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  1. Need these gone.....all offers to be considered!!!!
  2. Forgot to mention there is no head over for the sim max. Also am accepting any reasonable offer. These need to go ASAP!!!
  3. Sim Max 10.5* Has only 5 range balls on it. Deciding to go with the tsi. Say $old Will ship with the TM tip if wanted. Hzrdus smoke green 70 gram 6.5TX. Brand new grip. Tipped .75 inches. TM tip. $175>>>$150>>>$old King Utility one iron 4 iron. NV green 85x Aldiss shaft. $old Odyssey #9 stroke lab putter34”. $old
  4. I have the 623-m with x7 dynamic golds. Not the best feeling but they do perform. And for a blade are actually very forgiving given the profile.
  5. This putter is so underrated. I game this exact putter!!!
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