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  1. Doing my best to respond to everyone’s PM in the order they come in. A lot of interest. First one to pay gets it regardless of the order they come in. Thanks for all the interest!!
  2. All PM’s replied to and still available. Not willing to trade unless you have a badass HIVE BB0 or Tri Plane BB8 plus cash.
  3. Putting this up for sale and if it doesn't go I will not be sad. Took me a while to find one in this condition at the length I wanted. Putter is in VERY GOOD condition. No nicks or anything. You'll find a couple very minor rub marks from coming in and out of the bag and head cover but nothing worth noting. Patina on face is starting to form just from oil from hands. Can easily be restarted with some ketchup. These are getting harder and harder to find which is why if it doesn't go, I won't be sad. Scotty Cameron Button Back Newport 2 Genuine 20G CT weights installed Origi
  4. Got this in last week. Added Tamiya translucent paintfill to neck and button. Absolutely love it!
  5. Black/Blue multi logo sold. Fruit punch Air Strike, Cat, and towel still available! have accepted two offers lower than list. Shoot me what you have!
  6. Air Strike, Blue Multi, Cat, and towel still available. Shoot me offers.
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