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  1. Very lucky, 1 in 10. I had one in the cart and then couldn't check out. Some scumbags selling on E-bay now for 2k each, very sad. disgusting.
  2. Something new, i like it Willing to give it a try, would still like to have the adjustability. Why is it necessary to get a new adaptor? Thanks.
  3. Thanks @Stuart_G, I can't say there was any friction or noticeable difference. It's a mystery. Today I finally found someone with a shop and some tools. After 30 minutes with all sorts, he couldn't get it off either. Eventually, he just slipped off the shaft, leaving the tip stuck in and he swapped in the other shaft. I guess that's one solution ? will try to sell the previous shaft without the tip.
  4. Thanks for the feedback, actually, the shaft has never been glued. I bought it from E-bay and had adjusted it before many times without any problems. One day it was just stuck after playing a round or practising with it. I did noticed some kind of white poweder around the "window" on the hozel, where you see the loft / degree. I assumed it was some kind of sand residue from the dirt. I'll give it a try with some fire from the cooker only on the hozzel to get some freedom. I think with the water it's either not hot enough, or it's heating both parts together. (at some po
  5. Hello, Looking for some advice and tips to try at home. I'm in foriegn country where it's difficult to know or find a good club fitter or reputable store. I've got a cobra FW wood and i think the problem is that i might have used a TaylorMade wrench to torque it some day. It's now completely stuck in the hozzle. The screw somes completely out and the shaft is very very firmly stuck in place. The shaft is graphite. So far it tried; tapping (smashing) the but end of the handle on hard carpet. using WD40 multiple times to losen up the hole
  6. i focussed on keeping a straight (leading) arm and making sure the grip isn't affecting the clubface changing through the swing. Keep a slower tempo and don't try to murder the ball.
  7. looks delicious, what do you think about the grip? I found a used Toulon and stuck the same grip on it. Really like the extra wide front section. That shaft looks insane. I got a breakthrough stability, however, the shop had difficulty with the hozel size so it's not fully black ?
  8. Nice to finally see some other cobras being used out there. Seems you omitted the dirty Callaway epic from the corner, good choice xD
  9. I just got it back this afternoon, quicker than i expected. The nice chap in the golf store had ordered the shaft and since my tip size wasn't matching, he did a nice job to use part of my existing one into the stabilit shaft. SS Pistol GT 2.0 Traxion with a 50g counterweight, feels much more smooth and softer than before. I like the bigger sized grip. nice wide space for my medium thumbs and it's much better padded that some of the alternatives, which can bring a more solid packed hard feeling. Next project is to fill in the putter paint, it looks way too bland in the all black. Maybe go for
  10. i also recently got a second set and i plan to keep both. I'm only wondering how to separate and dedicate the time to each one. I spent last season with some cavity backs. I keep the same woods and i upgraded to the latest driver and got a new putter. I think the putter is an easy one. blade vs mallet and can swap depending on course conditions, or bag both if there are huge greens, for example. I didn't hit my latest putter on a green yet, so i probably take both out for a practise soon. The irons are where i have the biggest difference. I recently got some blades as i'm really curious how we
  11. I thought the AVX was a great ball, i really lik the finish and the tiny dimples. It looks really great. Really like the small printed text together with the small dimples and the targetting line is also very nice. Performance wise, i also liked it a lot. The only reason i didn't choose to play it was due to the cost. If i were a serious player or in some real competition, i'd play it, but personally cannot justify the cost vs performance for regular practise and casual golf.
  12. i like to choose based on Feel (soft), Sound (muted) and spin on the green. I don't like the fitting recommendations based on swing speed. To my opinion, swing speed, as some have mentioned, is only relating to driver. I find this very wierd that i'm recommended a ball based on my driver swing speed, when i also input that short game spin is most important aspect of the ball. Then i'm recommended a harder fast swing speed ball which doesn't perform how i like on the course... I did my own fitting to find the best ball based on experimentation buying a lot of balls (i can use them all anyway)
  13. Really great feedback, thanks everyone ! i guess the current limitations of going outside promote people to become more active on the internet :) At the weekend, i decided on the SS Traxion Pistol GT 2.0 (and i got it for free) I had wanted to combine the grip together with a new shaft and decided to try out the Breakthrough Golf stabilty shaft. I tried the P2 in my hand, but it felt very different from what i expected from seeing it on the internet. It was narrow and stiff. Perhaps because i've being using SS in my other putter that i feel more naturally that i prefer the feel there. I also w
  14. i am considering those P2 grips. The one i have right now is Garsen and i don't like it, think it will stay away from that brand. The SNSr and Traxion are interesting, as well as the coolcat. Considering also a new shaft to combine, so i will see when i have time to find a pro shop
  15. The thread looks like it died off, but i just moved to Taiwan and i'm also interested to know any tips and tricks for playing around Taipei area.
