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  1. 2018 model Rare full set of CBs 4 thru PW, GW Steelfiber i70 a-flex Standard L/L/L Grips a year old but still playable * 5 iron length shown $430 shipped No trades or other offers at this time I don’t have equipment to separate heads and graphites Please ask questions and thanks for looking
  2. I once was obsessed with hip turn but now I drive them/lower body with my abs.
  3. I play everyday (45 years golfing) and I can’t tell the difference between C9 & D0, it’s only one swing point. I can tell the difference from C9 & D2 in my hands though. I can sense the balance point closer to head for sure!
  4. I definitely like Ping’s swing weight setup in your example. I set all my irons at C9 and don’t let my SW/LW go above D2 whenever possible, it’s just a personal preference.
  5. You need to start a topic in the “Deal No Deal” forum about transaction and let seller know about topic. You’ll have to contact PayPal about refund.
  6. Does one even exist for diehard golfers who play daily? Would love to get several seasons out of a new bag but that may not be an option with today’s bag materials/construction.
  7. Empty envelope delivered today, lol! Contacted golf store and just asked for a refund since I noticed my pro shop just got these stocked today - saves me $10 because of shipping.
  8. - MEMBERS MUST CLOSE THEIR OWN LISTING once the item(s) is sold, traded or no longer available by clicking on the >>>"Moderation Option"<<< button and Lock. If you cannot figure out how to close your listing, please PM a moderator or REPORT! your post to have it moved to the BST Archive Forum or have a Wanted to Buy listing deleted.
  9. FedEx left me hanging today on golf balls delivery. Looks like they couldn’t figure it out yesterday in Memphis.
  10. Sounds about right for some users but not me and I play 300+ rounds yearly. Not a big believer in the importance of grooves but that’s just my opinion.
  11. I played both C-Taper & C-Taper Lite in stiff flex several years ago with no issues. Great smooth shaft imo.
  12. 3 handicap, Cobra Bio Cell set at 15 degrees, 60 years old.
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