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  1. Cannot get interested in Korda girls. Too much of the 'silver spoon' life for me to care. Leona is much more my style of work ethic and personal achievement. Your opinion may vary.
  2. Looks like Rors and BDC in penultimate group on Sunday. Some personal competition at hand. Hope Blandy can hang in for a top 10 finish. I'm sure he would approve.
  3. So Bob has a new, weird looking, putter. But he is dropping putts from near and far with uncanny success. After he and i putt out on hole 7 we see that the next tee box has a 4 ball waiting to hit. No one is behind us. I ask Bob if i can try out his putter and he readily agrees. I drop 2 balls and take a few putts and from 14 feet, both drop into the hole. But, have i played another man's club during play, a forbidden action?
  4. BACON!! Fired with eggs. Every day. KETO for all.
  5. Did a flag count of the field, excepting USA: England (not UK) 14, RSA 9, OZ 7, and Kor, Japan and Can 4 each. Don't find any Thai players this year, but many new flags in sight; eg Poland.
  6. I see the ball next to the path. What if, just to the right of the ball, we found a red painted line indicating a PA, but no tall rough grass. Could player take IO relief and drop in PA? Could player, coz of PA, drop to the other side of the path in the GA?
  7. No doubt you have read about one tour player who requested (demanded?) certain nearby spectators be removed from the premises due to vocal outcry. Obviously, or not so, the PGA Tour doesn't care, or should care; who knows this answer? But, is there any kind of relief possible if folks call out during a players backswing with the intent of disrupting the outcome. With the advent of online sports betting and the high return of gambling on sport, we can foresee the possibility of affecting the outcome with well placed sound effects. Perhaps a mini airhorn hidden deep in the tee box
  8. If we want to talk about sponsorship of the LPGA, better look at the 2 Chinese who finished in the top 10 of the USWO. If the Chinese start to consistently win on this tour, you might find sponsorship collapse, because the TV ratings will hugely sag.
  9. Agree, it ain't about Rahm being sick/healthy. It's all about being a spreader to others.
  10. You know the old saying 'look good to play well'. Lots of need to look good on the LPGA. Don't know if the 'play well' counts quite as much.
  11. So a playoff with 2 Asian girls. Will that be sudden death or 18 tomorrow? I think Hataoka has more playoff experience in big venues, so perhaps an advantage.
  12. Good ole Adam B. He has never hurt me. But can he, or anyone, help me? I'm in a groove started 60 years ago, maintained for 50 yrs and just in the last 10 yrs starting to (try) change. The books, the vids, the paid pros all can offer ideas but correcting both the body and mind (at age 77) ain't easy. Two days ago i had some good drives, better than average and the last one of the day, perhaps my best drive ever on the final hole. A terrific shot. But try to duplicate that the next day....cannot do it. The body does not remember so i was forced to revert to my ol
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