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  1. Check this video. Top pro gives his ideas, and demos.
  2. Matey, i quit reading this thread when someone conflated 'golf, self-esteem and suicide prevention hotlines'. Get a grip on life's realities please.
  3. OP, why not ask Mr. Hogan how to swing the club? On page 69 and following (Five Lessons...) he tells us 'the shoulders pull the hips around'. Never, ever, do the hips turn the shoulders. Hogan's book will cost you $5 or less in a used book shop. Or FREE at the library. Learn from the master, not the various voices found here.
  4. IMO, your hips are frozen. This leads to total shoulder movement with no forward, or rotational, hip movement. Since the shoulders are going round in a 'circle' you are hitting the ball as the club path is going left. Hip control and movement fundamentally important but not easy to find as an adult.
  5. May i ask how many balls could you hit in one hour? If i provided you with a 55 gallon drum of full of clean balls, could you hit more than contained therein, in one hour?
  6. I'd like to see an end to 'patrons' wearing shirts advertising bible verses who purposely stand next to the obvious TV sight-line on the tee box.. Coz if we don't then some nutcase will counter with a tee shirt emblazoned with BLACK flag/ arabic script.
  7. This time in Switzerland. She was the only Thai entered in this 3 day event. Week in/week out she is there. Must luv it lotz. The trophy is 'miniature' Brown Swiss cow. more here: https://www.bbc.com/sport/golf/ladies-european-tour/leaderboard
  8. Groove on the green? Was there last week about 3 days after vert-slicing. My putt followed the groove perfectly, like a bicycle tire on the streetcar track. The ball would not get out. The groove totally eliminated any break and my ball missed by 8 feet.
  9. These situations can be avoided by renting the stall by the hour. Take the stall at 9am, when the bell rings at 10, vacate. That's the way in Hong Kong where flat land at a high premium, golfers plenty. The trick is to be able to supply unlimited balls to every customer for that time period. Would you pay $10/20 per hour, unlimited balls? The range in HK offered 3 hour slots for set fee with uncountable balls. 3 hours wore me out.
  10. I thought the player was always entitled to see a portion of the ball. If covered/buried in a sand bunker then push a bit of sand off the top of the ball. See it. play it.
  11. I think the Euros have the mental edge. Will win by 3 points coz the wind will howl, the rain will pelt down and the Amers will moan and grone/grown/groan. The Amer's rain jackets will leak, the balls will wobble and the Kohler toilets will back up. Coz the weather will be severe the event will welcome few attendees coz all must come from far away as no one lives in that part of the world. With hardly any patrons in the stands or along the fairways, the pompous Amers will seek out handwarmers, hoodies and mittens. Thus, looking the fool, the Amers will collapse. Euro by 3.
  12. Can fully recommend Sheboygan bratwurst. Grab a few pounds, carry a small bag of charcoal onto the sand dunes, fire up and enjoy the day. I like Miller beer. But cannot abide Blatz; makes me sick.
  13. OP here. I will bring us up to date on Bob, me and the Rules. I did notify Bob, via email, about some rules issues on day one and mentioned we must play by the Rules book. He said that match play was unfamiliar to him and welcomed any info, etc. So, then Bob and I met up on the first tee box for our match game. He asked me specifically what he had done wrong on the previous game and i mentioned esp the pushing the sand with the club head, which i thought was a more important violation than the umbrella against the tropical sun., Now here is where some new information came to light. I did not mention that Bob and I also played with Tom on day one. And that Bob and Tom had a private match game going which i did not know about. So when Bob was in the bunker and pushed the sand around with his club head he had already conceded the hole to Tom and was only taking a practice shot, with no consequences in his match with Tom. So i sort-of apologized to Bob and we pressed on to the next 16 holes (i won). So everything worked out but i now can see that calling someone out, without having all the info, may not be the best idea. But, i did not call Bob out publicly, so i got that right. And now i ask if, what Bob had done in the bunker, taking that practice shot, was a violation in a match game? I know it's a penalty in stroke play, but here, in this case the hole was over, no ball in play. Was this sand shot (yes, a ball) a violation, and how/when is is the penalty delivered?
  14. Where are the 'mods'? This thread started with Leona Mcguire's driving distance and fully deteriorated to nonsense. I did not come here to read insults to Ariya, to read about pre-puberty Chinese divers, nor about plastic/fake straw hats. Suggest keep on topic or continue to roll downhill with Ladies golf.
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