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  1. so i have premium bag from a couple of years ago, it came with a single strap at the time, i removed the single strap and got the ez fit straps from sun mountain and put that on the bag which basically is the same as the new one. the nubs are great they keep the bag up enough that all the clubs are off the ground when you put it down and the waterproof belly is great. overall great bag youll enjoy it i carried 11 clubs in it with no problems. 3 way divider is efficient enough and no real tangle problems. used the the bag a lot i just prefer a single strap so the jones original and players
  2. I have 2 BGI (Bridgeport Gun Implement Co, Bridgeport CT) clubs I'm looking to sell together for $600 OBO. Both clubs are all original and bought from a collector down by Pinehurst. Original sheepskin grip on the spoon and leather on the mid iron. I've never hit or even swung these clubs but at one point they were hit in the past 120 years. I have had them as strictly wall hangers the past few years. Spoon has hickory shaft with BGI inscribed in it just below the grip, splice neck style where the head is spliced directly into the shaft Please PM me with any questions Thanks for l
  3. Is there a certain difference in grip weight where you would start to notice a change, for instance a 51 gram to 57 gram etc ? Or even the other way 57 gram down to a 51gram. I currently have Lamkin REL 360 with the arccos so that grip is listed at 51 grams + the arccos which says weights around 4 grams so all in my grip is around 55 grams. I am going to regrip my irons and ive always just played with tour velvets but i wanted to start regripping them myself and started looking into all the options and this technical aspect I don't really know so I figured id ask the expert
  4. Can’t get a better comparison than this the #6 and the B60. I forgot I had this putter
  5. I’d say the same as an anser 2. As seen by in photo
  6. I carry my original and players forward as well. i only flip it around when going uphill i find it easier with it on your back on inclines for some reason
  7. This is my #6 i think that's as close as you can get. this putter was in the bag up until last week for the past 6 years or so great putter
  8. This bag is actually meant to be carried backwards, so the logo placement is actually on the visible side of the bag when its on your back on your right shoulder
  9. #1 Ping My Day Mag Bronze (prob the best putter ive ever owned and no idea why i ever take it out of the bag) #2 Scotty Circa 62 #6 #3 Arnold Palmer "the original"
  10. i tried doing it to an old swift x bag i had it didnt work due to the plastic piece on the strap that the X slide though but it would have made that bag awesome. so i just used the EZ on an old single strap titleist premium bag i had and now that bag is great, so i guess in short yes its worth going to the EZ i never get the X strap to fit great
  11. i replaced my trusty titleist 913 hybrid with the Ping Crossover i really like it and its really easy to hit and doesn't go as high as the hybrid i get a nice mid flight , that might be a nice middle of the road option
  12. top right side when looking at the bag from the front, when i carry the bag with the single strap having the putter next to you is smaller then having a driver or a wood i think
  13. BrianM18

    Less then 14

    I've played 11 for as long as i can remember in one form or another, Currently Driver ,5 wd, 4 crossover, 6-pw, 54, 58, putter dont really find any issues with gaps.
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