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    Axis 1 HM

    I had 2 axis 1s for a while - the umbra and the Rose. Awesome putters. I switched to LABs because I prefer broomstick and arm-locks, but I am all for no torque putters. It’s a superior way to putt. Glad you’re digging it!! Im glad the company went away from the more gaudy designs - the Rose is a beauty. But if for some reason you start searching again after the axis1, def check out LAB putters.
  2. Patrick, I just narrowly missed getting picked as well. I feel your pain. It would have been for jury duty, but whatever. Regardless, I totally, just completely get it. Sucks to be the first one not chosen. We should start asking for handicaps when playing the Euros. Mercy rule - USA gets to play from the white tees if we lose 3x in a row?
  3. LAB, I am a huge enthusiast of yours. I would love to see more merch and more special edition/customizable putters (I absolutely love my Masters edition, would kill for one of those Star Wars ones). I would buy the *** out of some t-shirts/hoodies/dad hats, ect. And I would donate a kidney for the option to choose a color or a design. There’s a market - look no further than right here! And I know I’ve said it repeatedly on this site, but your putters have changed my world. You’ve made a customer for life.
  4. I have the standard stability shafts on my Broomstick and on my Armlock, then the stability tour on my standard. I believe they are worthy the money. On the standard, it feels surprisingly soft when striking the ball. I have the stability tour/black on several of my putters and this is consistent throughout. Regarding the longer putters, it just feels solid. At a minimum, eliminating one extra variable from your mind (will my putter shaft be swaying during this long putt?) will free up mental resources to help you putt better. The shafts are awesome. I have honestly putted so so much better after putting with the LAB putter with stability shafts.
  5. I’ve been gaming my LAB Broomstick for the past 2 months. I want to tell everyone what an absolute game-changer this is. I never thought that I would achieve this level of proficiency on the greens. I played 54 holes of golf over the weekend, and 3-putted once (from 50 feet - left it one rotation short!). I am regularly breaking 80 now. It is so different that it “shocks” your body into thinking about putting differently. No matter how many different standard putters I used (at one point, I had 30 different putters), I could never visualize speed and feel as well as I do with this. It happened so quickly and effectively, it blew me away. If you have never tried a broomstick, I can’t recommend it strongly enough. IMO, LAB putters are the best out there. I have sold 80% of my old putters and honestly have zero interest in anything else.
  6. Thanks for the English lesson, Dan. thank you fore you’re insight, to.
  7. There is a lot of people on this thread with far fewer majors calling these guys stupid and fake. Give them credit where credit is due - these guys are undisputedly top 10 in the world at what they do. They are not stupid, and they don’t get there by being soft. I am going to appreciate this for what it is and enjoy the drama that comes along with it. I enjoy that these men each bring something unique to the game that has lacked compelling personalities for quite some time. To finish, let’s start asking these guys to settle their dispute for our enjoyment - in a pay per view boxing match for charity or something.
  8. A golf putter forum is kind of a weird place for financial advice. Especially when it wasn’t asked for. Killer putter man, hope your kid uses that forever!!!
  9. Work with tour tempo (2:1 timing, 1:1 force), have a putter fitted to you for size and swing arc, do your homework on the putt before addressing the ball - from that point only look back and forth from the ball to the hole (staring more at the hole). You should be looking at the hole, imagining only good things at that point
  10. With all of the companies out there claiming that their putter is head and shoulders better than anything by else out there, I was thinking to myself about how I would melt different aspects from various putter that would create the ultimate super putter. I would start with a fitted LAB Putter, as my face. I would give it EVNRoll face grooves. Finally, I would then add the SIK face curvature. Shaft would be Stability Tour Black, and a counterbalanced grip. Curious to hear about others’ dream set ups!!
