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  1. Looks like that’s exactly what they’re doing. Just stumbled on this on Foresight’s site. “FSX Subscription 2020”, just posted a few days ago and specifically references the LaunchPro device in the directions. https://www.foresightsports.com/fsx-subscription-download-and-installation-guide-0 Screenshot:
  2. Got the putting analysis at least partially working on my GC2 with HMT tonight. Figured I’d share in case anyone else had it going. Just had to move the 4 dots a bit closer to center to finally get it reading, so the graphic showing dispersion on the graphical putter face is probably 50-100% wider than in reality given the dot pattern. Previously was unable to get more than 1 dot club data until I decided to give a narrower(more iron-like) total dot width a try. Screenshot from GCQuad $2500 putting analysis add-on listing page:My setup close-up:
  3. $7200 inclusive of FSX2020 or some comparable Bushnell branded software or is that just hardware? Or do we even know yet on these international prices whether or not that’s inclusive of decent software?
  4. Yep just got my shipping notice from GG. Not on any of the dates that I or others were provided, but here’s to hoping the right thing actually ends up getting here!
  5. I’d like to believe that, but mine has said “in process” since I placed the order on 7/20. Seems none of them have an actual answer and are just relying on generic order status definitions or trying to end the call/chat with boilerplate answers. Still holding out hope but it’s not looking great unfortunately.
  6. Anyone actually had their Golf Galaxy preorder SHIP? I was originally told “within a week” when I inquired a few days after release. Then when that passed I was told not to worry and that there was a delay from the Scotty/Titleist fulfillment centers due to COVID and it would be shipping soon. Now I was told yesterday morning by an escalations team member that they were working with the “Scotty Cameron Buyer Team” and that I’d have an update shortly. Seems we’re all SOL but can’t figure why some have gotten cancellation emails and others haven’t.
  7. FWIW, Golf Galaxy chat just now told me they’d be shipping my preorder 35” NP2 Champions Choice “this week”. Not thrilled with the delay, but hopefully that’s of some help/comfort to others who haven’t been able to get an answer from them.
  8. Great member and awesome flatstick here(I owned this one previously)!!
  9. For sure and agreed, love to see more ambitious attempts coming to market, there are only so many parameters and so much physics involved in this game, it’s just a matter of time until launch monitors and algorithms advance enough to give the average golfer a great device at a reasonable price, which benefits the entire game
  10. I watched this video as well and the launch angle and at LEAST club path and/or horizontal launch seem wildly off. More of a 45* launch(hits top net in the video with supposedly only 8’ to the net) and sure looks to be out to in path and the R10 is reading(calculating, actually, it seems) sub 40* launch and in to out with extremely closed face. I could just be wrong but seems they have some firmware improvements ahead of them. I certainly hope the hardware is solid and they can improve via firmware. I don’t doubt that the accuracy is a fair bit better when tracking full flight, but honestly I fail to see the utility at that point. I had instantly preordered upon announcement but later canceled as unfortunately it seems this was a bit over-hyped initially. I still think it’ll end up as a good product at a reasonable price point, but it may take a fair bit of time, updates, and testing before arriving at that point.
  11. Lots of great items tonight, priced to move fast, specs and photos below. Putter shafts played 34.5”-36” depending on the neck/putter installed in. Scotty Cameron Inspired by Justin Thomas Phantom X 5.5 Weld Neck - 34.5” and SuperStroke Pistol GT Tour - as proper as it gets. With original head cover. I don’t think you’ll see another in this shape for under $1,000. $OLD LAGP TPZ One05 Putter Shaft - length as pictured, with Cameron grip as pictured(can pull/cut off if requested). Some epoxy in shaft tip from someone who wanted to REALLY make sure it stayed in place, haven’t had time to remove it on account of two young kids . .355 tip. $OLD BGT Stability Tour Putter Shaft - length as pictured, no grip, but can include one of several loose grip pulls I have on hand if needed for a small additional charge. .355 tip. $OLD Mitsubishi Tensei Raw White 75 S flex - Titleist Adapter, pulled from a stock TSi2 fairway(3w), has a Golf Pride MCC +4 Align midsize grip that I installed in a hurry(with aforementioned kids screaming) so it’s realistically not perfect, but worked totally fine for me, just needed to replace with the same shaft in an X flex or I wouldn’t be selling. Happy to pull and include or cut off the grip instead at buyer’s discretion. $90 shipped Pics of all, please message with any questions: pin 8/10
  12. A real beauty up for sale, topline sight only, great and unique touches, outstanding F.I.T. Face, unique and stunning milling on the neck and rear bumpers. Tour department, BBZero, Carbon, included is the limited “Tire Kicker’ Bettinardi cover pictured. 35” length, Bettinardi cord grip in excellent shape and nice shaft band as well. Should be a real steal for someone at $OLD shipped to lower 48.
  13. I said I’d never sell it, but I need to get better with my full swings more than I need to keep my baby, even though it really hurts me to let it go - truly never thought I would. I’ll surely regret it, but such is the WRX life. Great shape, 34.5” length, with COA, beautiful and feels incredible with the GSS insert. Single Circle T cherry bomb on the face really completes the incredible look. Lightly gamed and well taken care of, Circle T shaft band in great shape, rare dancing Cameron cord grip in outstanding condition. Will ship with a generic Cameron headcover(I don’t have a Circle T cover for it which has always been my preference anyway to be able to take it to the course safely). CLOSED shipped and insured to lower 48. Should be a great deal for someone given the condition, rarity, and COA, especially with the absurd prices people are asking on the bay these days. Only trade interest would be a Foresight HMT or feel free to tempt me with another Circle T on the slight chance I lose my head(again) and go off the rails(also again). Pics tell the story, as always! pin 7/27
  14. Thanks all - still available - some earlier interest but nothing done yet! She’s a beauty for sure, I love that grip especially!
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