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  1. 3 days?!? I don’t mean to be rude, as I understand the heart pumping anticipation, but 3 months isn’t unusual these days. Or should I say, it’s unusual, but as far as shipping interruptions go, it’s not unprecedented in the Covid era. I picture the parcel being place behind a bookshelf and then eventually found 95 days later. Best of luck!
  2. if you know, then you know. Srixon makes the most beautiful heads, even the 785 was perfect.
  3. Insane deal on that driver. If I played stiff I’d be a happy man.
  4. Just the opposite. There were tons of great product that none blew away the market. It just depends what segment you’re looking at. The Tsi 3 looks to have it’s fans in the tour shape segment. The 425 Max is as forgiving as anything ever brought to market, the Sim 2 seems to have added a touch of forgiveness but kept impressive ball speeds, the TSI4 still requires a sensational strike and produces a knuckleball, the lst line got a touch heavy and slow, Cobra is officially competitive with the big boys, and There are 26 Callaway heads to chose from.
  5. 7.2.- currently finding success with g410, but waiting to take delivery of mizuno stz 3w to see if i can squeeze out some more height.
  6. Cut to length weight? The px and px lz are 115g in raw weight in the 5.5 flex.
  7. Wedges look perfect. Man, I’m no snob when it comes the weights and plates that we’ve recently seen on the back of irons, but a bulbous, protruding screw would not be pleasing to my eye.
  8. could you post a pic of what club you’re referring to? A witb from last week?
  9. Be it grass, water or sand, whenever you get something between the clubface and the ball, spin will be reduced by a large margin. Anytime you reduce spin by said margin, carry will increase and the ball will also land on the green like a bouncy ball. the difference between a players club and another club is in negating fliers out of clean lies.
  10. Can someone compare/contrast to the Ping g400 Max?
  11. after reading two pages full of WRXperts being so certain this failure wasn’t legit, I wasn’t expecting a second instance. Did your club look like the OP’s?
  12. I just started the snowbird gig this year, I can concur that in 15 Florida rounds, I’ve put more visible wear on the clubs than my 65 rounds per year in the Northeast.
  13. Pw and a 56... that’s it? https://www.golfwrx.com/653365/omar-uresti-witb-2021-pga-professional-champion/?utm_source=Front&utm_medium=Featured_Latest&utm_campaign=GolfWRX_OnSite&utm_content=unused
  14. btw, out of those, they have similar soles, unless you mean the jpx tours, which have awesomely thin soles. I think I’m the only guy who have the HMB’s and didn’t like the 5,6&7 irons. That said, I do play a slightly weakened hmb 3iron in my main bag. Here’s a little tidbit I overheard. I was at a golf course in Florida this week, it’s an incredibly expensive resort course with a PXG rep on the range every day with a whole fitting cart. Anyways, a kid my age (30’s) comes up to the rep for a scheduled fitting, the fitter ends up making a phone call to his higher up and says “I hav
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