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  1. I’m not an “insider“ so to speak, but the simple answer, which appears to be so, is that there is so much money going into sponsorship on the PGA Tour, and Tour Edge just isn’t operating in the space. I’ll give you my logic... I’ve been looking through a lot of Korn Ferry bags and a lot of Champions Tour bags, and I’ve noticed that guys on both tours have 1-2 generation old iron set you just don’t see often in the bags of PGA players. I’ve seen a couple bags with JPX 900’s in Korn Ferry bags, none of the PGA. You see prior lines of Apex irons in Korn Ferry bags. Prior versions if T
  2. Thank you very much. I’ll try that out. That works decent for me too. The Bridgestone irons were really sweet but were standard length, and I play +.5”, so it would’ve been an expensive project.
  3. nope. He’ll never be right in the head. But I can promise, he’ll never be Señor Smoke. His seething anger is internalized unitl it explodes. But never blame someone else. I can promise you, he’s not a typical ill-temped golf Word not allowed hole. He’s a funny Word not allowed. His anger would keep you laughing for days.
  4. I can do that. Are the “align” grips same as “reminder” grips?
  5. BACKGROUND: skip to the “challenge” section if you want to get right to the task... I’ll post follow ups and pictures after this is all done. So I think you WRX’ers will like this task. To get to the point, my cousin is coming back to the game after about 15 years off. I really want him to enjoy himself because I love spending time with him and golf is a great medium for that. Here’s the catch, he was quite a good amateur and high school golfer, but he’s a perfectionist with a horrific temper. About six years ago I got him to play a couple rounds at Foxwoods, the second day he h
  6. Title pretty much says it all. From what I can tell, the thing differentiating at .370 iron from a .370 hybrid is that the hybrid shaft would handle the weight of the heavier hybrid head. Is that a true statement? next, if the above statement is true, is the dhy 4 head, light enough to be used in an iron shaft? Looking for practical answers. I know I can stick the head in and it will look like a golf club, but I dont want my x to play like R+.
  7. With all due respect, which is genuinely hard to convey over a keyboard, I think your take is beyond arrogant. first, My father is a dreadful golfer, but the 6-7 times a year we get out to play is something I’ll hold onto forever. The Friday morning rounds I played with my gramps, I can almost reach out and touch the mornings. Golf is far, far more than being a good golfer. What other physical pursuit could I, 23 at the time, do with my 78 year old grandfather, or my 31 year old self play with my overweight father? I’m not this romantic about the game, but man oh man, I wouldn’t gi
  8. wow. That’s awesome news. Thank you. I ordered a single 7 iron with an MMT 105tx from a club company that carries your shafts. Just to test graphite iron shafts. I’ve been taken aback at how fantastic this product was. We have a tight knit club at the golf course and I’ve given it to various players to try for a week or two. The feedback has been positive. These new products will make people here very happy. And as a company, I wish you the best of luck on capitalizing on graphite iron shaft market when it erupts. I know the market seems strong now, and it is on WRX, but once this spreads to t
  9. make a call. One of the stupidest bust most true sayings from my mom... “you’ll never g-e-t unless you a-s-k.”
  10. Jpx 900 Tours... by accident. i saw a great deal on a set of these guys new, and went for it. It turns out they were +.5”, which completely changed golf for me. I had a set of professionally “fitted”, brand new irons that I didn’t hit as well as this old-ish, “stock” set. accidentally getting this + half inch set has changed golf for me.
  11. For many companies, there is 2021 stuff out now. Take a look.
  12. dont be a normie. Get two sets of wedges. No compromise.
  13. I know the topic is a bit less specific than usual, but seriously, what a strange company. They go balls out to promote their balls. They’re great balls and easy to buy. Then with irons, they come out with some incredible irons every few years, but you can’t find a place to buy them, let alone their website. C’mon. I can’t buy these sticks if I wanted to.
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