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  1. Thanks buddy- I REALLY don’t want to let her go, but if she goes to a good home I can probably live with it - my kids probably need to be able to go to college at some point
  2. I don’t want to let her go, but I’ve bought too many and have to pick one to part with, so I reluctantly offer this beauty: Scotty Cameron R&D Proto Concept 1 “Desert Rat” - 34” - Circle T stamping on leftmost cavity dot - 15g Circle T sole weights - Deep Milled Proto(feels like buttah) - matching gloss black Circle T shaft w/ Circle T sticker and Cameron Handcrafted shaft band - WITH COA - Circle T Pistolero Plus (I think?) grip As far as I can tell, this must have been sent to the custom shop for the adjustment to 34”, shaft band, 15g Circle T weights, and “Desert
  3. A real beauty and very special. Bettinardi Tour Only/protoype BB5 “Soft Carbon”, off the tour truck. Previously owned by Matt Fitzpatrick from around when he signed on with Bettinardi and was trying out some options on an East Coast tour swing, according to what I was told when purchasing it. I don’t have a way to verify that of course, but didn’t have any reason to doubt it given Matt’s ties to the Chicago area and Bettinardi being based there(and the seller from the area). 344g, 35”, has a Flat Cat standard size grip on it which is nearly brand new. I really like the perfectl
  4. Per title, looking for a Tour Rat 2 or Super Rat 2. Prefer single topline sight. Flexible on condition, don’t mind a gamer or some wear. Prefer as original as possible and COA is a very nice bonus. Thanks!
  5. Per title, looking for a 009 or 009M w/ only topline sight. Flexible on condition, don’t mind a gamer or some wear. Prefer as original as possible and COA is a very nice bonus. Thanks!
  6. Haven’t noticed or experienced this, personally. In a selfless act of revealing how poor I am at this game in order to help fellow WRXers with the data, here’s FS Golf data from one driver outdoor on the range, then the second screenshot is indoors in to a net. Both less than ideal swings and results, but you’ll see both smash factors are there. You can see my previous post in this thread for an E6 driver shot as well(reposted here as the 3rd screenshot), that was also indoors and after I finished the warmup that the second screenshot below is from and was a much better swing. Also keep in
  7. Thanks for the info! I was told Tesora when I bought it from another member here and never even thought to check. Will update the ad
  8. And it's a steal! Here's the last one that Piretti sold, AND you have to be a member of the GSS club to even be able to buy it(only 100 slots in the GSS club and none are available): https://pirettigolf.com/product/tesora-gs-tour-only-g202/ Either way, thanks very much, yes it's a beauty for sure and really had to talk myself in to letting it go, but I've already bought some other stuff so I forced my own hand, I'm afraid!
  9. Time to get this one sold - listing for a killer price to get it moved on quickly to a good new home! This beauty is 35.25" in length after I shortened the extension slightly(purchased it at 36" from another member here). Custom stamping, tour only head cover, GSS, a really special putter. Lamkin deep etched cord grip installed, but I'll also include the Piretti grip that came on it for the buyer, in case you want to use that one instead. —updated to list as a Capri rather than Tesora per member opinion in comments, thanks all!!— $OLD shipped to lower 48, not
  10. Yes, 100%. The “shot shape” is just giving you a quick categorization and that text isn’t especially relevant since you have the spin, launch, trajectory, etc. data to give you the actual flight. I’ve been very agnostic in the early going and have had several different friends over to try it with me. We make sure to call our shots as soon as we hit them before looking at the iPad to see the simulator(e.g. “fat, pushed it” or “thinned it and turned it over”) and I’ve always had my thoughts confirmed on the screen when I look. Similarly, I’ve tested my VERY limited skills a handful of times
  11. And also AoA, which I should have mentioned! Here’s a couple samples for you from E6 Connect as well as FS Golf(both in short indoor mode, Mevo+ 8 feet behind hitting mat and 8 feet of ball flight to net, using the metallic stickers on balls)
  12. Not any way that I’ve seen or heard. Just club head speed of course, as I’m sure you already knew.
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