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  1. Awesome! Didn’t even know this was a club!
  2. Do you have an SST Pure machine in your build shop?
  3. I have played pured woods and irons for the past ten plus years- not expecting to hit it further or anything from getting it done- simply wanting to ensure that my equipment is the absolute best it can be- a couple hundred dollars or whatever it costs for the whole set is nothing compared to my annual spend on equipment and playing.
  4. Hopefully they can sell you the same shaft you were testing- that shaft doesn’t even exist except in that epic head so good luck getting the identical performance!
  5. Yes- especially swinging 90mph No - not for a 19 handicapper. For a low single digits, yes. Disagree- low single is good enough to adjust- bogey golfer needs all the help in the world Disagree - 19 handicapper doesn't hit it in the SS with an appropriate face angle often enough to make a difference. Low handicapper does. Why do they have to hit the sweet spot all the time for lie angle to matter? they consistently hit it somewhere and that’s what lie angle can help to achieve. Let’s say they’re a toe striker you can fit that and lie angle may help fix to get closer to center
  6. What an idiot, she sounds terrible. He can do better
  7. Yes- especially swinging 90mph No - not for a 19 handicapper. For a low single digits, yes. Disagree- low single is good enough to adjust- bogey golfer needs all the help in the world
  8. That’s great info! Only 7 putts using SAM is disappointing... My thought would be to use the SAM to compare other putters that I am trying out. That way I can really compare the other options to my current gamer. SAM analyzed your stroke- it’s recommendations aren’t going to change if you hit 7 or 70 more putts. Unless your stroke is terribly inconsistent.
  9. And people wonder why all the new drivers are $4-500 nowadays... jeeze
  10. You need different more forgiving heads with some tech bc your smash is poor. Prob a bogey golfer bc of poor ball striking not losing balls off the tee.
  11. Fitters will fit you to the swing you give them. If you have a swing fault why would they fit to where you think you may be?
  12. Do they have these in their stores too?
  13. I respect your opinion and experience. But questions remain. Can you help explain why they quote me $110++ per iron shaft ($80 + $30 Pure-ing fee + tax) when the MSRP is $50? MSRP is what you pay from other retail stores, not eBay. On eBay, I can easily get $35-$40 per shaft from reputable sellers. Covering their overhead cost is not a justified answer, because it is PAID fitting and I already paid $175 for the fitting. Don’t compare CC prices to EBay. MSRP is the price of the shaft, then you have to pay for installation.
  14. Vista Pro is a cheap shaft already- what’d you want a $30 shaft?
  15. They got me once- over 20k and 200 transactions
  16. Will discount Dans warranty the club if it doesn't perform well or only for breakage? Breakage for sure. Can't answer the other question. I know CC has a performance guarantee- saving money is always nice but if the club is garbage it’d be nice to have someone to go back to - can’t really do that on eBay or here
  17. Will discount Dans warranty the club if it doesn’t perform well or only for breakage?
  18. This is the wrong way of looking at it. Since you’re not a good player you’ll use your wedge more than a better player. You need to ensure it’s as good as it can be since you’ll be using it most every hole!
  19. No such thing as a ball fitting- find five sleeves from the same vein and trial and error
  20. When getting those readings I’m sure your club head speed read significantly lower than shots with lower smash factor Anyone who knows how to fit will keep an eye on ball speed and not smash as the most important factor when looking for distance
  21. Practice on a couple cheap heads before your gamer so it looks like a pro did it vs you in your garage after a 6 pack
  22. Sounds like a mediocre fitter with awful options. Are all of these “wishon fitters” like that? Sounds like you left with unanswered questions like what if you tried 1050 or 1150 Nippon right? I’d go somewhere else and don’t tell them what you were previously fit into! Would love to see where they end up.
  23. So what’s it doing on shafts that don’t have a spine? Or shafts with multiple? Correct answer: finding the principle point of oscillation of the shaft for optimal performance.
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