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  1. Thanks for the reply stuart. Fit was done with a gcquad so club head and swing data was captured. The report sent simply didn't have that information in it. I will ask for another report with that data if possible. The clubs didn't have my exact grip. All had standard tour velvet. I play tour velvet with the +4. you are correct we didn't check swing weight. that is something I will keep in mind in the followup.
  2. So I've been itching for some irons lately. Been playing the same JPX 800 pros in G95 s300 stiff shafts since i really got into golf. Bought them new when they came on the market many years ago. Decided to go to my local pgasuperstore and do an iron fitting on the gcQuad. Pretty good experience overall and the guy was super knowledgeable. I really just went in to see shaft wise and iron wise what felt good. Mizuno shaft optimizer was used as well. I'll post the results of the 2 contenders below. The club I seem to hit the best or at least felt the best hitting was the T100s with KBS C taper lite shaft(110 s). It was the first club that i actually had the wow moment. Misses seemed to be baby draws or baby fades. Some irons were all over the place even though shaft was the same. Problem is that overall my ball speed was down by about 7 mph and carry and overall distance average was down 5-7 too. But when comparing a single line with similar ball speed the numbers were dang near identical. Could this be from fatigue only? We did get to the t100 later in the session and the final version shown as 2 degrees up was the last thing we tried. As you can see the jpx 921 forged(2nd club we tested) in same shaft had better ball speed and distance numbers although the misses seemed more pronounced then with t100s and i struggled on side spin. As you can see my offline was the best with the t100s as well. I'm not chasing distance in any way but would hate to get into a club that is a degree stronger then my old set and produces similar characteristics in all areas except for ball speed and distance. I'm going back for a free followup with fresh arms but i'm just curious on the numbers game. Thanks folks ForesightReport.csv
  3. Recently my brother-in-law decided to finally upgrade from his old trusty R11s with a motore speeder vc 6.1 stiff. He tried multiple new offerings and the sim 2 max with hzrdous smoke black rdx stiff worked best. he has always been the most accurate driver ive ever played golf with. Swing speed around 95-100 moderate tempo. He has played a couple rounds now with the new setup and is struggling with the feel. He feels like the new shaft is twisting on him and overall kinda transmits a lot of vibration. he is also noticing a higher ball flight. Not balloony but mid to high and he is missing a lot with dead freakin pulls. The driver is setup to upright which might be part of the pull issue. Any recommendations for shafts that might help with getting the flight down some and reduce some of the felt torque? i know he loves the feel in his sim2 3 wood with ventus blue shaft
  4. Wife told me my corner of forgotten clubs needed to go so hopefully someone can use these 1. Titleist TS2 9.5 degree driver, Oban kiyoshi black shaft 65g stiff w/ tour velvet MCC +4 grip(45”) also comes with two hzrdus smoke 65g stiff driver shafts. One is 1” short and doesnt have adaptor. Headcover and wrench included - 300.00 2. Titleist 818h1 23 degree hybrid mated to 85g stiff fujikura atmos shaft. Standard length and lie. Comes with headcover and extra weight. - 75.00 3. mitsubishi diamana limited 75g stiff fairway wood shaft. Stock length. No adaptor This was a shaft pull from my sim 3 wood. - 50.00 4. Nike Slingshot OSS iron set 4-AW. nike stiff shaft. No grips. Standard lie and length. 150.00 I’ll split shipping with whoever buys the clubs. Also if ya buy both the titleist together i’ll drop the price 25 bucks
  5. Thanks again. Although i didnt get video i have some numbers for ya. i speed train practice with the prgr swing monitor and used it at my range today. my local club is a callaway dealer and had a sub zero on hand to try with the rogue silver 70g 110 msi shaft. the prgr gives me club head speed, ball speed, carry distance and smash factor. Carry distance is factored off of measured club head and ball speeds. It was windy today with a strong left to right wind. out of 20 or so hits with the ts2 i never got the smash factor up to 1.40 or higher swing speed hovered between 108-115 depending in if i tried to crank on it or not. Ball speed was around the 140 to high 130 if i remember correctly. I was looking at smash factor more then anything. ball flight was high, spinny and miss was a high slice. On my best hit i measured with my range finder to about 220 into quartering wind that one had a smash of 1.38 i think. i then tried the mavrik. Miss was more of a lower overly draw based flight or hook. Once i got used to the club a little more that stopped. swing speed stayed around the same. Ball speed was up. I never saw one below 155mph. I also never saw a smash factor less then 1.43. Flight was lower and just went. i was landing them on the opposite end of the range which has a berm at 250. Had several go into fence on backside. Put it away after a while because behind the range is staging for starter and i put a couple onto the concrete at their feet and got the double wave hands. Hahah far and away a better club for me. would have hit more but my 8 year old is a golf junkie and i was working with him on driver when he decided to practice swing while I placed a ball on the tee for him and he hit my hand with a 75 mph plus driver swing. not broke but throbbing
  6. Thanks for replies guys. I’ll try to get a video of both if possible. When swinging between the two setups all i know is that when i swing my gamer it feels really light and i struggle to feel the head and keep good tempo. With the heavier shaft head combos i tested i just felt more connected. Maybe thats it. Maybe im releasing early on my gamer from overswinging and the seemingly heavier setups are helping my tempo. thanks again i really do appreciate the knowledge
  7. Right i dont disagree. I was just stating that i have been struggling with my current gamer to keep it servicable. I go to a store and try some different off the shelf options and had big time positive changes.
