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  1. Same question, anyone tried Saplize? Looking for a bargain level grip as I only play a few times a year. thanks!
  2. Point of historical education for me as well- apparently way back in the day, the PUTTER wore the #10 jersey as it was the next club in the bag after #9. I found it quite curious myself until someone set me right. Regardless, its got a nice feel on the strike and looks sharp as hell.
  3. Not a true controversy, hence the ""s. But, it has been observed by some that this could be a marketing ploy, so when you go in to get fitted for a new set, you are impressed at how much farther you can hit your new 7 iron v. your old one, but the new 7 may have a loft more similar to a 6 or even a 5 iron from an older set. Anyway, as far as my purposes for this thread go, I really just want to know, for academic reasons primarily, what the specs, or at least the factory specs, are for the vintage clubs that I have been collecting. 1958 Mac Tourney FC4000 PT2 Spalding Golden Bear Reg 086 Wi
  4. Cleaned up the FC4000 PT2s: Not bad for 61 year olds.
  5. Thanks- I did stumble on golfclubspec.com as well during my search prior to posting. I am looking for info on irons from 60's/70's/80's era, and it seems they only go back to about 2000 or so. I am baffled that this information would be so hard to find.
  6. Hi All! With the recent "controversy" of iron lofts getting ever and ever stronger, lower, or more distance at a given numbered club, it occurred to me that I would like to compile the factory specs for the various sets of irons that I have collected. I was able to gather a couple from ironfinder.com (a great resource if any members of your higher-end iron sets take a swim, have an unfortunate run in with your knee, or just forgotten next to the green), Titleist keeps a record of their historical product on their web site with specs, but eluding me are older Macs, and "department store" Wilso
  7. Couple recent scoops. Its been hard hitting my bucket list, I have to rely on what shows up at goodwill or craigslist being sold by people who don't value them like we do: the Mac's haven't gotten the TLC treatment yet, but the Haigs cleaned up very nicely. These are WH390's; I've only been able to find WH385s online. Anyone with info? Also, I would love it if someone had any intel on an archive of factory specs for classic clubs. I have a set or two that are not listed on ironfinder.com and or anywhere else. Even the USGA database, which is primarily intended to check for compliance
  8. > @JCAG said: > https://www.spargogolf.com/collections/custom-ferrules/custom-ferrules-customer-designed?page=1 Am I missing something? The “custom” ferrules page still only allows you to choose from an assortment, where is the “custom”? I would expect to be able to pick the main body color and then the Color of each successive ring by dropdown.
  9. Hi all, Picked up these Haigs today, 2-pw. Couple things: 1. I was unable to find anything on the WH390 model, save one single club listing on ebay. Saw Lots of WH385s and 395s, but no 390s. Anyone have insight into these designations? 2. There is an etching in the clubheads on these, “434,” that looks significant, wondering if anyone can provide explanation. Photos below, please pardon their “before” status, I haven’t been able to clean them yet because I have to keep them hidden from my wife. Thanks!!
  10. Every source I’ve found seems to say they were the bargain brand back in the day. I found a couple at the goodwill the other day and polished em up, seem to be pretty nice. I hit the 3i and didn't love it but didn't hate it.
  11. > @Nard_S said: > 1> @No_Catchy_Nickname said: > > > @"Ironmaster Oddities" said: > > > We are all addicts on this page. But there is no 12-step program here. We are really enablers as well as addicts > > > > > > > Ain't that the truth! > > 12 steps starts with 12 sets. I think 14 steps? Step 1. Driver Step 2. 3w . . . Step 14. Putter
  12. > @Signman150 said: > I have the same problem just don’t tell my wife! Where do you stash your finds??
  13. Came across this thread looking for info on my latest goodwill pick. Anyone have info on this Northwestern model?
  14. Came across this article, on GolfWRX as luck would have it. There are some semi-comparable, nearly matching options: http://www.golfwrx.com/549384/wrx-spotlight-boyd-blade-ferrule-co/ Company web site: https://bbandfco.com/ (not fully built out yet perhaps? as of 10/9/2019) Or maybe its time to give up trying to restore to factory and just find something that just looks really great?
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