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  1. Honma 747 3 wood, one of the best I've used so far. The other day I hit the pin from 220 yards out with it on a 500 yard par 5. Couldn't believe it.
  2. piss off dude. these companies have the means to make LH clubs but they rather have their RH inventory gather dust. not wanting to tap into that market is lazy, and when they do make LH clubs they are done terribly and offer less options.
  3. I can understand companies like Ben Hogan and whatever not having a massive stock of LH clubs, but why not have the ability to make them and take special orders? If Ben Hogan would have had the new PTx Pro irons available for a LH special order, they would have had my money a long time ago. It is laziness on their part, a lazy excuse to not make LH golf clubs. Again, one thing to not want sitting inventory, but why the hell can't they allow special orders? At least make the molds and have the ability to make LH clubs. Again with Ben Hogan, their new wegde should have the Texas grin
  4. I expect to finish my round in around 4-4.5 hours. If I am playing by myself, if no one is behind me, I will take my sweet time and hit multiple balls. If I am with others, so long as we aren't waiting forever at every single tee box, I don't mind a slower pace.
  5. I buy a lot of recycled golf balls and haven't had many problems. I stay away from water balls, but if I'm being honest I don't think 24 hours in a pond is gonna be too bad. I wouldn't want something that was submerged for long periods of time though.
  6. Sounds like you found a jackpot. If that is as used as they get from that guy I would buy him out.
  7. Recycled golf balls are just fine, this is my advice: Stay away from REFURBISHED or REFINISHED golf balls!! Stay away! No water balls Pay attention to what years the seller has. 2017 and newer? Good to go, anything older might not be worth it. I only buy recycled golf balls now. I know a guy in my area that walks all the courses and searches the trees, he recently gave me 130 Titleist balls, all Pro V1 and Pro V1x, around $7 a dozen. Only one dozen was unplayable, the rest were all fine. Majority were 2019 and 2021 balls too.
  8. Again, from personal experience, all Gen 2 models of PXG irons performed better than Gen 3. Idk what it was, but Gen 3 was trash for me. I think the dualcor was a reason, because Gen 4 is back to the filled head being one material, not dualcor. Might be a reason why the 2019 0211's felt so nice, it was still Gen 2 technology.
  9. For me, the 2019 0211's felt better, I had better dispersion. Distance was similar between models. The XF's weren't for me, the P's were better but a little too demanding. The progressive offset was done was really well IMO, the scoring clubs were great. I only suggest finding the right shaft. My only problem was that they were a little too high spin for me with the Elevate 95 shaft when I took them on the course. I blame the shaft and not the club heads.
  10. 2019 0211's were way better than Gen 2 and 3 0311 irons for me, both in P and XF models. I have not tried the new 0211 irons. The 2019's are not bad, not sure how they compare to the new ones. New 0211's have stronger lofts.
  11. I would buy the matching GW just to have it, still usable.
  12. Yeah I saw the whole lineup and the XP-1 line just looked so massive. The TW-X is very appealing on the eyes at address, enough offset for some forgiveness but it is not an atrocious amount. I haven't had too many problems with the bigger soles. When you get a chance to snag them I think you'll like them. I'm a lefty too BTW. I can post some LH pictures if you'd like when I can.
  13. Glad to see more people enjoying these irons! I am still in love with them, still thinking about buying a second set to hold onto after my current ones get played to death. @lefthack imo, the XP-1 irons are SGI compared to the TW-X. More offset in the long irons and mid irons, similar in 9/10/11 irons. Slightly stronger lofts, lighter stock shaft. The XP-1 line is MASSIVE compared to the TW747 line, and the TW747 woods and hybrids aren't exactly small or "sub zero" size.
  14. I always wear a glove for driver and long/mid irons. I only take my glove off for shots inside 100 yards, chipping/pitching, and putting.
  15. PXG 0211 2019 (progressive offset, scoring clubs very little offset imo) or PXG 0311 P's come to mind. Honma TW-X as well, highly recommend them.
  16. Still not the biggest fan of Costco's golf balls. They work for what they are, but I rather play recycled Pro V1's if we're talking about price. Just picked up Pro V1's in bulk from a guy on OfferUp for less than $7/doz, all in fantastic shape. Majority of them were 2019 and 2021 Pro V1's as well, barely used.
  17. I've become comfortable with a soft GW from about 90 yards. Once inside 100 yards I don't take too many full swings.
  18. I have surprisingly made some nice putts using the edge of whatever wedge I have if I forgot my putter. Regular putting stroke, try to hit the middle of the ball with the leading edge for a decent roll.
  19. I would think that a players or even players distance type of iron would force you to improve your swing to make better contact instead of hiding the bad swing through forgiveness.
  20. @GPF good to hear that everything got to you and that you are liking the irons! If you don't want the Honma grips I'd take them, wouldn't mind having extras for the future. I am thinking about getting my lie angles checked with these, but they have been just fine with standard L/L/L so far.
  21. The Tour isn't calling me any time soon but I do like the look of more players irons compared to GI. I can only handle so much offset, too much isn't good for my game or on the eyes.
  22. I am in a similar situation, not sure of the best solution. I've been struggling with my 4 iron and I haven't been hitting hybrids well, keep drawing them too much or just plain missing. Keep seeing threads about 5 woods, might have to give that a shot. For OP it seems like a 4 hybrid would work, but if 3W consistency is a problem then dropping the 3W and hybrid for something to replace both could work too.
  23. Wish the Texas grind was available LH. They would have had my money a long time ago if the PTx Pro's were LH.
  24. Are Vokey’s T grind similar to Callaway’s T grind with the MD2? I like Callaway’s C and T grind, I don’t remember which Vokey grind is similar.
  25. You guys are making me think about taking my hybrid and 3 wood out and just putting a 5 wood in. Nothing better than a clean 3 wood off the deck but they don’t seem to happen as often as I’d like.
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