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  1. Hey guys! I am about to purchase a "custom" hybrid and wanted to make sure I select the appropriate weight. This is my current setup: Driver: Originally 58g with 46" length. I cut it down to 45". So total weight, would be 56.2g 3 wood: Originally 67g with 44" length. I cut it down to 42" length. So total weight would be 64g Is my calculation above correct? If I want a hybrid shaft to be 10g heavier than my fairway wood shaft, could I pick the option below? Oban Devotion 84g Hybrid Stiff Shaft, at 46" When I cu
  2. I just purchased a japanese driver head paired up with a Loop Six TS fairway shaft at 68g. The shaft is super rigid with a higher trajectory... Anyone playing one of their shafts??
  3. Thank you very much for your insight, Stuart. I agree with everything you said... I’ll try and buy something used on Ebay, maybe the same model of shaft as I have in my driver, 10g up, as per your suggestion. It will really improve my chances of getting it right. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, hoping someone can help me out here. I purchased a japanese shaft for my 3 wood, without having ever tested it. It looked awesome and has awesome reviews. It is 68g, Stiff shaft and has a torque of 3.3, which is pretty low. I feel there is absolutely no flexibility on the shaft. Most of my shots are hooks...when I get it right, the balls goes pretty high and straight...not great distance though. The sound is also different...it is kind of dull, not much ring to it. Must be because of the stiffness of the shaft. The weight of this shaft if perfect fo
  5. I’m getting a putter done now with a 335g head. I wanted something close to my Scotty Cameron Newport. Would you have any idea of what is considered a light weight or medium weight putter shaft? I have no idea of putter shaft weights...for example, in irons, I know 105g is considered light and 130g+ heavy...
  6. Hey guys! Hope some of you here may help me out... I am about to have a putter done for me but I pretty much lost on the weight department. I know that steel shafts for irons run from light (105g) to heavy (130g). What about putters? What is considered a light weight shaft and what is considered heavy? What about face weights? Most high end putter manufacturers offer from 350g and up...this sounds heavy for me. For example, my Scotty Cameron Newport Mid-Slant from 2002 is allegedly only 330g... Hope some of you guys can shed a light here. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your reply Stuart! - This is actually the first shaft weight / swing weight combination that I have tried with this set. Therefore, I honestly can´t say what would feel right for me. - The club feels a little heavy on the back swing and more on the transition... Totally agree that testing out different shafts aren´t easy, especially as I live abroad. I´m just a little bummed out I have a great set but that simply doesn´t work out perfectly for me
  8. Hi guys! I have a set of Honma 747v irons with Project X LZ 5.5 shafts, that weigh 115g. I love the ball flight, mid, very piercing trajectory. However, they feel very heavy for me, even though it is D2 swingweight. Do you guys feel that switching to a 105g shaft would make a big difference here? I cannot be sure if the weight problem here is related to the head or shaft... I appreciate any help! Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Hope you manage to snap those pics!
  10. Thanks for your review! I actually have a wrist problem as well and believe it or not but after going to 100 different doctors and doing every possible type of exam, I took up running and I actually got a lot better - a doctor explained it has something to do with seratonin levels. Hope this helps. Now on the golf front, I'm gaming with Honma 747v's with project x lz 5.5 shafts but I feel the heads are too heavy for me. I have a soft spot for JDM clubs and started looking at the Kyoei Dual Weight irons. Are you using any weight screws to increase or decrease head weight
  11. Hey Ralph! Are you liking the clubs more now? I'm interested in buying them but I'll have to do it sight unseen as I live in Brazil now. Are they forgiving or very blade-ish size? I currently game with Honma 747v irons... Thanks!
  12. Thanks, got it! Maybe something along the lines of a Mizuno MP-18 SC as well...
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