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  1. Preferred lies (aka lift-clean-place) allowed that day? Then you can change balls any time you lift your ball. Exception: not if ball on the green. And as far as long drive balls, the maximum weight of the ball is governed by the RoG. But the minimum weight is not addressed. I have read that light weight balls are made and do fly further than 'normal' balls. From the scrambles i've played any discussion of the balls used by any player is total nonsense. It makes no difference and no one cares.
  2. I'm new here: what is 'mini-golf'? Ah, the same as miniature golf with the windmills, roller coaster and 'tunnel of love' holes?
  3. jobin

    dopey hat

    Plz do not mock Amana. They hosted a great tourney for years in Iowa City, the day after the well-known Western Open held in Chicago. So happens that i was a caddy at the 1975? Amana Pro-Am tourney which invited many Amana folks from all over the USA to join the Pros for one day. I looped for some Ohio Am as all pros got Iowa golf team guys. I saw that short guy in black win the day...what was his name? Oh, yeah. Gary Player.
  4. Well phizzy30, read this: "There's no dietary requirement for saturated fat because your body produces all that it needs." This from WebMD. It's not me but some qualified science person telling us that to live out our lives there is no need to eat animal fat nor a coconut. I'm not trying to discount your opinion, but do make sure that if you are peddling science data to esp young people, keep it honest.
  5. Adrian tied for 2nd, with 3 others. Winner SA lad, Bezuidenhout. Meronk went 73, 76 final 2 days. But a great experience for him. Population prosperity not the only factor in growing golf talent.
  6. Adrian hanging in. Leads by 1 after 3 rounds. Sleep well and 'powodzenia'.
  7. So, is hitting the PW far or near the better choice? Is PW = 92 not as good as PW = 142? Sure, i believe there is a strong correlation between driver carry and PW carry, but how does that help me? I'm limited physically and confidentially. However, i am not irritated.
  8. I think @phizzy30 that you are mistaken when you advocate coconut oil as a 'healthy fat'. Plz consider this from Wikipedia: Due to its high levels of saturated fat, the World Health Organization, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, United States Food and Drug Administration, American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association, British National Health Service, British Nutrition Foundation, and Dietitians of Canada advise that coconut oil consumption should be limited or avoided.
  9. I rarely mark my ball. My caddy does all the work.
  10. The Evolution of putting did not begin in 1969. Sure, balls of 1969 were not gutties or feathers but in that era information did not come easily as now to remote regions. Putters of Scotland and England were highly influenced by Willie Park, Jr and others along about 1895 and after. Park was known as among the very best putters and even today I use his vision of the thumbtack in exact middle of the ball and strike that. Park writes "The ball should be smartly tapped with the putter, the stroke being played entirely from the wrists...Care should be taken to see
  11. No doubt the quality of golf balls available 100 yrs ago, in addition to the club and the furry greens, may have made a difference. Of course, yrs ago wooden putters were the only ones available. Eventually putting-cleeks and iron putters came into wide usage and back then it took some real skill to 'play a stymie' and the thin bladed iron head plus the wristy technique may have helped lift the ball over the offender.
  12. My friend, a scratch player, uses only wooden tees. He claims that the plastic tee can damage his driver club face. I laughed but he won't change. I would not recommend a steel tee to him nor would i use one.
  13. A bit off topic but i see the thread on Permitted Golf tees has been shut. This is a question on the Terms of Competition: Some courses may have Terms which forbid metal spike shoes and usage may result in $ fine or DQ. But could the Terms also specify that only wooden tees be used on any teeing ground?
  14. First time i have ever seen a Polish person on a pro leaderboard: Adrian Meronk shot 7 under par in the first round of Euro Tour SA BG-GLF Open. I am aware that some Polish names can be difficult to spell and pronounce, so 'best wishes' Adrian. Famous newby Wilco only at -1 but game is only 1/4 over.
  15. Well, referees, in every sport, make mistakes too. And i'l like to add that from what i can find the Rules are broken into: Easy Summary Full Rules Exceptions Interpretations Clarifications Decisions Local Rules Conditions of Competition. Who knows them all, all the time?
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