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  1. I agree. What I did is got the regular one from dicks, I think maybe $10, and had them load up the grip tape. I think they got 6 wraps underneath? The grip stretches well and I feel it is a great size after doing that.
  2. Its tough to compare since I have a stroke lab in my new one and a steel in my old one. I will agree with the other comment that the odyssey branding is terrible. I wish they would have kept the Toulon badge on the front at the very minimum. However, both feel solid and I don't have any complaints thus far.
  3. I am pretty curious about these. It looks like they will have an insert, so I wonder what kind they will be. Has anyone figured out where they were sourced from? If it was a deal with Callaway or some big brand with Kirkland branding? I only ask because I know Costco sells Callaway clubs right now.
  4. I still have my original RBZ 3 wood. I won it at a raffle during high school and it just works. Wonderful off the tee and I can hit low bullets from the fairway that just go. The only issue is that this year I noticed a small dent on the top of the club. I have to figure out a way to get that out of there! Stock stiff shaft as well.
  5. Mg3snc

    Toulon Putters

    > @Meanmachinemoe said: > I love the Toulon brand and what they bring to Odyssey but to think he/they willl ever catch Scotty is crazy. Not the biggest problem but huge nonetheless is the fact that Toulon is following the Odyssey Premium putter strategy which I'm sure is dictated by Callaway. All of their high end putters are eventually marked down so cheap that they have totally destroyed resale value. As long as Toulon is offered on Callaway PreOwned their resale value will always be bad. When guys pay a premium he likes to think the value won't dive. That's not to say that Scotty's O
  6. Mg3snc

    Toulon Putters

    Personally right now I am rolling with a stroke lab Vegas. I have an og toulon memphis and it feels a little firmer, but not a ton of change. Love what toulon did with the diamond milling on the new ones with the full face milling. Just wish it was the toulon logo vs. the Odyssey logo
  7. I played one for about 6 rounds this year, give or take. Just not my cup of tea. Produced good roll and okay feel but just felt too big behind the ball. Ending up switching to a toulon Vegas with slant neck.
  8. I like my putter but I am considering getting this as an actual training aid and not on the course as I do like the putters I currently have.
  9. I kind of figured, just seemed to be firmer than my madison and vegas. Not bad necessarily, just a little bit different that I wasn't expecting as they all have the same diamond milling. Thanks for the responses!
  10. Hello all, As you can probably tell I enjoy toulon putters. I recently got a good deal on a Memphis (pre-odyssey) to add to the collection. However, after hitting it a few times, I've noticed it feels much firmer than the other toulons I have (Las Vegas and Madison). Has anyone else had thoughts about this or is just me not being adjusted coming from a stroke lab shaft?
  11. This is an old thread I know but I did it with an older toulon I have. I like the feeling of the stroke lab shaft with the diamond milled grooves
  12. Mg3snc

    toulon putters

    I ended up converting to two Toulon Putters from a long time Scotty user, the slant neck Madison and the Las Vegas. Love the feel of both and they both look incredible. Be interesting to see which one stays in the bag for more time now!
  13. So I just replaced the steel shaft in my Las Vegas with a Stroke Lab shaft. I have to say that I like the feeling better. I feel like steel didn't really do it justice, maybe the head was too heavy? I feel like I get much better feedback or maybe just prefer the feedback better compared to the steel shaft.
  14. While the Cameron may not have been great, the putters certainly were. I regret letting mine go earlier this year.
  15. I got one of the pre-owned and it looks great. Only draw back is no stroke lab which I'm gonna be doing a shaft swap for. The stock grip is terrible in my opinion, so I'll be replacing that but all else is fantastic! Quick update, the stock grip isn't as I originally thought, but I'll still look to replace it soon I think. I do love that nice milled feel, far better than current Cameron's in my opinion. Great looking and feeling putter though all things considered
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