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  1. A very common golf problem, IMO. In fact, a big contributor to handicaps above 18. Jack Nicklaus told me how to correct this problem, at least how to begin to 'speak to the issue'. Jack said: keep your buttons back. Your shirt buttons, keep those behind the club head as you hit the ball. What this mental activity does is to focus your attention on your 2 body parts (upper/lower) and which one should be where when you strike the ball. Won't be easy to forget the 1000s of wrong shots, but this notion is a good start. Give it a try. I'd say it's the first step towards a correct motion.
  2. Wish i had a Rules Book, but alas. In front of us, a big slow group of gamblers, i mean really slow and no skipping in front allowed. On the par 5, we hit our tee shots and mine went way right, within 1 meter of the OB stake, but still in bounds. Beyond the stake, in OB land, was an open meadow so i dropped a few waste balls in the OB land and hit a few 9 irons shots towards the meandering OB creek. All this time simply waiting to hit my second shot. All told took about 5 mins for the other lads to play and then my turn. I stepped back onto the course and played out to the fairway. Ought i be penalized for hitting balls from the OB? My considered opine is NO. What's yours?
  3. I think the Rules defining a red PA need a bit of tightening up. When the PA is defined only by red stakes, the current reading is ' the edge is defined by the line between the outside points...' But in fact, there is no such line; only an imaginary straight line between the 2 nearest stakes. I have found that red stakes only, and at a far distance between any 2, leads to disagreements over 'where is the edge?'.
  4. Um, Dave. When i take free relief from the cart path, am i permitted to stand where i like? Or, must i NOT stand on the cart path? Sure, i may stand there, with a penalty attached to my actions (AFAIK!).
  5. Bob's ball was in the general area, but just barely. Bob had to stand in the GUR, which was akin to a plowed field. He thought he ought to get stance relief. Yes/No? Which brought me to thinking about where the player is permitted to stand to take a shot. E.g. Stand outside of the tee box area = yes. In the PA = yes. In the 'forbidden' zone, which may be an Environ Sensitive Place, or in Hong Kong/China, a tiny graveyard = no. Stand in a 'free drop flower bed' = ? Out of bounds, if ball inbounds = ? And crazy as it might be, stand on a motorized cart to take a shot in a tree = ??? So is there any way to sort this out, before the situation arises?
  6. Any betting odds for this contest? How much could i win if i gave K 2 strokes and BDC won by 3?
  7. Taking practice swings, and certainly hitting the sand, is perfectly legal when your ball is not in that particular bunker. Two adjacent bunkers, use the one without your ball and take your practice. But in my recent experience the ignorant ones in your group will decry your actions and call loudly for a penalty.
  8. Do the Rules support DQ before any shot has been taken? I have read recently (but cannot now find the info) that some player carrying 15 clubs towards the first tee, found the bad club, took it out of his bag, notified the others in his group, marked the club as bad and dumped it into the back of his buggy. He was subsequently DQ for 15 clubs. Too harsh, IMO. What do the Rules say about such a situation as this? And, as above, are there any circumstances of DQ before the first shot of the day? The nearby thread about Rory S and his Trackman dots on the driver face did bring him a DQ but i do not know if he hit any balls with that club. Was simply carrying, never using, a non-conforming club grounds for DQ? I'm not here thinking of personal violence towards other player, like punching someone in the nose at the starters hut and otherwise acting without respect towards fellow competitors.
  9. Those sorts of putters were common at the Miniature golf courses i went to as a boy. Easily found today too. Will only mention this: any club, any time, any place. As long as you use the clubhead and no pushing the ball. Played with a oldster who putted with his driver. He was as good with that as with his putter. And the 'yips'. Watched one video of golf teacher Julian Mellor claim that his 30 yr putting yips were cured using the 'saw putting grip'. If i recall, that is also used by Sergio G where the right hand is placed on the putter handle only resting on the crux between the thumb and forefinger. The other fingers point down straight down the shaft; imagine teeth on a buck saw. Yeah, i tried it a bit and takes a bit but the right hand is neutralized, so may indeed help.
  10. College All Star football game vs NFL pro champs started long before the Super Bowl. Began in 1934, played at Soldier Field, Chicago and drew a wide audience. I went to perhaps 3 of those games around 1960. more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_College_All-Star_Game
  11. My worst chips are the result of me 'throwing my arms' at the ball. A very common bad habit for me, with all the clubs. The ball is struck on the up, towards the ball equator, and burns the worms for 20 yards. When i engage the brain and get into the correct mode, i keep my lower body very quiet as the club goes back a few feet. Then forward/rotate with my right hip immediately and let the clubhead follow. Hit down on the ball is a mantra for me.
  12. Well, @antip, no 'hard card' news about this from the Euro Tour (a major tour). Can't say all is totally clear but suggestions are that the Committee accepted Padraig's word on the fleeing moth. If, as you say, the hard card had mentioned insects as loose impediments, then no discussion needed to take place and Padraig would never been questioned. So check up on your 'understanding'. more here: https://golf.com/instruction/rules/how-moth-nearly-cost-padraig-harrington-putt-rule/
  13. Have read that Tommy Armour had hands as big as hams. Might help, might not. Since i've been watching golf on TV i have not seen any reliable correlation between body size and golf ball hitting for distance, or esp, golf tournament winning. Short, fat, tall, thin, big arms or sticks, all seem to make little difference. It's of course possible that unseen body parts, possible testicles, DO in fact make a difference but that has not been evaluated. AFAIK.
