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  1. nice setup Old irons are nothing to complain about, the headcovers on the other hand ..... They look pretty disgusting (sorry) Really jealous of your new putter ! Looks great. Ivhad been looking for a blue one, but i wasn't willing to buy it new, so they were pretty hard to come by second hand. 3W has a nice low profile.
  2. C-tapers are really smooth, how do you feel about them ? Curious about Sub70 gear for some time, but i didn't find their TA irons release quick enough before buying a different set. How do the wedges perform ?
  3. dropped in just for the title excellent. Which headcovers are on your driver or where are they from? They look hand made real leather, something i'm looking for for quite some time. Any other pictures from them ?
  4. Huge difference in the looks of those irons Looks like you enjoy good use from the main set. Classic look vs new and shiney. The muscle shape looks especially nice and rounded.
  5. Are those the new full face raw wedges? Gun metal finish looks really great.
  6. They're easier than you think don't be affraid.
  7. Hello, proabably a stupid question: I plan to order a wedge and customise it to the loft I want. I understand this will affect the bounce 1:1. However, one article, which i cannot find anymore, state there would also be a 0.75 change in lie angle. I can't imagine how it would work out or what i'd need to adjust. Anyone experienced can help out if it's true ? I plan on ordering a 52* 8v and having it customised to a 51*,7v. (I want to get a good distance for ~110yards and i will prefer a lower bounce, so i plan to make it 1 degree stronger.) I don
  8. Thanks Bunkers, i'm struggling to find a way to get the Latrobe back into play. It was my favourite putter. The DF i got has such a pure line up marking that i am not able to send it out from the front line The half crescent marker really makes it easy to get the ball centered and there's a thin line (Which i thought was a scratch when i bought it, aligns the path really well). I just rotate them when i have the notion.
  9. Loving them. They're so sharp and aggressive, but they don't put you off when looking down over them for the shot. PW and 6i are sharp ! They're very smooth and pure like you mentioned, I was quite surprised. I blind bought them from the internet, and of course people were commenting they're really small and only for single digits and pro's, but they're actually very friendly. (I'm around a 15-18 handicap, but i'm not affriad of blades, and my driving and short game is what let's me down.) I hit them better than the previous King Forged MB's I play. Look good, feel
  10. Leave the specs down below to the signature there's a free slot waiting to be filled. Still need to fill the 100-120 gap: Callaway MD4 54* comes up short sometimes, the 50* and 52* must be bent or odd-lofted, because they don't quite make it much farther. GW goes too long to 130, it's basically the same as my PW. Took out the 2-iron since it's pretty comparable between the 5W and 4i. Rather fill up on the lower end. The wear on the irons is pretty disappointing after about 6 rounds. At least i seem to be hitting them fairly well ? haha.
  11. Might not be "rare", but certainly hard for me to get my hands on. Odyssey 2018 Open Championship Carnoustie putter headcovers. Quite a mouthful when trying to search the internet and E-bay for 6 months. Finally, it took me about 1 year: I was using a mid-mallet, and i found the blade cover come up for sale. I bought it on ebay for about 60 pounds, dollar, quid, euros and it got lost in the post. Found a second one and bought it for 120 this time. Arrived no problem, by which time i'd bought a blade putter : ) Finally found the mallet cover, combined with the blade, so i t
  12. L.A.B Directed Force 2.1 is my current gamer, added some pictures:
  13. After Reading this post, I took it as: "challenge accepted". Going to game the wedges tomorrow, took out the 2-iron, missing a ~110yard club, but i'll make it work. GW is too long, end up puring it 130yards every time. : ( Changed out the 14g weight in the toe on the driver with the 2g from my Camo F9, mostly for looks, also seeing as this head has around 9g of jelly glue in the back. See if i can get a little more forgiveness on the slice. Feels nice and light : )
  14. Using the L.A.B Directed force 2.1 Putter recently. Feels really nice and light. Can't say if i can tell the difference in feel having it being centered, compared to traditional neck.
  15. Unfortunately, i became a victom of Cobra Fanboy club - 3 Sets, 3 Drivers, 2FW, 2 wedges and some utlities. I started off with the F9 driver Master's Camo and Forged Tec One size cavities (5-GW). These were brand new and fitted, but i was recommended in regular shaft for some reason. The driver was a 10.5 and regular, way too high launching. I topped up the long end with the adjustable utility clubs. was playing the Callaway MD4's though for a wedge and Toulon for the putter. I switched out to blades, the Forged Tec's were launching too high and i do love
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