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  1. Annual pass went up 20 bucks, no biggie. Don’t know about actual daily green fees.
  2. Steel brushes for stainless heads only, definitely not for chromed irons.
  3. Towel for me only, not a believer in groove importance.
  4. Love the looks (grew up on blades in the 70s), my 2019 Cobra King forged CBs are actually shorter toe to heel, lol!
  5. I’m not the norm then with my inside path hosel rockets, lol! Of course, my shanks are high right off the hosel, pretty impressive l might say!
  6. Just state you’re not looking for any bending marks with whoever you go with.
  7. Taylormade Spider putters are stupid easy to stroke imo - I prefer heel shafted putters though.
  8. Better players swing in to out, prone to shanks, however, outside to in happens too although not as frequent imo.
  9. Had an empty box minus shoes delivered once, USPS label said contents missing!
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