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  1. i am personally cross dominate and i also struggle with the release, and spin metrics, the more offset i have, the better the roll is, the more the ball tracks to the hook side, but my static aim is much better
  2. sry, here it is proceedings-49-00002 (3).pdf
  3. file:///C:/Users/pelus/Downloads/proceedings-49-00002%20(1).pdf one study
  4. not what i had said, i think what you mean is your static aim will be biased on one vs the other, the way you deliver the putter is independent from aim
  5. there's a reason why you don't play anyone for money when they use a bullseye putter
  6. plumbers neck absolutely. with as much offset you can find
  7. FWD COG is far better it's a difficult calculation. I will hopefully post my physics formulas later. bit every mm backwards increased the Moi but centre face misses contributed to more hook or slice spin and effectively less over spin under most conditions. I will absolutely never use a mallet for this reason without at least some sort of groove tech. I will post my advanced findings tomorrow
  8. blue side. level. red side. slightly breaking right left right left up down up down
  9. sorry guys I have been busy. I just finished a 70 ft outdoor green for additional testing
  10. I am right handed left eye dominant and putt left hand low. I tend to miss all putts to right because  right is where I am aiming but do not realize it.

    I miss too many short putts


    Would mallet or blade help?

    Heavier or lighter head weight?

    Line on top or on flange?

    Short or longer line?

    Hosel recommendation?

    Thick or thin grip?



  11. too difficult to tell without knowing how you deliver the putter. there are so many things going on. static aim is one thing. dynamic delivery is another. I can try to help but I am not a fitter! those are 2 beautiful putters. but with the same neck and offset and size. 3/4 shaft have you tried anything else? sounds like a plumbers neck blade might help you close it down. but I really just focused my time on trying to help people aim. and doing so just noticed some things.
  12. it looks like the plumbers neck and your hands are just trying to close everything down because of how open you are... might take a little adjusting
  13. your hosel isn't doing you any favors thats forsure. I would also like to see you maybe in 25 gram counter weighted. with as large a round grip as your comfortable with.
  14. its difficult to try and get people to change putters when they are used to something for so long. in your case I would like to see a ping ketch or a odyssey O works. one is a mallet with insert and one is not. if you like the blade and insert you can also try the double wide blade from odyssey in the stroke lab. you might also find a round oversize grip will help you with aiming. counter weighting will likely help your delivery as well because of you de lofting.
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