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  1. Off the tee it’s seems to just hit a higher boring shot on the ground who knows where it’s going honestly but seems to go hard left or hard right but when I hit it good it’s a bomber
  2. My handicap has been so bad lately. Currently at a 14.4 from an 8.8 last season. But that being said, I use a SIM Ti 15 degrees, one notch up from standard with a Tensei blue AV RAW 60 s driver shaft off a SIM2 cut down 1.5 inches. It’s a rocket off the tee and deck. Seems to be more consistent than my driver at times...
  3. Was this hot melted? Or stock weight on the Sim2 max heads?
  4. Firm? there are about a 1/2 dozen on ebay for around 100...
  5. I think the biggest problem is reaching those long par 4s played from the tips at a few Hilton Head courses last year on vacation and I can say I reached about half of the par 4s...and I don’t think if I had 100 mulligans I’d reach them all
  6. I have a new in plastic sim 10.5 consider trade? Not sure what degree you are looking for
  7. Interested in that project x 8C4 shaft will it fit my ts3 fairway?
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