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  1. Ok, with the regular there are three sizes for the adapter/tube portion where the shaft will fit, there is a 0.355", a 0.370", and a 0.390". Stability tour should be around 0.370" where you are cutting, but its possible that the taper is slightly different. Do you know which adapter size you got for the Stability shaft?
  2. Regular Stability or Stability Tour?
  3. I'm not claiming to be a great lag putter by any means, but something did help me greatly improve recently, and it is equipment related. With a grip in a normal weight range and head in a normal weight range, i play a short length putter, and when i perceive the head to feel light, i start hitting at the ball instead of making a smooth stroke. Usually results in the ball going way too far. Put a Flat Cat Solution grip on, has a 100 gram weight concentrated at the very bottom of the grip. I perceive that makes the head feel heavier but it wouldn't show up that way on a SW scale and i like that
  4. Getting over my addiction of sending too many videos..
  5. Evnroll ER2 370 grams with a newly installed KBS CT Tour putter. Shaft is uncut, so the putter can be cut down to any length (38" or less). Asking price $250 shipped or best offer. Includes headcover
  6. I have vowed to never endlessly watch random full swing videos ever again and try to apply them to my game. I will continue to watch Monte's short game videos, i need to make sure i am properly applying those concepts.
  7. @Fujikura Golf - interested to see what the engineering team comes up with to accommodate at least over the stem installs. Even better would be to also accommodate single and double bends.
  8. I don't really have flexibility/strength issues. Not saying that I am Tiger Woods strong, but i don't have any significant strength or flexibility issues. I am in the @MonteScheinblum camp on this, in that the openness at impact is more based on sequencing and getting the upstream movements correct, and if i just try to get more open at impact in isolation, i will probably make myself even worse of a golfer. Monte, correct me if I have stated something incorrectly.
  9. I have tried so many methods to hit the ball out of the bunker but the sand goes farther than the ball. Please fix my bunker issues at your clinic in August
  10. Yeah, the Billy Bob's adapter won't work with the single/double bend, only straight shafts with putters that have a stem on them. An adapter for a single or double bend putter sounds like a @spryevo project
  11. Accra has a similar concept in putter shafts with three different versions. My issue with these standard style graphite putter shafts besides the Stability shaft is that they only fit straight in and won't fit an over the stem type. Unless you use one of these, but not sure if i like the look: https://store.billybobsgolf.com/product/billy-bobs-cmx-graphite-putter-shaft-adaptor/
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