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  1. Great news BUT folks need to know here that your “no returns” statement doesn’t really weigh much if challenged.
  2. Ben Hogan’s clubs compared to today’s standard were like (rough approximation):1-iron: 7° flat2-iron: 6° flat3-iron: 5.5° flat4-iron: 5.5° flat5-iron: 4° flat6-iron: 4° flat7-iron: 3° flat8-iron: 3.5° flat9-iron: 2.5° flatPW: 3° flatSW: 1.5° flat
  3. Had the split cavities a couple seasons ago, great clubs!
  4. Great! What surprise me was the mid trajectory. I first tried it at 7 degrees but ended up setting loft at 10 degrees.
  5. Just providing some info - I have a Cobra cell driver at 43”, its swingweight is C5 with a counter balanced shaft (Tensei orange 50).
  6. Cleaned/removed posts, stay on topic.
  7. I have a 3.5LS and agree with comments above. Straps are just fine, plenty of storage for my needs, lightweight but comes at price for durability although my bag gets used 2 hours daily, 300 rounds yearly.
  8. Use to buy clubs online many years from the golf club exchange site and happened upon here somehow.
  9. Wish I had advice, most/all shank drills don’t work for me. They just have to run their course with me which is typically a week. Hope you find your fix though! Some will say with a blanket statement it’s simple shaking off the shanks but that’s not true for some folks!
  10. Yes you’re good to go. Site software isn’t archiving ads at the moment.
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