  14. 'so the game can't be gamed' = cheaters Thanks @mark m for that point to the past and the honest fact that the 'one ball rule' has been dictated, not by integrity for the game, but by the financial concerns of the ball makers. As far as i can learn, balls must conform to 3 considerations: size, weight and shape. Any markings or color are permitted, as likewise construction whether 1,2,3,4 or 5 pieces, 1 or 2 covers, etc. Spin is measured and listed but is not part of the conformation identity. The list of conforming balls is 61 pages long each page has 22 balls = approx 1300 balls, and is updated each month, since the ball makers need to keep feeding the masses with nonsense differences. more here: https://www.usga.org/ConformingGolfBall/gball_list.pdf If i can choose any conforming ball (assuming a pro tour with the Local Rule in place) on the first tee, why can't i choose any other conforming ball on the 2nd tee? You, my fellow competitor, have exactly the same right. What would the golf world say if the USGA decided that golf pros MUST only play blade type irons, any brand OK? Since blade irons represent, to some, the epitome of performance should not the pros use only those and certainly not the cavity backs, the game improvement shovels, and god forbid, a 9 wood rather than a #6 blade iron? It's all about $$$$ Antip. Just forget integrity, or logic, on tour. Full disclosure: this rule will (probably) never affect me! I might hope the Rule will someday dictate my ball consideration, but at this stage of life, not likely.
  15. Most of these TV guys are in love with the obvious. Do you need someone to tell you that the ball missed the hole? LUV MY MUTE!
  16. In my very humble opinion, hip control coupled with weight distribution going back and forward, is the most difficult aspect of golf control for adult learners to find. I view the problem as too few connections between brain and hip. Kids learn, cultivate and retain those connections so in the long run if you have not learned hip control as a kid, your path will be long and arduous. Improvement YES, perfection, sorry, NEVER.
  17. Umm, not quite Imp. Such is the case ONLY when your committee has engaged Model Local Rule D-7. If no such local rule in place, then a ball stroked from the green which hits an animal (frog, butterfly, worm, ant) is cancelled and must be replayed. Whether Antip is correct when he thinks 'the tours have all adopted MLR D-7, i don't know. If so, why the consternation and prolonged discussion when Padraig Harrington's ball possibly struck the moth sitting next to the cup? If the Euro Tour had adopted the MLR, as Antip suggests, then no discussion with the RO should have taken place. The original stroke stood whether the ball did, or did not, strike the moth. However, the above applies only if the striking were an accident. If you, in your secret life, fancy yourself to be Ronnie O'Sullivan and purposely putt the ball to carom off the big beetle sitting next to the cup, then all is good.
  18. Believe that there must be a notice on the "Conditions of Competition" for the ONE-BALL rule to apply. From what i know, only elite tourneys have such an (idiotic and outdated) rule. 99.999% of golfers need totally ignore this nonsense. Play any ball, on the conforming list, at any time.
  19. I checked the web page for the LET and found 3 tourneys in SA during November. All at Royal Greens golf club. The first is complete, Thitikul won. Now 2 are combined for this weekend but i cannot find what the TEAM contest is all about. Any info?
  20. Most likely very fat appearance fees to all players in Saudiville. Did not see one spectator, though minor applause was heard. Certainly saw no locally dressed man (long white robe) or woman (long black robe). Did see some very nice looking players in short pants, so i guess no Saudi TV. Believe this was the richest LET tourney this year at US$ 1 million. LET the money flow. Watched Lydia Ko using a straight stick putter shaft, seldom seen but highly effective, in her hands.
  21. Many insects are attracted to yellow, maybe the ball looks like a flower. I do know that some insects have UV vision which permits them to see things we humans cannot see. Perhaps you have seen a lovely butterfly zoom in towards a slow yellow moving ball on the green, alight on the ball, then fly off. If that was your slow moving putt, you (probably) must retract the putt and do it again. Probably, becoz the Rule 11 specifically says 'ball hits animal', not animal hits ball. This Rule popped up at the Portugal Masters when Padraig Harrington putted from 5 feet with a moth sitting on the lip of the cup. Did the putt hit the moth? The video, to my eye, was very unclear. The RO, keen to do it right, but certainly much farther from the action than Padraig, sought outside help. Padraig seemed adamant that the moth flew off microseconds before the ball dropped into the cup. And whether the ball struck the poor moth mid-flight, no one is asking. Where i play golf, at times during the year, innumerable anthills and ants are populating the fairways and greens. No pesticides used here. But do you think you have ever rolled a putt over an ant, or a worm? Gotta do that putt again! And avoid yellow balls on the green, they can only bring trouble. Padraig was exonerated two holes later. No harm, no foul.
  22. Ball on path can be dropped into penalty area? I thought otherwise. Isn't it: find NPR, add club length (45 inches), drop ball within that 45 inch frame. Here, if left is NPR, dropping into penalty are a surety coz it's only 18 inches from path edge.
  23. Old man Bland keeps on form. Age 48, first time winner a year ago, British Open contender, numerous top 10 finishes and now tied 8, 5 back of leader at Portugal Masters. He's now #78 OWGR and could make the Augusta Masters if he wins again before March.
  24. I had 6 shanks yesterday at the range, all off the 9i. Have been nursing bad back pain lately so IMO, those shanks resulted from poor hip movement. Mostly, maybe exclusively, from pushing the right hip out towards the ball on the downswing. This motion becoz of fear of more pain in back left side. Right hip out towards ball = clubhead also moving out, so the face is 'off' the ball and the hosel hits the ball. If you think shanks come from somewhere else besides sloppy hip movement, then you and i do not agree.
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