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  1. Ain’t nobody watching the warehouse on a Sunday night!! Go n git em.
  2. Why on earth is everyone so eager to pile onto “mntbiker” for his odd take? The post is certainly outside of the realm of normal reaction, especially since 95% of people haven’t seen them in person, and for other reasons. It just seems like people are so eager to be mean, treat him/her like a dunce or call him/her names. Perhaps they’ll sell great and the poster will learn the error of his ways or perhaps they’ll do a faceplant and poster will be right. But we can be nice in the mean time.
  3. But that face looks like it’s painted like the D type head. At least to my eye.
  4. I’m really rooting for Tommy to start playing some slick, confident golf again.
  5. if memory serves, you got a set of legacy blacks... you ever play them?
  6. Interesting point. Don’t know how much I buy it, but it’s interesting. Rahm was marginally better this year... dj and morikowa and others are fine with the ball, but maybe rf got hit hard.
  7. The green might be the most esthetically pleasing shaft ever to my eye. Doesn’t mean anything, but still, it’s beautiful.
  8. What a bag from top to bottom. Today madness. 7* driver, 3w set to 12*, hybrid at 15.5*, grips worn to smoke, putter beaten up. Amazing.
  9. I’m a tinkerer and a ho. I don’t test everything at PGASS, instead, I go and buy a 3-4 different iron sets a year along with a couple drivers, shafts, wedges etc. I thought equipment makes a difference on the margins until I hit a G400 Max driver. It’s improved my driving handicap over every club I’d ever used by 3 strokes. I’m in a really happy place from tee to green, around a .5-1.5 handicap. From 20 yards and in I’m getting comfortable with my wedges, sticking with some Jaws Forged wedges and seeing success. But on the greens I’m horrific. Like a 18 handicap. I’ve tried to stick with an Oddessey Ten all year with no luck. I’m worse than ever. I’m resigned to the fact that less*ns may be my best option. Anyone ever have a putter that completely changed their putting or does having the touch of a pedo resign me to battling the flat stick in perpetuity?
  10. tbf, the DHY is the girthiest monster around.
  11. City, State? fairfield, ct 1. Handicap? 5.2 2. Current hybrid? Have a g410 22* but not in the bag 3. What is important to you in a hybrid? Height Control off the turf. 4. Why do you want to review the Cobra KING Tec Hybrid? matt from TXG has one in the bag and he has every option possible. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  12. I’m too young to be so prude... but I’ll say it, golf carts are friggin dangerous. I’ve narrowly avoided real danger a couple times. Don’t let their fun nature fool you.
  13. I wonder how the soles on the Hogans would work for you... or even the double cut sole you can get from Miura Craftsman Workshop. Similar, but absolutely not the same as Srixons.
  14. 1. Check 2. check 3. Hartford ct 4. yes, it was terrible 5. 14*-24*. 3w, hybrid, 4i.
  15. if you think it takes two people to have a fight, you must not be married.
  16. Why does that 8i look so odd to my eye?? Is there some trail edge grind relief or are they just bent 15* flat?
  17. Hmmm. I’m going to scootland and I’m dropping the 64 for the trip. 47, 53, 60. Why you think a 64 is useful there?
  18. Dude. You’re killing my need for symmetry. Why not make that 58 into a 57?
  19. 1. New Haven ct 2. 5.2 3. Current irons. Tm p760’s 4-pw 4. Current Iron Shafts Modus 120x 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? 100g 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes.
  20. Can I ask what the swingweights are? Been thinking about grabbing a newer set of Miuras and would like to play them the same length as you but I’m leery of the swing weigh. I know you can go the Miura Craftsman rout and get 4-5 grams shaved off the heads, but that’s pricey.
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