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  1. Had hopes for Patty or Lydia. Maybe next week. And must say am disappointed in the WWGR website Now more than one full day has passed since the tourney ended and still no data update. Compare the OWGR, and there you will find near immediate results. Naturally we must plow thru the WWGR Rolex ads before any info.
  2. That # 3 item concerns me. For example, if a ball rests obviously on the green, but is touching a leaf that grows from the margin (off the green) but that leaf extends on towards the green and is touching the ball, then you will tell me the ball is 'off the green'? I see that in my case, the ball obviously is resting in the GA but is touching a PA boundary indentifier obstruction, therefore my ball is in the PA? IMO, not a good ruling. I guess we can argue the word "in/on".
  3. Yes, the wall is the PA boundary and the wall, and all it surrounds, is PA. As defined by the course. I thought i made myself clear in the first post.
  4. Thought Hovland had a good Sunday. $$ in the bank.
  5. PA = penalty area. So my ball was next to, within 2", of the upward protruding 4" cement wall which marked the PA. The ball was in the general area, but i could not stand in the GA and take a shot to the green. I could stand on the wall, entirely in the PA, but with some danger as the drop off into the water below was 8 feet. I could hit the ball by standing in the GA, but shoot the ball away from the green; this only by a left handed shot. Do i get free relief from the PA wall, an Immovable Obstruction.? And secondly, if the ball had been laying in the GA but also touchin
  6. "Medical exemption". Just like Casey Martin got a few years back. Tiger will be out for one full year, then seek the use of powered golf cart coz he won't be able to walk properly the full 18 holes per day of a tourney. He'll start slow, on some foreign course to test the waters. Maybe the ZOZO in Japan again, or the HERO in India. Naturally he will draw massive crowds and once again, sponsor a great golf revival. I'll go out on a limb here and suggest he pimp his ride in orange/white motif, some tiger stripes, jazzy wheels and furry steering wheel. He will tote that buggy
  7. Incredible! The Tiger catastrophe only got to the 2nd page of the sports section in the SCMP; local Hong Kong newsrag. The SCMP is owned by Jack Ma, well known Chinese communist party member who no doubt subscribes to the party line and condemns the elitist game unworthy of true patriots. Patriots = those who toil in the soil, not play on the turf.
  8. Watch Hyundai auto stock move up on this news. Outlandishly safe?: confirmed. Have read 'broken ankle' and if so, might be difficult to walk 18 holes four days in a row. I see from the map of Lomita a nearby donut shop on Hiway 1. At 7am, that was probably his destination.
  9. The golf swing? A remembered feel. Percy Boomer's best advice to me. Since i did not learn this 'feel' as a kid i must somehow find it as an adult. This is one of the biggest problems faced by normal folks taking up golf. If your feel is incorrect, then remembering that feel is useless. Struggle to find the correct motion, then struggle to remember how it happened. Then repeat/repeat/repeat. It's a great golf read, IMO>
  10. Someone in this thread suggested that if the OP won the big bet that he should refuse to accept the losers money. I could not disagree more. Refusing to accept the losers money would be deeply disrespecting to the loser. Such an act would indicate large arrogance, and could not help the overall situation. My advice: take the cash and buy the loser a beer/hamburger. Then never again play a money game with him.
  11. Obviously, there is no putter made that will correct a poor stroke. Nearly any technique or (reasonably made) putter can be made to work provided the golfer has completed the needed 10,000 hours of training and possess sufficient confidence. Look at the past: Bobby Locke hooked every putt, won many times. Jack Nicklaus wore his glove when putting and changed putters frequently, won many times. Spending $$ on a new shiny putter may satisfy some internal ego stroking, but can not guarantee more putts potted.
  12. Did not the OP say his scenerios ?? will be happening on the PGA Tour? So, can that group make any rule (Condition of Competition) they desire regarding leaving the course confines, or accessing items not carried by the caddy or provided by the course, like bottles of water? Etc.
  13. I wrote to the USGA about this question. That org forbids me to quote directly or post on the internet their response, but i will paraphrase. The USGA person stated that it is OK (permitted) to modify a Local Rule, like E-3, in order to deny a player the right to change balls when LCP is in operation. So i guess the Committee has more leeway to modify Local Rules than i imagined. This was my first time dealing with the USGA and was surprised to read their restrictions on information distribution. Gotta wonder Y.
  14. Willie Park, jr referred to the Rules of the day (1896) which showed that the putting green is defined as the ground within 20 yards of the hole, excepting hazards. Today's definition is more precise but maybe not entirely without judgement. The Rule today is that the putting ground is 'specially prepared for putting', or is otherwise defined by the Committee. The latter for temporary greens, etc. My club plays some courses which have a cut edge: "a distinct cut around the edge of the green and (if) the join impedes your putting stroke you are entitled to free relie
  15. Do not appreciate your comment @Antip about 'illegitimate behaviour' regarding the Rules. The section on Model Rules is not entirely clear on what is merely an example and open to modification or what is a hard and fast Model Local rule and cannot be changed. I looked at this page https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/committee-procedures/rule-8.html And if you compare Model E-2 to Model E-3, may i ask why the difference? In the E-2, no ball may be substituted after marking, lifting, cleaning and replacing; however, in E-3, a ball which may lie but
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