  8. Ya im not married to it at all. just asking. All i know at this point is that i hit all kinds of combos yesterday. 70g shafts felt better to me regardless of head. Felt more in control. The two heads just gave me the best number combos. and again it was night and day difference between my current gamer. im no pro just what i saw and felt.
  9. In regards to shafts would keeping the oban as a possible upgrade to stock rogue silver or rogue black be upgrade?
  10. My driver is 9.5 set down to i think 8.75. D1 on titleist chart. both testers were 9 degree set standard.
  11. Thanks bud. I have indeed messed with head weights over the year. I currently play the neck at d1. Ive gone as far as to add upwards of 4-6g of weight both forward and back via lead tape. I practice with a prgr swing monitor and your smash factor numbers are around what im used to seeing with the combo. now when ive gone with my brother in law to a local indoor range that has bays with trackman it get a little bit more accurate numbers but not far off. case in point after the alabama trip we went into said indoor range as i thought my spin issue was a result of out to in path, aoa or open face. yes i had the occasional duf but as an average i was hitting up on it 1-3 degrees, path averaged within a degree or two of neutral(suprised the hell outta me) and my face on average was within a degree two of path. but the spin rate remained in in excess of 3000 and the dynamic loft never got below 16 degrees. now i hit my brother in laws old r11s with stock stiff shaft and my spin rate went down. And dynamic loft went down staying around 11-14. thats what initially opened my eyes was how hard i was struggling to get my driver to bring the loft down and how easy it was to keep it in check with his. today was no different i warmed up hit my shots. Tested other setups and when i got into a grove i would switch to my club put a good straight swing on it and watch my carry drop 20-30 yards, spin increase 100-1500 rom and dynamic loft shoot through the roof. switch back to tester and low bombers. im no pro and i know we all can make better swings but i cant make this stuff up. The titliest has to go be it the combo or head or whatever. i tried a bunch of combos and 70g stiff and the above heads gave me the best most consistent results.
  12. So last year I went to club champion and was fitted into a titleist ts2 with a Oban black shaft. At the time i was excited as it was much straighter then my old taylormade burner with diamana red bore shaft. As the year progressed i quickly fell out of love. I have struggled all year with spin and ball flight. Never really have felt comfortable over the club as its felt to light and i couldnt control the head it just felt off and lead tape wasnt changing it enough. after a trip to alabama and miserable results from driving i had enough. today i went to the pga superstore and tested out some clubs. My average with my ts2 combo was this(going off memory). 3100 rpm backspin dynamic loft 16 clubhead 108 aoa + 1.2 carry 245 total 255-260 had a lot of them slicing on me which was distance killers and it took me really trying to push the shaft forward to keep the spin down below 3500 rpm. in came the contenders they both felt great with heavier head feels and heaft. Buttah!!! mavrik sub zero adila rogue silver 70g stiff mizuno st200g tensei white ck pro 70g stiff both of these were damn near neck and neck. spin rates averaged in mid to low 2000. Slices(rare might have hit 3000. Ts2 slices would hit 5000) dynamic loft averaged 12-14 distance went way up averaging 260 with occasional 270 shots rolling out past 300 head speed went up too. Overall i felt more in control snd my dispersion showed it. the swap is happening i just dont know which one to go with. I can get the mavrik used for around 350 clams. same for the st200g but it comes with a rogue black ts70 shaft. Would it be worth considering the oban shaft with these heads as better alternative to either rogue silver or the rogue black? would the profile of the oban match up to either one? does the mizuno tend to be more forgiving on mishits then the mavrik?
  13. Thanks folk ill tinker and get back with ya. right now ive got 10g weight in grip and around 3-4g lead tape on top back of head
  14. Thanks bud it's time to tinker. I gotta do something. This driver setup is killing my rounds
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