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  1. Lol. Bryson has problems with his driver too. I hear it sucks.
  2. Makes sense. Would it then make sense to match my driver swing weight to fairway wood/hybrid/iron swing weight if I'm shortening it? Or do I need to add head weight to counteract the stiffer shaft from shortening it?
  3. Can anyone explain to me why a Sim2 stock driver swing weight is D5? Irons/hybrids/fairways tend to be D2.
  4. I almost exclusively use a 6 iron. I would say unless you're in a special situation, getting used to punching a certain club 100 yards then adjusting length of swing to control distance is the way to go. For me, a six iron comes out low with little spin. A waist high back swing gets me around 100 yards.
  5. FWIW I did a SAM putter fitting a little while back. When using a large mallet with alignment aids, I consistently aligned left of target. I personally had best alignment results with a sight dot/top line sight. I'm right handed left eye dominant though.
  6. I can attest to the blade shaming. I learned to play competitively in the early 2000s with a set of blades from the 90s that I bought used. Back in those days I was never shamed about the blades, but my equipment was on the older side so that may have been a contributing factor. Years later I played cavity backs and never got along with them out of the rough but stuck with them for a good while. I had too many flyers that went 2+ clubs too far out of the rough so back to the familiar MB shape, feel, and flight I went. Purchased a new set MBs a few years ago and my scores for the last few years have been anywhere from high 60s to low 80s . Career and family make practicing difficult so consistency just isn't there. A few years ago when I went to get fit for a new set of Mizuno MBs I can say before I even started hitting balls I was being shamed out of being fit for MBs. To give some insight on my ball striking ability, my driver swing speed is around 115 give or take and around 175 ball speed. Plus I hit around 60% of greens on average with the highest GIR round being 89%(16/18) so I'm not always on, but when I am the swing is still there for any iron imo. After fighting a bit with fitter about it, we started hitting balls and he finally settled on fitting me for the MBs. I explained I understood I was giving up strokes on bad days, but that's not what I'm searching for. I still like keeping up with my stats and improving my game when I have time, but it's more about enjoying rounds with friends/family and beer nowadays. Conclusion 1. Golf is an annoyingly ego driven game. 2. People enjoy the game for different reasons. 3. The entire golf community including PGA pros, fitters, and amateurs need to calm down about other peoples game and equipment. 4. Play what you want.
  7. A lot of people love the D grind. I tried it in a 58 degree and found it to have way to much bounce. I play in pretty soft conditions which is why is sparked my interest. But, I think it works well for those who setup with a shut face and use a lot of forward press. I setup pretty neutral with the face slightly open and have had the best playability with the S and M grinds. As far as bunker play goes with the D grind, I found it great in soft sand and could really swing aggressively with all the bounce but it was disastrous for me in firm sand.
  8. FWIW I did a SAM putter fitting and I aligned consistently 1-2 degrees closed with mallets that had sightlines/alignment aids even though my eyes were directly over the ball. Best alignment for me was with a double wide anser style head with a single line on the top line.
  9. My take is that progressively longer length clubs naturally/subconsciously change the swing arc to gradually become more shallow. This is why the ball moves forward in your stance as you move up in club. FWIW, when I tinkered with significantly shorter length irons I had very low launch and spin in 6-3 irons.
  10. Thanks for the responses, I used to play a Cleveland cg15 low bounce (8 degrees of bounce). I'm trying to find something close to that grind. I have tried the vokey L for a few shots in the past and the leading edge wasn't near as low as the CG15. Honestly, the CG15 felt like it has less bounce than the vokey L.
  11. What good low bounce lob wedge options are out there?
  12. That right there is the difference in golf being a hobby vs golf being your job.
  13. The 1.2 has a standard 2 degrees of loft vs about 4 that my scotty has. Shots uphill and into the grain on slower greens with the 1.2 require a bit more force than with my scotty. The lower loft is much harder to notice on fast greens.
  14. I started using a 1.2 back in April. I have only used a Scotty Cameron California since 09' and have had a bunch of success with it. But I wanted a longer putter and didn't want to alter my scotty. I consider myself a strong putter and it took me 2-3 months of practicing twice a week to get comfortable with it. From what I have experienced, if you can get used to the lower loft with the grooves the 1.2 is incredibly consistent.
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