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  1. Still playing EF Subzero. Love everything about it.
  2. Two things that were noticeable to me on hitting it were a total difference of feel. And obviously this is from a carbon face compared to an alloy face. I loved the feel by the way. And the trajectory was lower. Now it may have been shaft related. But man the ball was carrying. Fitting into this head may be a little different. Also the rep mentioned that the COR testing on this driver will be different?
  3. I know the rep but he really didn’t want me to hit it or look at it. I really can’t remember. Man the head looked smaller than 460 cc to me.
  4. It’s red. Looking down at it at address, it’s not real noticeable. I loved the face angle on the 9 degree I hit.
  5. I got to hit it. Totally different feel from a Titanium face. Very very hot. They can take the CT over 1.5 with this driver. The face is carbon fiber.
  6. I have demoed both head to head and the ZX7 had better turf interaction, forgiveness, trajectory in the wind and feel for me.
  7. 107 SS driver +2.5 handicap 2019 ProV1 I love the flight and short game spin of the 2019 version ProV1. I have been testing 2021 ProV1 and X and Bridgestone balls. I am guessing I will have to adjust to 2021 ProV1. It is a little longer on all clubs for me. Short games a little different.
  8. What is the difference between TD and TD LS for those that have hit them. I got to hit a TD LS and it just didn’t pop like I was hoping. Plus I don’t really like the shape.
  9. My last two 3 woods have been Tour Issue and the best 3 Woods I have ever hit. The TM 2016 M2 was incredible. And the TM Tour Issue SIM is even better. Both 15 degrees with slightly open faces. Much hotter than retail.
  10. I have a little different view on the new ProV1 than others and I have done a lot of testing from the 2019 ProV1 which I game to the 2021 ProV1 and ProV1x. I hit both of the 2021 versions slightly higher and longer than 2019 version. But I love the trajectory window of the 2019 ProV1 on approach shots. And although the 2021 ProV1 is soft around the greens, I short game the 2019 ball slightly better. I am stocked up on 2019s but will transition and adjust to the new ball over the off season as it definitely has some differences.
  11. I filled the gap with a P790 2 iron driving iron with the NIPPON Graphite on Steel shaft and it is money! Perfect gap fill, trajectory and can work it both ways. Great for second shots on par 5s and tight tee shots.
  12. The thing that has not been posted however are any numbers showing X7 irons spin any differently than 785s. Without data, it’s just all opinions of players who we don’t know how well they strike it.
  13. I have had a Low Bounce K grind on order now for like 4 or 5 months. Starting to wonder if it will ever come in. But it should be perfect with full sole and 6 degrees of bounce.
  14. +2.4....Taylormade SIM Tour 15 degree with Tensei Orange 70 gram Stiff shaft. Best 3 wood I have ever hit.
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