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  1. That’s probably true but most of his wins have come with him playing 7.0’s. He last played 6.5’s in his irons in 2011
  2. https://www.golfwrx.com/76133/rory-mcilroy-witb/ He’s played them for a long time
  3. Didn’t he win all his majors with 7.0’s?
  4. Looks like he’s back in the Project X for the wgc match play
  5. Needs to take page from DJ and hit one shot shape
  6. Yeah exactly, you have all of Taylormade, Michael Bannon, and Butch behind him
  7. Peter Kostis thinks is wedges are too upright that’s why he’s not playing well.....
  8. Hopefully he can tidy up his iron play.
  9. Long time reader first time poster, looks like Rors is moving to DG X7’s
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