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  1. @rogolf, and others. I am only reading what OP has quoted above, from the USGA definition of 'stroke'. The USGA definition, if quoted correctly, certainly seems to say that accidentally striking the ball is NOT a stroke. Must be a penalty for that foul, as per MRBEAN, above. I know nothing of cheats, only that they do exist.
  2. No stroke or penalty taken if my errant practice swing hits and moves the ball? Simply replace the ball and move on? An open door to escape from a divot, IMO. Esp if the other players were on the far side of the fairway.
  3. A player is able to deny others from searching for a lost ball? Does not seem correct.
  4. If i were the host, i would monetize the meal. You may know that the Japanese folks will pay huge prices for special foods like certain big fish, extra tasty melons, manicured and massaged beef ribs, etc. And i am talking US$50.00 for a melon. So months prior to the 2022 masters dinner, i would advertise in the Japanese media that the high bidder would be permitted to create the menu and cater the meal. The winning chef/resto would therefore gain massive publicity and huge local 'face'. Of course, an open bidding process also means that MCD might pop a winning ent
  5. OMG! Are you all talking about the sleeve of golf balls the caddy next to Gary P. is holding? What utter nonsense. Those balls are crap.
  6. I'm gonna carry my sand wedge while walking. When i come to an unoccupied fairway bunker and the others are searching for a ball in the woods, i'll take a few practice swings in the bunker. Might help, might not coz when i do get into the bunker i often freeze up and forget what i need to do.
  7. Check book? What is that? Regarding the golf score card, errors or mistakes of any kind can be addressed when the match is over regardless of when the card is/was signed. M. Wolff was DQ last week for a wrong, lower, score on one hole. Higher scores will not DQ the player but may cause self-loathing. Just ask R. Divincenzo.
  8. I cannot accept the idea that anyone 'deserves' a golf win, major or minor. Folks win or lose for a reason; nothing more. major
  9. Get the wedge out of your hands when near the green. Pick up the hybrid. Move the club about 3 inches away from the ball then let the clubhead move forward. Quit all the mental stuff, convoluted techniques, weird and very time consuming practice skills, recommended by many here. Yesterday i had never heard of W. Zalatoris so i checked him out on Google and looked for some photos, as his physique had been questioned. And there he was, age 5, yes 5 years old, with a golf swing i would be proud to own. Do you think Zalatoris, or any pro, is thinking about technique when hitting a chip
  10. If i am on the 13th tee at that august golf course and drive my ball high into the trees above the creek on the left there is only a, say, a 50/50 chance the ball fell into the PA. Otherwise the ball will be in the woods, with attending troubles. Can i then immediately call that ball 'unplayable' and take another shot from the tee box to lie 3 in the fairway? Or must i go and look and determine the ball NOT in the PA? And do i get only 3 mins to look for ball in PA, as i do for a ball under the leaves, etc?
  11. So, if your ball lies in bunker A you are permitted to practice all the sand shots, sans ball, you want from bunker B? That's good to know coz i luv to needle my 'friends' about the rules. Next time i take some good healthy sand shots in the bunker without the ball and then move 20 yrds to my ball in nearby bunker, they will howl and cry.
  12. Usually, when a player is unsure of anything during play, he/she asks the referee. So, it's YOU that must know.
  13. Sign the card. Either before or after the match. If not signed, a sure DQ.
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