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  1. Never played a set of Miuras. I bought some of these 1006 heads off ebay a while back. You know the seller who takes used heads and re-finishes them in copper? Anyways, had em shafted in December with some lz 6.5’s but haven’t used em yet for a couple reasons. They look sweet but I’m just a little bummed that I never see them mentioned in the “Miura cult classic” discussions, or even mentioned in passing for that matter. I think I’m gunna play em tomorrow morning. Are they a good representation of the best that this esteemed brand has to offer? Are they just meh? Below average? What say you? I
  2. yea. I started a discussion about this exact topic related to the zipcore wedges. I saw it mentioned that they were forged on a golf review website. Or more specifically, one of their marketing guys mentioned the word “forged”. The consensus is that one step in the process can he called a forging step, but they are forged in the typically though of sense like a Mizuno iron. Plus, I don’t think they’d put the silicone-ish dampening insert from the MG2 on a forged product.
  3. I’m a 33 year old former athlete playing to a 4.6 handicap. Driving and ball striking are my strong suit. I currently play a set of Callaway Legacy Blacks. For the majority of my golf, which is played in the Northeastern USA, I simply cannot imagine a better golf club. They are the softest feeling club I’ve ever hit. Also, I only lose 2-3 yards on slightly mis-struck balls. They really are quite good and I just saw a new set of heads on the big auction site for $1,100. On the down side, I play 3 months per year in Florida and they just don’t jive with the turf down there. The fla turf can be v
  4. $475 For sale or trade is a quite lovely set of iBlades. 5-p. Trade Interests: -G425 Max driver head - Honma Rose Protos - +3/8”, I have them cut to +1/4” and then the grip cap gets it to 3/8”. - TV Cord, midsize plus two wraps. - C-Taper S+ which are barely used (which is a distinction that must be stated with KBS C-taper shafts). - I think they’re pretty clean. Clean enough that I would purchase, and I’m fairly picky. - I believe the lofts are based off 34* 7 iron and 4* gaps. - I think the lies
  5. I gotta stop being such a knob and try a Mizuno driver. These look classy.
  6. playing my best golf ever in a set of s400’s. I’ve found that there are quite a few shafts that fit me well, but whoaa, tried the C tapers S+ in some iblade heads and I just lose all enjoyment of the strike.
  7. Lazy take on my part... the Matera is beautiful to me, but that backstrike was a taste that hurts my eyes.
  8. Have you been to the golf WRX website? You should see the shite those crazy golfers spend thousands on to try to whack a ball in a hole.
  9. really? Never hit one but I’ve felt the pull in recent years.
  10. XTD Forged!!! I got a set of them things. The OG P790’s for 70% off. Actually, more like the original 760’s with 1 piece forgings in gap-7 and the “hollow” 7-4. Sweet.
  11. KBS Metal wood shaft has a very low balance point; however, I don’t think the Rogue White is particularly high. So rouge white may only be lower sw by 1.5 points from a “normal” shaft, probably only .5-1 point from a Ventus blue and perhaps 3sw points lower than the KBS. Every 9 grams should lower sw by one point. Cutting off a half inch will lower by 3 points. So lets say you went 7x Rogue to 6x KBS, i think that’s only 2 points heavier, so cut off 1/4” and it’ll roughly be the same.
  12. Interesting if so. He was a Piretti sponsored played. Piretti was dedicated to moving Heaven and earth to make him some of the worst looking putters in golf history.
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