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  1. Awesome, looking forward to hearing your feedback
  2. Should put an LAGP shaft in there (i know you asked for steel, but i decided to make this statement anyway)
  3. When building irons, i at times find there is a little epoxy residue on the hosel after curing just above the ferrule line. Not talking a lot here. Talking about such a small amount, that you may not even see it unless you are looking for flaws. Also, even after curing, this tiny amount of residue is not visible until after turning down the ferrule. Any ideas on how to avoid this? I try to minimize the amount of epoxy that seeps out to to begin with and clean it up really well before i set it to cure and then check on it after about an hour. At those points, there is no visible residue. Maybe i am just being too OCD? i have seen much worse come straight from an OEM.
  4. Have a Miura head on the way (one wedge). Good thing I have that 0.355" reamer from Golfworks.
  5. Did the screws always have a letter on the screw head? Or is that new?
  6. Yeah, i'm not happy with how Titleist has dealt with delays overall. And their ecommerce system is not as sophisticated as other OEMs. When you go to the TM site these days, you pick your clubhead, shaft, and grip, and the final page says when each will be in-stock.
  7. Over the hosel not out yet. I know of an over the hosel that is coming soon, but its not from Fuji. But I know Fuji was working on it.
  8. Need one asap, let me know if you have one.
  9. Looking for what the equivalent is to the Edel T-Grind is in other brands.
  10. Information on shafts is updated, may play closer to standard length
  11. Got some good stuff here. All prices are shipped CONUS 1. Srixon ZX5 5-PW heads, heads have a little bit of cosmetic wear, but in great playing condition. They are bent 2 flat. Asking price is $650 obro 2. Accra 95icwt shafts 5-PW. These have been tapered down to fit 0.355" heads, specifically the Srixons above. May need to be tapered slightly more for other 0.355" heads, depending on tolerances. Played -0.5" in the Srixon's but see pictures below. 5 iron shaft is 36.25". Asking price is $200 obro ***EDIT**** - The iron shafts may play closer to standard than I thought. I built clubs with these shafts when I was newer to club building and there were still tip weights in the heads, so mounting depth was only like 1 1/8 inches and I put cut accordingly. 3. Graphite Design alignment stick set. 2 sets available. Each set includes 2 alignment sticks and one cover. $100 each set obro
  12. @Nessism - as the resident epoxy expert, which epoxy are you using these days? Currently, my favorite is the DP420NS. i like the non-sag aspect and the specs seem to be solid for golf clubs.
  13. When I picked up my new T300 set yesterday, first thing I looked at was the ferrules, make sure they were turned well
  14. Okay, tested this one today on a shaft i didn't care about https://www.golfworks.com/micro-grip-prepping-belts/p/m130b/ First time using a belt sander, usually prep by hand. That belt is very forgiving. I am really not quite sure how someone could oversand with it. It takes off the paint pretty slowly. After the paint is off, the graphite feels really smooth, think it needs to be hit with some rougher sandpaper by hand real quick before installing the shaft.
  15. Im on the list to get a sample when samples are available to dealers
  16. Looking to see what might be out there that someone no longer needs.
  17. I don't see how that can be cost effective at all, sending a 9 iron on its own. I get if they just sent the driver or something like that, but a single iron in a set?
  18. Yeah, unicorn. Probably had some stock of those 850GH. 950GH is out of stock.
  19. For me, I play a 31" putter. I usually increase the headweight a bit on my putters, as well as put a counterweight in the butt of the shaft to stead my hands and wrists a bit. I'm not really targeting swingweight, but with the added weight on both ends, I don't want the overall static weight to get too high, hence the 105.
  20. Any other suggestions here? Something that will fit Jumbo max grips well. Looking for a cart bag, weight doesn't matter.
  21. Yeah, i mean it may be physically possible but very few, if any club builders are going to take on that job. But I get Artisan, they are building high end custom putters.
  22. The ultimate WRXer problem, which iron should i hit from 250 out with a high/soft landing
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