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  1. The S300 is a heavy shaft. It will get tiring to hit. I am on a kick Im convinced I need heavier shafts, but Im also now 40, and wonder if Ill just regret it.
  2. Because its been over a year. I never complained about it, so they didnt have a chance to fix it. I didnt think it would have been fair or relevent to my OCD. So guys who get shaft pured have stickers all over the place?
  3. Ha I know, right. I guess I will just deal with it.
  4. Ha, it's a Nippon Modus shaft, so I don't think the stickers are going anywhere.
  5. Over a year ago I got new irons through the local shop from an OEM. I have hit them for a year now, but the stupid label for the 6 iron shaft isn't aligned with the grip and the clubhead. It drives me insane, and it's only proof I'm totally OCD. Even if the local shop would fix it for free, I am still not sure I am in the mood to start taking clubheads from shafts and making adjustments and opening that can of worms. Just curious, how much would this irritate you guys?
  6. Srixon's website shows that the ZX5 comes in at a D2 in the Nippon 105s, so I don't really know how you're getting a D5 out of a ZX7.
  7. The Modus 120 is one odd shaft. Other shafts Ive hit poorly, but predictably. The Modus 120 is totally random to me. I went 105 and really like it.
  8. Has anyone hit both? I have the Z785 GW and dont like it. It also doesnt really look like the irons anyway. Have they really changed the ZX7 gap? Thanks.
  9. I cant comment on the ZX7 AW, but the Z785 AW is inferior to the Z785 base set of irons.
  10. Im another one. I have the 785 irons and the 785 AW. They kinda look alike, otherwise I dont care for it. Maybe its the shaft, but I just do not like its feel.
  11. I am not intending to hold a release for eternity. Just a little longer than what feels natural. As I mentioned I think I answered my own question in that it did feel easier to execute with the lighter shafts.
  12. I kinda had the same line of thinking you did. My gap wedge is an S200 which is heavy and I scoop that more than my 105g PW. I think I can use that to help me make a determination.
  13. I have had an issue where my wrists release (scoop) way too early and I tend to hit high weak pushes that spin...a lot. I am talking like 35 degree launch angles on 7 Irons. I get killed on distance and control when this happens. I am working on this problem and I believe I now do a little better job of holding my wrists through the release. I do not try to roll my wrist through impact to really launch the ball low. I am not that good of an athlete to time it correctly. The question I have is this, I have 105 gram (Nippon Modus Tour 3 - Stiff) shafts in my irons and I was wondering if it
  14. I have these shafts and its probably your swing or setup. I go high and right when I dont get wrists rolling closed. I get a high, weak, high spin push that goes nowhere.
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