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  1. I have a bunch of grips laying around the garage that are used but in good condition. There are probably 10 Tour Velvet standard and then some other assorted grips. I just ask that if you want them, that you pay the actual shipping cost and paypal g&s fees and that you intend to use them or give them to someone who will use them.
  2. Anyone have an extra Titleist collar? I lost mine.
  3. Lost mine any need one as quick as possible
  4. Its not that amusing, but I feel like the worst shot i have hit is: Ball was in fairway, wet day, grass kind of soggy. I pretty much whiffed but hit enough of the ball to wear the ball did not advance forward, just downward into the grass and it became buried in the grass/mud.
  5. I find it hard to lose a Top Flight Gamer ball. I have to try really hard to lose one. Meanwhile, any other ball, can lose two on the same hole
  6. They will not have a job anymore... Or if its a random person who received the pictures from someone in the industry, the random person will be threatened with a lawsuit and if its traced back to the person in the industry, that person also will not have a job anymore
  7. Don't think you are supposed to put tungsten powder in a graphite shaft to begin with
  8. This driver is going to help me for sure. I hit places on the face that a pro has probably never experienced in their life
  9. Whenever i try to install an armlock grip (17" or 21") on a shaft with a large butt diameter (0.660"), its a real struggle. Its probably the club building task I dread the most. Doing tape and solvent has never really worked well for me for these types of install. I can get them on with air, but it usually takes high pressure and 5 minutes of using all my strength in my body to push it on (slight exaggeration). There must be an easier way than this...
  10. Depends on what type of grip you are trying to remove. If you are trying to put on or remove a 21" Jumbomax armlock putter grip on a LAGP armlock shaft, you need to go really high on the PSI. But if you are removing a rubber or rubber-like grip, you need to be careful or else you might pop one. I have popped one before and its not fun on the ears.
  11. Spent some time with this today on camera. These are the results for me, probably different for each individual - Both feet straight forward: Inside takeaway - Front foot flared outward, trail foot flared inward slightly: No inside takeaway, but early front hip spin on downswing - Front foot straight forward, trail foot flared inward slightly: No inside takeaway, minimal early front hip spin on downswing. Ballstriking much better For me, the trail foot flared inward slightly helps to fix the inside takeaway. One thing to note, I do not have any flexibility limitations, and my joints tend to be more flexible than average (i have some joints that are double jointed). So whatever i stated above may not work well for anyone else.
  12. Not even WRXers would take 250 down the middle. The average WRXer is like 330 carry...
  13. I tried a jumbomax 17" but the grip in my hands feels gigantic.
  14. Don't see many folks talking about it, but the 21" Round Jumbomax armlock grip is awesome. There is something I really like about the round grip. However, 21" grips are a pain to install over a LAGP shaft that has a gigantic butt diameter lol.
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