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  1. Awesome, thank you all again so much.
  2. So we’re saying 50... or 51.5 degrees?... Also, is there a way to go to a fitter and find out for sure?
  3. Roger roger... well obviously thank you for helping re-surface this once in a decade asked for information!!! To be fair though, I love my Medallion irons... they've helped me learn the swing in a way that my Titleist "game improvement" irons just didn't. I'm not out of the woods; but they make me enjoy the game for sure. Plus, great conversation starter once guys see me hit 2 iron off the tee about 230... Not a consistent stat
  4. There is a discrepancy between the Equalizer on the PDF vs the Excel document... have to believe that the Equalizer is 50 degrees not 51.5... definitely curious though for sure. @NRJyzr
  5. Thank you all so very much!!! Really appreciate the kindness... @Fellaheen51 That was exactly what I needed; and @James the Hogan Fan that was the PDF that I had saved a while ago and lost... You all made my day!!! Be well and have a blessed rest of your week. Sidenote... for the life of me, I could not find any of the information you provided by doing a search in Forums. What was I doing wrong?...
  6. Hey All... I'm kicking myself right now; a while back I saved pdf guides for Mr. Hogan's vintage clubs... and after hours of searching cannot find them. Furthermore, it would seem that the threads related to the topic on this forum are gone. Insult to injury, the old sources that were on the line, returns nada regarding the subject. I've exhausted my search and am coming back to the great minds here on the wrx forum. Help Request. Specs for 1982 Ben Hogan Medallion Irons. Sunburst not Copper Insert. To be fair, might be cool to re-acquire the
  7. CXX. Branding. Everything in life is about marketability. Look at the Titleist website. Or Golfpride. Compare to Tacki Mac. I really don’t mean to offend the folks at Tacki MAC, but their site looks like an 8th grader made it in 2005. You see companies like Stitch, Vice, True Linkswear, Travis Matthews and Linksoul... the branding is fresh and modern... everything they do is made in China. Don’t matter though because they kill it on the look factor. The moment a US company out there starts marketing themselves better, hipster up, they’ll kill it. I just received 8 of the Tacki Mac blac
  8. Tacki mac definitely makes all golf grips in the USA in their factory in Texas. I told them they might want to think on updating their site so it screams made in USA..... as I had to call to find out. The operator actualy gave a polite laugh when I asked about the Tour Select Black Cord, because she used to actually make them. They also picked up the call right away which was cool. The cord grips from Royal are definitely made in China... I didn’t ask about the others. They may have been USA made before Golfwerks bought the brand, but no longer
  9. Broker! Still the man years later. Shows the right response to a thread can still be seen and appreciated years later. I’m a full cord fan. I have since moved on from a set of Titleist that have the old Titleist full cord golf pride grips. So, going to try and salvage the grips, and put them on my vokey lineup. Should that fail, I found Tackimac makes a full cord grip in the USA. 1. Anyone have knowledge info about tackimac.com/Tour-Select-Black-Full-Cord_p_49.html. ....... really made in USA? 2. Anywhere else in USA making full cord grips.
  10. That is fantastic quickstyle news! Thank you so much deejaid... How did you just know that? Honestly I looked everywhere... but maybe it was just common industry knowledge... I don't pretend to be in the know at all. Super excited about this. Going to get after it now. Were they all made in Fort Worth? I saw some chatter that a few were made in Japan though? Obviously, not true.
  11. Hey Everyone, First, thank you for the help with this. Fairly obscure to be fair; but, might actually help someone else out someday. Looking for information regarding the places Mr. Hogan's Iron Heads were made, by year, and model. ironfinder.com is great, has visuals, by years, and by makes... but not where they were actually forged. **The goal: to find a vintage set of Mr. Hogan's irons, made in the USA, and re-furbish them. Yes, I actually plan on playing with them, and loving them, forever. Trying to get ahead of the emerging marketplace of vintage golf before its too late. T
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