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  1. Is it my eyes, or is the #11 (middle) more face balanced than the Scotty and the 2-ball below? All three are supposed to be "face balanced". Sorry for bad picture quality.
  2. Received my #11 today and just took it out of the box. I had ordered 32" and 2 degrees loft, but it came in at 33" and standard loft. That's ok, I can live with the putter at 33". Haven't had a chance to take pics, but rolled 4 putts on my indoor 12 foot Birdieball putting green, and made all 4. Feels like the ball comes off a bit softer than my Odyssey Triple Track 2 ball, but need to spend more time with it and do a better comparison. Will provide a much extensive review with pictures, but wanted to give some initial thoughts based on receiving the putter 30 minutes ago.
  3. My FedEx package has been sitting in the same location for 3 days, hopefully it makes its way here soon.
  4. I find that the SIM Max is fade biased. And there is a long thread on here about the SIM models (except the D) being fade biased.
  5. Thank you for the opportunity to test and review the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier putter. Can't wait for it to arrive.
  6. This logic about if you keep the face open on putts, then you may benefit from a face balanced putter. I don't try to execute a perfect SBST, but i do push putts.
  7. Yeah, I know the Motore X is less than a Ventus (i have both of these aftermarket shafts). The Motore X is still $275 MSRP. Would be happy if the new Cobra came with a real Motore X.
  8. The real Motore X F1 and F3 were stock no upcharge?
  9. Both types of online lessons exist: live using zoom/facetime/etc., and then the type were you record a few videos and send and you receive back analysis. I have done the analysis style online lesson and found it was valuable to understand what to work on. However, I found that in-persons work much better for me. Recently did an online putting lesson (analysis style) and that has worked out very well.
  10. Too high spin sounds like what I need. I think my SIM Max is a bit too low spinning for me. I tend to miss high toe side (usually not too far toe side though).
  11. Speedzone price was already dropped by $100. Heard something new is coming. Anyone have any idea?
  12. Interesting experiment. In my SIM Max, for my next round, I am going to take out the stock 17g weight and put in a 9g weight. See how that changes things, without entirely removing the backweight.
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