  16. hmm i guess i shoul have given some more thought towards the criteria :P I know i definately don't like the teardrop shapes. That's the one that's currently on the putter. It''s also very firm and the pointed front is too strange for me. I think something more oversize and thicker / softer is what i'd be looking for. A counterweight is also good option. Medium / Large (thicker) , Soft , Medium to heavy, no taper. I tried some in the hands, but it wasn't the same only feeling the grip, without the shaft or the weighted head on it.
  17. Hi All, I grabbed a putter from E-bay, i'd been wanting one for a while - Toulon Latrobe. The shaft and grip are not ideal and i'm looking to change them. My idea is to apply a stability putter shaft, these seem really interesting to me. Along with the shaft, it makes sense to add a new grip as well. My other putter is with a superstroke. Looking to find out if anyone has any recommendations for comfortable putter grip or some ideas for me to consider outside of superstroke ? Thanks
  18. Club Glove colleagiate should fit the vessel 2.0. My bag is based around the similar bag and design and is actually bigger than the recommendation of the club glove - it still fits. The cordura material for me is a plus point, as it's way more durable. The colleagiate also upgraded from the burst proof to have the pouches on the outside, which should give some more space. The top padding is also very nice and generally, has a very solid feeling.
  19. The one i have is similar in sie to the collegiate and i have a slightly wider bag at the base. My bag fits perfectly and only since i have additional harder material stiff pouches, they are a tight fit around the base. With a pair of shoes in the inner bag, the fit is pretty snug. you cannot, for example use the other side pouch. There is some space for clothes or small accessoried between the mid section above the shoe pouch. I would say it really depends on the bag you are using and how full or flexible it is to fit things around it.
  20. I just bought the older version of the Club Glove, the "8.5inch" Burst Proof and was very impressed. despite my bag being 9.5 inch it fits perfectly well. The padded foam top is also really nice and i much prefer the cordura fabric, as it's more durable than most other brand's materials. Highly recommend it and to also splash out a few extra notes for the stiff arm.
  21. I found a bladed head cover, still looking for the mallet, if anyone has or can find me one.
  22. So i've been doing some practical research. 2 things i found is that soft can be interpreted in 2 ways. Touch and feel - touch being hold they feel in the hand, where feel being how they play off the clubface. a "soft" ball can be either hard to touch and soft off the face, or soft to touch and soft off the face. So far, only the Callaway is providing both, with the matte cover. It seems a loft of balls right now all have the same claim of being soft feel, higher driver distance, incredible green spin, but they're not all valid - at least not for the same set of people. As for dirt magnet;I'd
  23. I've played the Truvis before, i didn't really like it. Felt different. I guess i can also try out the white supersoft as well. It can be difficult to find the red/yello/green ones in the leaves these days, hence why i want to switch over to white. Seems to be a mental connection that the matte finish gives a softer feel, although i'm probably making the wrong assumption.
  24. Thanks for the list, i found also similar choices, just in case ii'd missed any from other people's experience. I'm liking the Vivid Lite from some recent shots, maybe if someone has experience of the Vivid Soft, i'll be able to make a comparison between them. Seems these are the only ones right now with the finish i like. I played about 20 full shots from 80m onto the par 3 green and they actually stuck pretty well. It's really easy to get them high right off the club face (not something i struggle with, but noticed the extra height difference) I read somewhere the Volvik soft has more spin
  25. Hi All, I've been using the Callaway Supersoft Matte finish balls with good sucess. I started on red then moved to green. i really love how soft they feel, both when hitting them, and when holding them. However, my problem is that red and green are not so easy to find or track on launch. So far, i can't find any white balls, with a similar coating or feel. I tried the Vice Pro, it has similar perofrmance, but not as good at stopping on the greens. Although it's a "soft" ball, it feels very clicky off the putter. I'm really looking for a soft feel ball (i think this relates to the core for mos
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