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  1. The want for this newest addition to my collection started years ago after first seeing it in tournament pictures here at GolfWRX. I remember it caused a bit of a stir as everyone attempted to figure out who made it . I remember sending emails, making phone calls etc. attempting to get one for myself. Now, years later, Kevin Burns posted a photo of the prototype he made for Nike. There it was...."my precious". Due the the amount of feedback he got from posting that picture, he decided to make a limited run of 20 putters. Twenty people would be able to work with him and "design" their 1 of 20 version. The 20 of us along with Kevin and his son Brendan got together on a zoom meeting and in chat rooms to figure out how this putter would be made along with the head cover. . Since there were 20 of us, it was decided that the only marking on it that noted the 20 putters was the 20 under the cup of the plumbers neck. That way we all had 1/20 and there wouldn't be a thing about who had #1 or #20 of 20. Paint fill, face millings, stampings, sight lines/dots, sound slot and head weights were all up to the individual buyer. I'm pretty simple and wanted something similar to what I saw years ago. Below is my putter. The last picture is the Nike Prototype Kevin Burns made for Nike. This was one of my most amazing collaborations in making a custom putter I've ever had!
  2. The JAT is carbon steel and will always stick to a magnet. Hard not to get a magnet to stick to it. Try a velcro cover.
  3. I bought four this past couple of weeks. A Nike Michelle Wie Prototype center shaft, Bettinardi Hex Tour SS3, Cobra Agera, Swag Savage Too Center.
  4. Try looking for a PXG Dagger putter. I bought it when it first came out just because it reminded me of the old Bullseye but it was modern weighted at 350 grams.. https://www.golfwrx.com/384372/spotted-new-pxg-putters-with-milled-inserts-and-tpe-technology/
  5. YUP..just got extended another two weeks. Been only open on Oahu for about a month and a half since March. I've now got four new putters, three pairs of shoes and no golf to play!!!! ? Maybe to kill some time I better get to PM'ing new members again. I remember I'd get a few replies back in the day...and when I'd write back they were shocked I wasn't a BOT! HAHAHA! #golfwrxforlife ?
  6. I think when we first started we all were pretty much familiar with each others likes and favorites and heavy participators over at BSG. I remember PM'ing you, @HipCheck @Gxgolfer @Zach Heusser aka KascoPro and @Geo aka Beruo for years prior to Golfwrx starting. When Golfwrx started it was our goal not be be like the place we left. We were all hungry for clubs and club information, basically all club hoes not tied to one brand or feature. We wanted to know about everything in golf because the bottom line was we wanted that club that was magical...for real and not just some talk because someone told you the Y on the hosel made it special! ?
  7. LOL the BSG days. @easyyy that Cleveland driver took us to bigger and better things and fostered an even greater love and friendship between man of us! Who would have thought in those early days when there was like twenty of us and the forum was a chit chat between us and the newest club we hoed how big the place would grow??!! Got to love it and got to love GolfWRX!!!
  8. That's a pure gamer putter you have there. I'd be careful of not using any scotchbrite pad as you will affect the finish. If it's just those small surface spots, just rub it with oil and it should come off. WD-40 or silicone/gun oil (what I use) will clean it and help prevent corrosion. I dry rag and residue that's left on there after cleaning.
  9. I had a Tad Moore Giraffe ages ago and there aren't many people making long neck putters today and you'd be hard pressed to find a quality one from the past either. If you like it that much, I'd go and get it refinished. There are so many reasonably priced places to have it refinished nowadays, I've sent a few out just because they were keepers for the collection and I wanted to freshen them up.
  10. Just had Kyle @bastainmilled do this one for me. Wanted a longneck to match the toe hang on a Squareback CT I had. It came out perfect! Final weight 353grams with the 5 gram weights.
  11. Richard you've been holding out on me! Where's my text with the newest addition???!!! :D I've been looking at their putters for ages and emailing asking questions. You know me though...I've got twelve ideas and the need for no more putters than you need any! I've been really considering their mid slant neck but can't decide which head or finish or stampings! Congratulations and let me know how the new baby is! :drinks:
  12. Found some old pics...there have been way too many additions but gives you an idea of my hoard of blades. :swoon2:
  13. LOL I haven’t “posed” my putters for a photo shoot in ages. I’ll go look for my blade photo later that I have somewhere although I think I’ve added another ten or so since I last took the family pic. Guys like Zach Heusser help feed my addiction and I do the same with his. He’s got an incredible 8802 collection complete with the Arnold Palmers that I’m totally jealous about! Here’s my custom Tess I had made years ago. Everything behind it is putters.
  14. LOL....I love reading these threads over and over as they come up through the years. Probably one of the most popular questions since GolfWRX.com ever started. I like to see what people think are keepers and what people hoard. I'm on the hoarding end of the scale. I've owned a lot of putters through the years. I've hung on to mostly 8802 styles. Currently own way too many customs, retails and tours as well. Probably more than most can fathom the need to own that much but I figure it this way. I'm old, I'm comfortable in life and if putters are my only vice, I'm pretty good with it. ;)
  15. A friend and I were just talking about putter head weights the other day. Today's modern putters are easily twenty to thirty grams heavier than putters made just back in 1995. Even the basic Cameron went up close to thirty grams if you compare a Classic 1 to a current Studio Select 360 gram Newport. Sure you can change the weight in the new one but everyone seems to think a putter needs to be a minimum of 350 grams to be considering even something they need to try today. My friend prefers to use a 330 gram head which is harder to find today in any modern putter. He's been using a Cameron Circle T Squareback 2 for ages and every thing he tries to use today just seems to take the feel out of his hands. I've also been messing around a lot with my putters. As some may know, i have a very large collection to choose from. I was rolling a Custom Byron Morgan German Stainless 8811 putter this past weekend. For those that don't know it's pretty similar looking to a Wilson 8802. Although the head weight gives it a "modern" feel, one of the reason's I've loved the 8802 style putters is they made me feel like I had so much greater control over the head and feel for distances because of their lightweight. I ended up regripping an older 8802 I had and was quite surprised with the results I was getting. I'll probably keep experimenting with it for a few weeks until I get another brainstorm on how to improve my putting. :D
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