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  1. They're great. Threw them in Coke for a few hours beginning of the season for a fresh start.
  2. Assembled my first set of irons this season.. picked up a swingweight scale and dialed these in to my liking for the first time. G425 9*: HZRDUS Black 6.5 75g (d6) Sim2 19*: HZRDUS Black 6.0 80g (d5) 915H 22*: Diamana Whiteboard 90g (d4) MMC 4-P: KBX Tour V 125g (d4.5) SM8 Raw 50, 54, 58: KBS Tour V 125g (d6) Spider X Cheers!
  3. Appreciate that. I will give it a go on Thursday in the shop.
  4. 44.25, 44.50 with Arccos. I will check my math.
  5. The Arccos extends 0.25" past the shaft butt. I was also surprised to see the arccos weighs 58 grams, opposed to 50 with the old tour velvet I have sitting around. I should caveat, I am doing this with manual calculations (which I have done fairly successfully in the past) but some could be user error. On Thursday I will be using a scale to assemble a full iron set for the first time. MMC heads, Tour V 125s, with the arccos grips. I figure some tip weight will be needed to get them to a D4. Thanks for your input.
  6. Just assembled a G425 LST Driver, Hzrdus Black 75G shaft, Arccos 58G grip - calculating a E0.5 swing weight. I have played in D7 range in the past, ~113 club head speed. E-range seems pretty extra even for the big stick... By removing the 14G head weight, I can get this down to D7.5 which seems more reasonable, however I can't imagine this is a good idea? De-grip, butt trim and add counter weight maybe? Would appreciate any thoughts here.
  7. This is excellent. Thank you
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