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  1. Check book? What is that? Regarding the golf score card, errors or mistakes of any kind can be addressed when the match is over regardless of when the card is/was signed. M. Wolff was DQ last week for a wrong, lower, score on one hole. Higher scores will not DQ the player but may cause self-loathing. Just ask R. Divincenzo.
  2. I cannot accept the idea that anyone 'deserves' a golf win, major or minor. Folks win or lose for a reason; nothing more. major
  3. Get the wedge out of your hands when near the green. Pick up the hybrid. Move the club about 3 inches away from the ball then let the clubhead move forward. Quit all the mental stuff, convoluted techniques, weird and very time consuming practice skills, recommended by many here. Yesterday i had never heard of W. Zalatoris so i checked him out on Google and looked for some photos, as his physique had been questioned. And there he was, age 5, yes 5 years old, with a golf swing i would be proud to own. Do you think Zalatoris, or any pro, is thinking about technique when hitting a chip
  4. Suggest you read again, #77, what MR BEAN had to say.
  5. If i am on the 13th tee at that august golf course and drive my ball high into the trees above the creek on the left there is only a, say, a 50/50 chance the ball fell into the PA. Otherwise the ball will be in the woods, with attending troubles. Can i then immediately call that ball 'unplayable' and take another shot from the tee box to lie 3 in the fairway? Or must i go and look and determine the ball NOT in the PA? And do i get only 3 mins to look for ball in PA, as i do for a ball under the leaves, etc?
  6. So, if your ball lies in bunker A you are permitted to practice all the sand shots, sans ball, you want from bunker B? That's good to know coz i luv to needle my 'friends' about the rules. Next time i take some good healthy sand shots in the bunker without the ball and then move 20 yrds to my ball in nearby bunker, they will howl and cry.
  7. Usually, when a player is unsure of anything during play, he/she asks the referee. So, it's YOU that must know.
  8. Sign the card. Either before or after the match. If not signed, a sure DQ.
  9. My lumbar spine now in a 'degenerative stage', which combined with spinal stenosis, means some pain and lots of whole body aches. Walked the 18 holes on Tuesday and could hardly get out of bed all day Wednesday. Tomorrow i will rent the buggy and go another 18. Range sessions greatly limited. Glad to be out in the fresh air hitting balls, even if errant.
  10. Watched the ceremonial tee-off with Lee, Jack and Gary. Lee has health issues, Jack is waaay too big, and Gary is packing a, heretofore never seen, truck sized spare tire. But the grass is green as can be, so let the games begin.
  11. HELP! Where are the mods when needed!
  12. So i've heard those guys at the dinner may choose from the normal menu if DJ's special does not appeal. Of course the cooks in the kitchen must prepare for all diners to choose the DJ menu and have ample supplies of lobster sandwiches, etc. But, what happens to those fancy dinners IF few do choose the DJ menu? Off to the Augusta food pantry the next morning, i hope. Let the hoi polloi revel in food luxury! I'm sure DJ would approve.
  13. Back on track! So, regarding the aforementioned trail, now covered with pine needles applied by the crew for aesthetic purposes is totally IO. But the nearby trail also covered with pine needles which have dropped from the massive pine trees, is 'no relief' coz no man has caused the pine needles to lie on the trail. Do we all agree and confirm the correctness of this rule?
  14. I thought the rules book defined cheating, not some anon internet guy. We may not like all the rules, since all are 'man-made', but abide we must. Ask @barfolomew if he, as a marker for a 'arm-lock' "cheater", would sign the player's card? Or add 2 strokes on every hole thus played?
  15. Hey guys, this should be all about GOLF, not food. Who on earth cares what the next guy eats or how you cook your spaghetti. But i would not pass up a free dinner.
  16. Can you use a buggy on day 3? Simply claim medical need. Or, hit far fewer warm up shots if you go to the range before the match.
  17. I always thought that only paved (an applied hardened surface) could be considered as an IO. Any trail, road, walkway or cart path not paved offers no free relief, unless Local Rule in place. Paved does not include applied stones. Am not sure of 3m long wooden walking bridges across creeks or burns.
  18. So some of these putters are 42" long, nearly as long as a normal driver. And, IMO, seem expensive at $350 or more. Are they helpful, can the technique be mastered quickly, and are they good for short and long putts? And, important to me, can my normal putter's handle be extended by 12", and new grip slapped on to create a new mallet monster? Or is there some special weighted head or design which is preferred for arm-lock putters?
  19. So, if Abnormal Course Condition, then must be GUR as defined by the Committee. If so, are such Local Committee rulings available to the public prior to the tourney? Could the TV talking heads have consulted these rulings during the show? And the rules book says, GUR should be marked by white lines or stakes. But i saw none of these so looks like an 'ad hoc' ruling by the bloke with the walkie-talkie.
  20. Watching UTube replay the Texas Open, Rnd 3, and here's YJS sending the ball waaay right, onto the paved path, down onto the dirt trail and stopping there. I see someone who's holding a walkie-talkie talking to Spieth. Next i see Spieth put a peg into the ground off the dirt. Next i see him considering the ball which now lay off the dirt path, back away from the green, on a semi-grassy area. He plays a super flop shot to near the pin and pots the putt. More info here: https://golf.com/news/that-separates-cream-milk-jordan-spieth-miracle-flop-shot/ So how could Sp
  21. Sorry Augster, but we are only talking about Model Local Rule E-5, not Rule 18.3. Take all the provisionals you need. And sorry, Rogolf, but the quote you offered does not really address the issue of what authority the Local Committee has regarding modifying a Model Local Rule. If you can define the term 'simply...prefer' then this conversation can continue. If we argue that 'simply prefer' means some kind of ad-lib, ill thought out rule then sure, no authority available to change any Local Rule. For example, 'the Elite Country Club demands that all players, members and guests
  22. Played with a bloke recently who pulled out the hybrid any time near the green. He did well with it too. Said keeping the ball close to the ground was much safer than using lofted irons and he learned his technique on links courses. But i failed to inquire the loft of his hybrid. I've got a 24* and a 18* degree. Anyone have an opinion. And advice on how much down the shaft to grip, any special ball placement, etc appreciated.
  23. What is this format, some kind of round robin? I, heretofore, thought in Match Play, lose and go home. But 'tied', so play tomorrow?
  24. Happens to me too. In my case, my hips are frozen so my upper bod swivels around and knocks the ball straight left. After a few shots i learn to speak to my lower body and get things in order. I never had early training so all technique is by 'mental organization' which slows down striking ability. I don't know what your solution might be.
  25. IMO, this OP is faced here with RULES overload. He should earn to hit the ball, have some fun, ask the other guys if in doubt and don't worry. The Rules will come in time. And in response to @Augster, i'm not not convinced that the 'no provisional ball' is forbidden under the Local Rules ordinance, E-5. The OP may say 'the course' forbids but in fact, the Local Committee may have put this rule in place. If so, the Local Committee does have the right to modify Local Rules. I brought this question to the USGA regarding Local Rule E-3 when my Golf Comm. forbade changing balls wh
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