware updates in the first two or three months after release fixing all the teething problems. That we're over a month out from release and we haven't seen a single material firmware update, 3.40 seems to just be some kind of regional thing with no actual technical adjustments, has me concerned.
  16. I'm kind of tempted to order one of the fake trackman units just to see what the heck shows up.
  17. I've never used either indoors, sorry.
  18. I've definitely seen the chipping issue described. Overall my experience has been fairly positive, but chipping can definitely be a crapshoot. I've seen chips that actually carried about 10ft register as 30 yards.
  19. Yep, Callaway has been really helpful throughout the whole process. Really impressed by their customer service.
  20. In case anyone was interested I bought a second driver to compare and it's much better. Played a quick 9 with it tonight and had my best drives ever on 3 holes. One thing I had noticed that even with the "bad" driver the lower ball speed was at least partially compensated for with lower spin rates compared to the F9 so I wasn't actually losing as much distance as expected. I haven't put the new copy against the launch monitor yet but it certainly feels like I'm getting both ball speed and low spin.
  21. If you have any interest in testing again and could get club data, it would be really interesting to see if those driver shots where the sidespin is significantly off correlate with off-center strikes.
  22. Yeah, I had one driver shot with a ball speed of 172mph and a club speed of 63mph. My suspicion is that it will sometimes pick up either flying tees, divots, or adjacent golfers and confuse the club data.
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