  11. Yes and yes, my bad on the arm/wrist lock error. The nickel color is amazing.
  12. Here’s the collection. I am sending in the Masters edition to have re-shafted and re-griped (the Stability Tour w/red text and the OG grip - feels more solid and sturdy than the Press No 2 grip). I love all of these putters, but for my money the wrist-lock is going to be my most-trusted gamer. I started using Tour Tempo this week and immediately noticed a huge difference throughout my entire game - especially putting.
  13. Part of what makes golf so great is seeing people performing something difficult well, and in different styles. People calling for an arm-lock/broomstick ban make me sad. I just bought a broomstick and several arm-locks, and so far like them more than I do my normal putters. These are not steroids, the person holding the club still has to use their tool competently - the club will NEVER hit the shot for someone, as much as they’d like it to.
  14. Too funny, right here. I am literally putting my arm-lock Betti on eBay today because I don’t need it any more - I just received my L.A.B. Arm-lock this week and am so impressed with it that I’m selling off many of my older putters. Make sure you get custom-fit by Liam - I sent my videos while using a putting mirror so I knew my head would be right over the ball. My set up with the new LAB feels perfect. I was so impressed I bought a broomstick and a masters-edition standard DF2.1 as well. I will post pics when I receive them. To sum it up - I believe this is the best arm-lock putter out there. I love the EVNRoll midlock V too if you can’t get over the look of these and have no reservations recommending that as well.
  15. Hey, I have had the Umbra and currently have the Rose. I personally love these putters. They are not heavy (maybe even a tough too light) but they are solid. The tech is good - you can hit these way off of center and still come out just fine. EVNRoll and LAB are my closest comps tech-wise. They do look weird as heck at the hosel (especially the older models) but they get way more attention than a Scotty (and IMO they play better too). They are well-made and the milling on the Rose is superb. I put a superstroke with counterbalance on my rose - this does not affect the properties of the head at all. This added some heft to it, that I prefer. To sum it up, I love this putter and it won’t be going anywhere probably ever.
  16. I try to update 1/3 of my bag every year. One year it’s wedges, the next it’s irons, the next it’s woods/driver. Last year doesn’t count though, I may have bought new everythings.
  17. Exactly as it should. Muted, solid, not tingy or high pitched. Terrific putter, I’ve been practicing with it and it’s my favorite putter. I have spent waaaay too much money on way too many putters - I think I was up to 30 before I had a sell off. Save yourself the trouble and give this one a shot ha!! Ps I don’t work for EVNRoll
  18. Some putter porn for you putter perverts!!
  19. Just got my ER5v. Immediately became my favorite putter. The weight is lighter and more manageable compared to other arm locks I’ve used. I love the grip and not having to press overly much. The milling on the putter head is pristine. I can’t say enough about this thing. I’m also pumped I went for this model as opposed to the other head shapes - the fang is made for this style of putter. I look down and I feel like I can make anything. I can’t wait to use it on the course. I’ll add my impressions next weekend.
  20. Just ordered the 5. I’ll post my impressions and pics when I receive it. I have been converting half of my current belly putters to arm-lock and am curious to see how different this one feels. My only gripe with arm lock is it tends to strain my left wrist when I practice. It’s probably poor technique but I hope this one feels less painful.
  21. Who else, but Nike. They retail for around $50
  22. I didn’t care for Koepka’s dig at DJ. Kind of out of the blue, wonder if they had a falling out. I read a recent thing about him where he said he doesn’t have any friends on the PGA tour. I’m all about confidence but maybe scale it back a touch, Brooks...
  23. I have had mine for 3 months and it has become my favorite putter. I have the 35”. In my opinion, the sound and feel match up perfectly. It sounds solid and muted - no ting at all. As advertised, there is plenty of forgiveness. I personally recommend the gravity grip - it’s a bit longer in the fingers and bigger than most standard grips, but it does seem to relax my hands putting and adds to the solid feel of the entire putter. I picked up an ER6 and an ER10 (outback) after my ER2B. Love them all but but this one remains my favorite. Hope you decide to pick one up and love the heck out of it!!
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