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  1. Im going to sell it, I dont have time to screw around with this stuff.
  2. I have a nick out of my chalk colored Spider X and Im wondering if any of the club finishers are redoing them? Thinking of changing colors possibly.
  3. Yes, Thats what I would call it, finicky. Since I purchased it I have had to shoot things three or four times because the readings were not right. Playing a new course stinks because you have to go with what the rangefinder is telling you. I hit a rescue out of a bunker because it said 210. It ended up being 155. Im not trying to bash the unit, I really like it but either Im not using it correctly, or it isnt working properly. Still trying to figure out which it is. hmmm...
  4. My wife bought it new for my birthday. Im not sure where, Im guessing Amazon. I understand the slope but I still hit my 135 club and ended on the far back of the green, Slope apparently didnt have an effect. Hmmm. I will check with Nikon.
  5. I have had my coolshot for a few weeks and Im still getting some false readings. Am I just using it wrong? I click the button to turn it on, point it at the target and hold it down until I see the green circle. Is there something different that I should be doing? Last night I hit it and it said 163. My carts GPS read 133. I was about 25 yards inside the 150, so I new I wasnt 163. Why am I getting the weird readings? I shot it several times. Thanks for the help
  6. Im liking the driver but I would like to mute the sounds just a touch, not carbon head sound. What port is used? Thanks
  7. Some smart cookies around here! lol I slipped off the plastic end flipped the weight and reinstalled. Thank you very much, all seems to be good in the world.
  8. I wasnt aware that I could, I will check on it now. Thanks
  9. I understand repeatability is the main goal when building clubs, I just want to know where Im at. I picked up a swingweight scale and Im trying to make sure it balances correctly and Im reading the scale from the correct area. The picture Im showing is where the beam balances. Notice the line on the weight, either isnt in the right spot, or has nothing to do with the reading. If not where should I be reading it from? Any help is appreciated
  10. Head is sold. Anyone want to swap me shafts? Need something for a ping G410. Thanks
  11. I have one that I tried about 6 times and it just doesnt fit my game. Im asking 350.00 firm. I also have a GD MT-7s that I had in it and I believe the finish length was 44.5. I will double check if your interested. Asking `100.00 Sorry, No trades
  12. I'll have to go B but I imagine both could have twist face technology.
  13. Its kid of funny that Im Striping my other driver. Next Its going to be my shaft is the wrong CPM. The reason I wouldnt play the Callaway before, was becuse of the horrible sound, now TM has the same thing going on. You can keep it, mine is going down the road. I will say that its longer than what Im currently playing, but the woods are full of long hitters. I have other ideas so we will see what is going to happen,. Dont shoot the messenger.
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