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  1. Ping Blueprint irons, 5-P. C-taper S+ 125 shafts. Standard length. Red dot. Clubs are in good shape, 7 iron has the most wear. 5 iron only has a little chatter and not a lot of wear. 5 is a different SN from rest, added it after. Fresh MCC4+ Align Grips. $900 shipped USPS Priority insured from Hawaii.
  2. First post selling but have bought a few things over the past year or so. Includes USPS Priority insured shipping from Hawaii. Absolutely willing to take more pics if you want to verify condition of product... tried to describe condition as accurately as possible below. Clearing some stuff out, making room for some new gear. Bettinardi Queen B11 - 34” - Limited Run Black Out from Black Friday. Rolled it a couple rounds, just didn’t beat the gamer. Very, very light scratches on the sole... face and top are perfect. Box and head cover included. $600 G425 LST - 9 D
  3. City, Sate? Ewa Beach, HawaiiHandicap? 4.5Current gamer irons? Ping i500, DG X100 TIWhy do you want to test the Sub70 639 forged irons? Very curious to see how they stack up against the big guys. The look of these types of clubs are very appealing, unique and sets them apart from other products. Would be a great test against the MP18s I’m testing out. What set do you want to test (MB, CB, or Combo)? Combo set. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Absolutely, it would be great to provide some real world feedback. Courses are open her
  4. Obans are tempting me. Was looking for something a little heavier. Have you compared them to the Modus line?
  5. That’s a bummer if they shut down the releases for the year. Was looking forward to seeing some new irons.
  6. It would be cool to see them update them like the G710s this year. I’ve been playing the i500s for a while now and they are great. Finish wear is ok but I’ve never hit a long Lee set of irons. Forgiving but as mentioned above, distance control for me is also a little touchy.
  7. What is your handicap: 4 Current putter: Bettinardi Queen B 10 Are you OK with shipping your putter into BGT for installation (Usually 24hr install time)? Yes Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes. I got a quick look at the Safeway Open and would love to give it a test on the Queen B. Appreciate the opportunity BGT!
  8. 1) What does it feel like when you’re putting well? Confidence, putting feels almost automatic on a good day. 2) What is the biggest challenge when you’re putting poorly? Keeping the putter in line, pushes especially on shorter putts. 3) What is your handicap? 3.4
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