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  1. Hey all, have any Denver area courses been able to reopen?
  2. I know some ranges near me in Lakewood are open, but does anyone know if any courses are open yet after the snow storm?
  3. I’m not on the board, but this is my thinking as well. The $50 nearie or whatever the skins work out to be ($10-$50?) are not too big of a deal but we have a couple thousand in the eagle pot and there is also a season long ‘Ringer Pot’ where we take your best score from each hole all season and pay book money for that. He made a ton of birdies on tough holes too (+ handicap on a good day). All that is thrown out.
  4. I would think so too but the club is taking away all of it. It’s great for me bc I am the only other gross par 4 eagle this season but it doesn’t seem right. USGA rules are so clear(ish) but skins rules seem so fly-by-night. This doesn’t seem right to me but have nothing to back it up with.
  5. Playing a men’s club tourney with someone who got a gross 2 on a par 4. This wins a flighted net skin, an over the field gross skin, closest to the flag in 2, and is in the big season long eagle on par 4 pot. On 18, he misses a handful of tap-ins in a row, picks up his ball and walks off. When it comes time for scorecards, signs his with 18 blank saying ‘whatever’ on 18 and leaves. A withdraw for the tournament seems clear, but what about the other stuff? He played out the hole he eagled legally- does his meltdown on 18 disqualify him from all of the other stuff he paid entry to?
  6. > @spk7 said: > The grind and bounce really depends on what you’re trying to do with each wedge but for gap if it’s mostly for full shots I’d say just get the grind suited for any condition with around 8* bounce Makes sense. I am currently using my 56 for just about everything inside of its full swing range bc it is so much spinnier than my LW for some reason and knowing pitches just bounce and insta-skid to a stop is a lot more consistent than trying to play the LW rollout. Only really using the LW for shots that are stopped via trajectory, not spin. So getting a grind that lets
  7. > @KevCannon said: > What shafts are in your irons? I’m on mobile 99% of the time and can’t see signature. Driver shaft flex may give some insight into swing speed in general, but wedges are about precision and consistency. For reference I game PX 6.0 or 6.5 in my irons and changed all my wedge shafts to PX 6.0 a few years ago to keep same feel, and was such an improvement over something like a stock vokey wedge flex. Most would recommend using same shaft that is in your irons for all wedges that you will hit full shots with, and you could look at something a little softer for lob wedge
  8. Looking to get a new GW, SW, and LW. What bounce would you recommend for the set to best compliment each other? If history is any indicator, I will only be using the GW for full shots and the courses I play are neither super hard or mushy. In a driver, I swing a XX shaft but as I am not trying to bomb these, what flex does a high clubhead speed guy use in wedges? Thanks for the help!
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