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  1. I've found the TSi2 to be more neutral for me compared to the SIM Max which was right side biased for me. I am thinking the Epic Max might be a better fit if it in fact does have a bit of draw bias to it.
  2. I am playing the TSi 2 right now and also pondering the Epic Max (haven't hit the Epic Max). Do you find the TSi 2 to be pretty neutral?
  3. For me personally, I segregate between "feels weird" and "feels different". When a good instructor who knows what they are doing (such as Monte), tells me to do something i've never thought anything "feels weird" but it did feel different and that is good, its different than whatever bad things I have been doing. Whatever Monte tells me to do in my lesson, i do it and trust it. But I have had bad instructors tell me things like "swing to right field" without identifying and fixing and real root cause issues and that just felt weird. It felt weird because I started making weird mov
  4. You are talking about the TP painted shafts? They are the same as the aftermarket shaft, except were repainted with TP graphics. I had a Oban Kiyoshi TP that i bought and resold.
  5. Was thinking maybe SIM 2 Max D. Never hit the original Max D, but heard that one wasn't super draw biased, and that people who were hitting the SIM Max to the right side were hitting the Max D straight (this would be good for me).
  6. I want to find something that is slightly draw biased. SIM Max was too right side biased for me last year. TSi 2 right now seems pretty neutral but I still over fade it a bit at times on decently struck balls. A couple of yards left on those over fades would be hitting a fairway on my course vs. hitting a tree that lines the fairway.
  7. Agree, Facetime lessons with Monte are solid
  8. This description makes it sound like a unicorn shaft: iM10the the first Project X shaft to feature Hexcel's incredibly unique iM10 carbon fiber, a very high modulus (stiff) and very high strength carbon fiber allowing for new possibilities in golf shaft design. Because of this, iM10 delivers the stability expected from the lowest launching Tour shafts, but in a playable mid launch/spin design that is available in multiple weights and flexes - providing a variety of options to best suit your game.
  9. Yeah, I know the Callaway one is a mid-launch, but wasn't sure if the OEM Callaway shaft is the same as the aftermarket mid-launch shaft. EDIT: The reason I ask is because Golf Works shows this shaft line to be a $300 shaft https://www.golfworks.com/project-x-hzrdus-smoke-im10-graphite-wood-shafts/p/tt0161/
  10. Thanks, is there a different OEM (callaway) version vs. aftermarket version?
  11. Haven't gotten to try it out yet. Got one of the pink ones, put an M1 7 iron head that I bought on here. It's cut to length, gripped, and ready to go, but i have a minor injury that is preventing me from swinging at the moment.
  12. Anyone know anything about these or have one in hand? https://www.truetemper.com/products/hzrdus-smoke-im10/
  13. Vancouver is closest to me even though i live in the US
  14. @Fujikura Golf - is there a recommended swingweight to target for these, since its a tempo aid?
  15. Hoping they open a Vancouver, BC location.
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