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  1. ALL SOLD SIM Max 3 Hybrid Head Only - Good aesthetic condition, see pics. Asking price is $70 shipped CONUS SIM Max 4 Hybrid Head Only - Decent aesthetic condition, some scratches, see pics. Asking price is $55 shipped CONUS 6 dozen TP5X Pix Practice Balls - Never used, not playing this ball anymore so want to clear it out from my ball stash. Would prefer to sell the whole lot together for $120 shipped. SIM Max 3 Hybrid SIM Max 4 Hybrid TP5X Pix Practice Balls
  2. @labgolf - that version still uses the interference fit plus powder in the shaft right? @Humble - if LAB confirms the above, i would not recommend changing the shaft out yourself. trust me, i have done it haha
  3. CG2, it would never hurt to add another driver. Wait, don't you already have a TSi2? LOL
  4. I just switched to graphite, Fujikura MCI 105 Solid shafts. I don't really notice any performance differences, better or worse than steel shafts, so I think that is a good thing.
  5. And many folks fit into the bell curve covered by the stock options. I'm special because i need a 31" putter.
  6. Summarizing which screws to use for which (please correct me if i am wrong). "standard stock screw" refers to the latest version of the stock screw that comes with the adapter (believe this is the "ping" length which has become the new standard) Callaway - standard stock screw Ping - standard stock screw Titleist - standard stock screw Taylormade - use TM OEM screw that came with the head (it is shorter) Cobra - longer screw Tagging the experts: @kjbuckeye @SwingBlues @Therty
  7. Second round out with my newest L.A.B. DF 2.1 T7 model with the Accra shaft. What I need to make sure to tell myself is light grip pressure and trust the putter. i am so used to manipulating a regular putter that sometimes that carries over.
  8. I love the T grind, but for me, the fitting was important. Had I not gotten fitted, don't know that I would have picked the T grind.
  9. Generally (not specific to this), even purely stock orders coming from Titleist are taking a while, so we just need to be patient.
  10. I find that graphite shafts sometimes are a tight fit with any adapter, even when the paint is removed. And when I say sanded down, i mean very very slightly.
  11. Those prices sound reasonable for used.
  12. not quite sure why the shots turned out like that, but i see what you mean. i didn't purposefully use any sort of lighting besides the light in the room.
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