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  1. Not sure how you can be consistent playing different golf balls. ProV1
  2. Great info. Sometimes a little more spin is not a bad thing trying to get it optimum for your own swing. I have a fitter that has a head coming for me. I play Tensei Orange in an Epic Flash SZ that I still hit well. I always experiment with new drivers if I feel they can fit my game. I am assuming weight back a little probably added more spin and forgiveness too? The plus with a good fitter is he can tweak it just like I want it.
  3. I see that you are playing Speed TD. How does it compare with flight and spin to standard Speed?
  4. So we will be able to buy the TD heads through retail?
  5. 5 Callaway driver and 60 Titleist Vokeys and Scotty Cameron TM Sim 3 Wood and 2 iron driving iron Ping Blueprint PW-8 iron Srixon 7 iron-4 iron
  6. I carry my 3 wood 255 off of the deck. It’s the Tour SIM Titanium from last year. Bomber!
  7. Hit a 20 degree on the course yesterday. Even in the cold, the distance and flight was perfect for me. It carried 225 with the perfect combination of spin and height. Seemed easy to hit off the deck. I basically got similar numbers to what I was getting inside. The stock MMT shaft seems to fit me well. I will probably bag an 18 degree.
  8. I just tested the new 2021 Apex Pro hybrids yesterday and the performance was impressive even in the cold. Could definitely be bagging one of those with the stock MMT shaft.
  9. I use a P790 UDI 2 iron but the key is the Nippon GOST shaft. It gives the club perfect loading and flight for me. I hit it off the deck and tee. It’s a 235 carry club for me. I hit my strong 4 iron 215-220 carry. I had an Adams hybrid but it got stolen and it was a great overall club for me. I am testing the new SIM 2 hybrid as you can open the face angle and it sits on the ground nicely. The great part about driving irons is you can bend the lie angle.
  10. Tour issue SIM Titanium is sick. Don’t know how I could hit anything better.
  11. The new ZX7 irons feel awesome and in testing the flight and feel is perfect. Now the new Apex Pros look great. I just wonder if they have the same flier issues as the 2019 model?
  12. I have always been a ProV1 player as I loved its feel with wedges and irons for scoring and the short game feel and bite. But this year the ProV1x is noticeably different. It is much softer around the greens and I like the flight on short irons in limited testing. So if the carry is a little better than ProV1 off the driver, I may change this year.
  13. Here is my current setup: 5 iron 205 max carry Strong 4 iron 220 max carry P790 UDI 2 iron 235 max carry 3 wood 255 max carry I am currently looking at the new SIM 2 adjustable hybrids that look great and the numbers looked good. Will test the 19.5 and 17. I would like to have a good hybrid for some courses.
  14. Thanks. Immediately after I posted this, I saw the Golf Ball forum. I should have looked first.
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