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  1. Yeah it’s perfect. Quick and easy. Liam was super helpful.
  2. The LA Shaft feels softer. Both feel great though, you won’t regret either.
  3. another vote here for the XE. Also from the Bay, also find the climate feature very useful. Hope I never have to get another range finder.
  4. Don’t apologize. I put ketchup on my ketchup.
  5. I have an armlock 2.1. It’s terrific. Not sure how much longer it’ll remain legal but it sure putts great!! Arm locks really do quiet the hands. Getting fitted for it would be crucial though. Don’t buy one off the rack. The only putter I would place over my armlock is my 2.1 broomstick. I’m waiting for a Mezz broomstick - THAT will be my ultimate. Putting with a broomstick is so much easier on the back, but it also makes judging speeds so much easier. I imagine the speed of the ball halfway to the hole during my practice stroke, then I just step in and let the putter do it’s thing. LAB putters make putting fun.
  6. Words I never thought I’d say: good GOD this is a sexy putter shaft. You could stick this into a loaf of bread and I’d probably trade a Scotty for it. I just asked LAB golf to hold off on my previous order until this becomes available. This shaft with a bronze B2 head… I can’t even deal!! I’m feeling a tingle I haven’t felt since puberty. I need help. Probably a shower too. And absolutely definitely this shaft, like yesterday.
  7. I’m going to zag. Instead of moving onto a new group of friends, make things personal and double down on trash talking. If someone hits a putt that comes up short, say something like “came up short, just like in life”. Sneak them a high-proof beer, so they become even more belligerent. Then start calling your shots before you hit them, gloat immediately when you pull it off and challenge them hit specific shots. Trust me, this will bring out the best in everyone. Problem solved. No need to thank me.
  8. Looks like right now it’s $450. No longer prototypes.
  9. I have become a bit of a LABoholic. I have had 4 standard putters - one w the stock shaft (sold it), one w Accra, one w Stability Tour, and the final one (Mezz) with Stability Polar. I have an arm-lock and a broomstick with standard stability. I just ordered a second broomstick with a LAGolf and will update this when I receive it. The Accra is by far the softest feeling shaft, and it performs awesome. I can’t believe that a solid hunk of aluminum can feel so squishy, especially when playing a softer ball. The Stability shafts feel terrific as well, just not as squishy. They literally all work awesome and you won’t pick a bad one out the bunch. If you want your putter to feel as soft as possible, it’s a no-brainer and just go with the Accra.
  10. I’m sure others will know the answers to your questions, but let me congratulate you - that is an absolute beauty!!
  11. LAB, what colors will you offer when this leaves proto? The standard black, red, blue?
  12. 86/1000 here. Anxiously and excitedly awaiting this thing! I have never been more excited to hit a small round ball with an object on a stick softly in my life. and I spite you, who got numbers 33 and 84! So close ha!! ‘86 was the year the Celtics had the greatest team in NBA history, could be worse
  13. LAB, do you have plans to offer broomstick/arm-lock options once this leaves beta? I cannot wait for my standard proto, but I can’t stop dreaming about a longer one.
  14. Accra fees softer, BGT performs 1% better
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