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  1. 1. Did you fill out the survey? YES 2. How can the ESB1 help your game? It will really help me dial in distance and improve my consistancy 3. Do you currently own a launch monitor? No, I wish i did
  2. In a post below tell us who is your nearest authorized dealer? Club Champion Pittsburgh PA Why are you excited to hit the Speeder NX shaft? The profile seems like a great fit for my swing. I would be really excited to give this shaft a try. What flex and weight Speeder NX shaft do you want to win? 60 Stiff
  3. Another vote for Apex. The 21 apex are so easy to hit and the dispersion was much better. I only got a chance to hit p790's in bay but i was still having same problem as all previous gen p790 in that some shots while not being stuck much different tends to lose ALOT of spin and goes well beyond intended target. I have had the apex 21s for a while now and have not had 1 shot like that yet.
  4. Finding the best shaft is the hardest part of finding irons that will be great for him. If he gets into right shaft weight and profile i think he will like whatever irons he chooses granted he doesnt go for a blade. The other important factor often overlooked is also picking a head that has a sole design that will work best with his swing and getting the right lie angles.
  5. 1. City, State? Pittsburgh, PA 2. Handicap? 11 3. Current Iron set? 2021 Callaway Apex / Modus 105 S shafts / 2 degrees flat 4. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right Handed 5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? My ball striking has really improved over the this season and these irons look beautiful and would love to give them a try. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  6. Im 5'7" so i play a shorter shaft. 44.5" playing length. I swing faster and hit ball further with 44.5 rather than stock lengths. My contact with anything at 45" and over is really bad and i get dispersion issues. I always thought longer shafts were supposed to increase club head speeds but for some reason im the opposite. I swing the shorter shafts faster with better contact.
  7. Depends on the design but they most likely have different toe hang. Plumbers neck are usually moderate toe hang for slightly arching stroke where most slant necks have more toe hang for more arching strokes.
  8. Youll love the apex 21 long irons. They are so easy to hit. Irons are usually my biggest weakness. The apex 21 6 iron is so easy to hit. You can hit it almost anywhere on the face and it wants to go high and pretty straight. I hit one so far out on the toe and low and ball flight was still great and landed on green maybe 8 - 10 yards shorter than if I smoked one. Im not hitting the PW and AW as well as I want just yet but im still hitting greens with them at least. Im about 5 rounds in with them in live conditions and multiple range sessions on grass and turf. Ive purposely hit tons of balls a groove low and low on face, how they maintain consistant ball speed and spin to where its very playable is remarkable. Im 39 and this is my 5th year golfing. I shoot low to mid 80's and have had a bunch of 9 holes in the 30's but ive never had a full round in the 70's yet. If you get along with wider soles I think the DCB's will probably be a great option as well. I myself find I hit wide soles ok on turf but in real world conditions I just dont get along with them very well. The apex 21 sole is very similar to the cf16s but the top line looks a little boxier to me. The DCB top line was just a little too big for my liking and in the longer irons you can start to see the back peeking out which I dont like to see at address. Im always tinkering and love the look of the new apex hybrids and ive been tempted to just buy them and give them a try but my epic flash hybrids are so good im not sure how the apexs could be much of an upgrade.
  9. The CF16's were one of my favorite irons I ever played but did sell due to flyers. The Apex 21 are everything I wanted the CF16's to be. I did have flyers with the CF16's, none with the Apex 21. Those shots a little low on the face now retain spin and still fly at a good trajectory. The Apex 21 is the most forgiving Apex so far for me. The turf interaction with the CF16's was def my favorite ever. The apex 21's are very similar to the CF16's in this regard. The Apex 21 to my eye are stockier and stubbier than the CF16. The CF16 AW was my favorite AW of all time, the 21's is where i think i maybe should went with 21 pros 8-AW. The apex 21 PW and AW look kind of stubby and a little thicker than I would ideally like in those clubs, its really not bad just not quite what i like. If you liked the CF16's I would think you will love the 21's.
  10. Ordered regular apex 21 on sat. It updated to being boxed up for shipping last night so should be shipping soon. Modus 105 S shafts and tour velvet align grips. If you dont see any updated timeframe I would call them and make sure shafts or grips are not on backorder as I have heard certain grips or shafts could hold up order.
  11. I've never played the 0211 so I couldn't speak on them but I didn't have any issues with distance consistency with the p's. Apex cf 16 and epic forged were the 2 sets of irons I felt I never knew what distance they would go because I would get some real hot ones with both of those irons. Haven't had any issues with distance consistency other than these 2 sets.
  12. Honma tw-x irons. Very forgiving. Medium top line. Very easy to hit and have the consistency you are looking for. Also pxg gen 2 or gen 3 p model. Hide the size well and also fit the bill for what you are after. Forgiving and consistent. If you like harder face get gen 2. If you like a super soft feel get gen 3.
  13. So in recap 18 k of actual shots hit is BS, but some board member you dont know stated he worked with them and they may not be as objective as they say and thats gospel. I had to read this twice to realize that you were actually serious.
  14. I went from Ping glide 3.0 eye2 to a Honma TW-W4 wedge and im chipping better than ever now. Only have a few rounds in with it but it seems very versatile so far.
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