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  1. Bought a full set of irons from them about 1 year ago and it went smoothly.
  2. Recent Taylormade's have a raw face, Callway have a lot of raw wedges, MD4, MD5.
  3. I enjoyed playing One Length, however, the range of available clubs are limited, since each head needs to be counterweighted to the shorter shaft, therefore, cannot simply shorten the shafts.
  4. My question would be how to specifically determine the difference from a photo between the two. For example, if I'm browsing on 'the bay' Both versions have an overlapping loft, especially when in original adaptors Equally, when someone has a +/- loft adaptor, how to tell the head loft?
  5. Thanks NRJ, This was also what I gathered from some search, but seeing as there were no definitive numbering on the heel, I wanted to be sure there weren't any variations around. The lofts also add up to current tip increments, so should be no difference in loft for "3 wood" and "5 wood" (the new rad for example are higher lofted) The driver is now the only concern. Any idea how to distinguish the black from the black Pro? Both are capable of 9*, so I wonder if the pro black also says "Pro" like the orange edition, or whether it's not specified? I am as
  6. Looking for any info on the Cobra LTD Black specs. Cobra site gives 404 error. I read there is a lower lofted Pro version of the driver for 7-10 degrees ? Would like to know the loft settings for Driver, 3w, 5w and do they offer a 7w ? Also interested to know the MyFly adaptor settings . Seems the older adaptor offers the degree, rather than the +/- system from F9 onward. Could I still go back to LTD hardware heads and continue to use my current shafts and adaptors from F9 range ? My 3w is severly stuck in the shaft for a long time and i'm thinking t
  7. TLDR: Give it a chance, but don't rule it out for others after only 2 rounds. Up front, my sub just ran out after using it for 2 years. Originally, I did not like the pre-payment of 99.99 down just to use the app and it quickly came out from the credit card. I called them up and they refunded the purchase immediately. I later ended up signing up after the free trial was done. To be honest, I think they did not do it like you claim. As i just mentioned, my sub ran out and it's still 99.99, no prince increase. This was previously a huge frustration of mine, but it'
  8. yup, played one in Netherlands that I rememeber. Kind of intimidating since there is an electronic board with the names of the group and tee times, while people sit behind the tee on the terrace having coffee, drinks or lunch. car park OB all the way down the left and 20 yards long of the green. 2 bunkers either side of the front approach. It actually feels very weird starting on a par 3.
  9. I can only remember 2: A "hole-in-one" with a 58 degree from about 80 yards. it was a short par 3 course in the practise area of my old course. A chip in from about 100 with a 52 degree after a good drive and a duff shot from the rough. I usually played alone, so this is my only brag - the wife just striaght out isn't impressed with any golfing achievement, haha.
  10. A solo ace is kind of bitter sweet. Just have to pat yourself on the back with a smile and keep playing.
  11. For me, catching any club pure has to be one of the best feelings in golf. The longer the club, the better the feeling. Sinking a really long put is also a great feeling. In general, when you just know you've hit a good shot. I played a round last saturday and I think 2 or 3 shots stood out, primarily because I finally got my driver on target and did not hit any slice. Drove the green, PAR4, ~320 yards. It was the best shot of the day. It had a low/mid flight, as opposed to the more higher normal shot I produce, carrying a large pond and bunker ~70 yards in the front, l
  12. I'm not sure how to really validate the performance from a stability shaft, to be honest. I have BGT stability shaft in 2 putters and i really like them. It's more feel based, I would say it changes the weighting of the putter. The idea, I believe is to stop face twisting. I guess having played a lot more recently, I could possible relate to more smoother strokes on the green. Hard to say if it's really the shaft, or in general on improving technique from practise. I feel the stabilit shaft makes the putter feel lighter, which is a little bit weird feeling to be honest. On the other
  13. A bit on the expensive side: Pick them up on sale or at an Outlet. Lululemon - ABC Slim pants (the stretchy fabric, not the hard ones) very comfortable and durable so far. nice fabric to wear on, or off the course. JLindberg - Depending on the material, some of them are very good quality. I like their silky smooth T-craps for daily use. The polos on the course depend on the fabric. I had 1 or 2 which took a "pinch" (if you pulled it you'd make a hole) Hugo Boss make nice polos as well, again, pick the right fabric. Recently found a great pair of shorts in the warm weather and st
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