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  1. Yeah, as soon as you commented here it was back for me too. Comments and all. I was getting pissed that it was just randomly deleted and broke no bts rules. Whatever. Thanks
  2. Yeah. Randomly it's back. Was it flagged or just a bug?
  3. Had an ad posted earlier today and now no record of it what so ever. And no message sent with a reason it was deleted.
  4. All prices include shipping Epic Flash 10.5 in very good condition. $SOLD Titleist AP3 4i. Basically unused. $SOLD Pro Orange v2 70tx. Callaway tip. 44". $SOLD Kuro Kage XD 60tx. Callaway tip. 44". $SOLD Tensei AV Blue 65 stiff. Callaway tip. 44". $75 obo
  5. Epic Flash 10.5° Evenflow green 6.0-s 55g. One barely visible mark at the top of the face, can't see it at address. Head over included. $250 shipped Titleist AP3 4i. Standard LLL. $50obo shipped Cleveland RTX4 60/mid 9. Sole has a small rock chip but the face is in very good condition. Only used a couple of rounds until I went back to my vokey. . $50 shipped
  6. I tend to have similar results between casual and tournament. I think my issue is mental from the slow tournament pace and the chit chat with strangers. Like you, I normally walk 9 solo after work and tend to play fairly fast (1hr-1:15) but constant waiting during tournaments just seems to get me off my game. Last year I just tried to pretend or ignore my upcoming shot and take in the scenery or chat until my turn. That helped make it as if I just walked up like I normally would solo. Then take my quick distance check, grab my club for a half practice swing then hit.
  7. If you hit them and they work do you really care if they're authentic for what you pay?
  8. That's nice. I currently have no yard setup but just started looking at nets and a small mat to hit or at least chip off without digging up the few grass patches I have.
  9. Try opening your stance up a little. I find it much easier on short chips even with a square face
  10. I highly doubt anyone is allowed to host a full tournament.
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