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  1. So I went to the benq projector calculator and it looks like with the 671st at the distance I’m trying to use I can get roughly a 11x8 foot picture which is fine so I’ll probably go that route.
  2. Omg I need some guidance. I’ve been reading the projector forums and topics on this site as well and I am thoroughly confused. There’s lumens and throw and ratios. I have measured my space and I will have 10’ ceilings, my ball will be 10’ from the screen and I will be getting a mevo plus and running it off of an iPad. I’m thinking I will get a 10’x10’ impact screen so I need recommendations on a projector that will give me the best picture and not break the bank. I was thinking the best place to mount the projector would be directly over the hitting area but I’m not sure. Any help would be app
  3. Ive been watching a bunch of YouTube videos looking at people’s set ups. Thinking I can do it for about 4000. Not sure yet
  4. So I’ve been reading all of these post and am now totally confused. I want to set up a sim in my garage where I have my boat right now. (About to sell the boat) I will have to vault the ceiling to get enough height, but that’s not a problem. (Built houses for 25 years). I just want something to hit on a range for distance and maybe a few courses to play. I’m thinking mevo+. I just don’t know what I need as far as a projector, ipad or computer, and something to hit into. I have a net in my back yard I can use just need some sort of screen and mat. Not really interested in playing online it woul
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