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  1. I’m playing Rogue with Tensei AV Blue 65 (S weighs 68) and really like it. I’ve struggled with drivers and graphite shafts for a long time, but finally with the Tensei AV Blue and Rogue I can choose and shape my shots off the tee. I hit my driver in front of Track Man and there was no distance difference between the Tensei and PX Hzrdus Smoke. The PX shaft is super stable bordering boardy with a high kick point. I hit it well but somehow it’s not an enjoyable shaft to play for me. The Tensei is lower kick with a bit more torque flex but still plenty controlled for me to shape shots on demand.
  2. I had the Auditor Pro Shop for a couple days while working through the return process. It’s actually a pretty nice scale to use and if it didn’t have the warping/level issues I might have kept and been OK with it. I got the Golf Works V-line scale in its replacement. It’s certainly way more sturdy and the first thought is “I really got my money’s worth.” It’s a little more bulky and not as ‘smooth’ with the weight on top, not secured, and a little space between the weight block arrow and the printed scale. But it works and seems like it will last forever. I have a lot more confidence in it’s r
  3. I don't like cord grips either. In my experience, Lamkin seems a little more grippy and the grip lasts much longer than Golf Pride. I often feel like Gold Pride grips are designed to get hard quickly so you have to keep re-gripping your clubs, while I have Lamkins on another set that seem to last forever. I have no problem with my Lamkins when it's raining.
  4. I played the Modus 105 in a flex that was too soft for me, and I lost a lot of balls left. My experience playing with Nippon 105 and 125 shafts is that too stiff starts right but stays relatively straight, and too soft hooks left. But when it's dialed in it goes straight and feels amazing. I had Modus 105 Stiff. My 7i SS is 86 mph and it was too soft for me. I'm now playing Modus 125 Stiff and love it. Once I felt the buttery smoothness of Modus shafts it's hard to like hitting DGs.
  5. I was all excited to do a nice little review on this Auditor Pro Shop scale, but I’m pretty disappointed with it and it’s (hopefully) going back. The level is so far out it’s literally unusable - It always says the shaft side needs to be ~1/4 inch (A LOT!) higher, despite turning the scale around on the bench. That’s the only thing that ‘doesn’t work’ - well, it’s also off by 4 grams and 0.75 SWP - but I guess now I have a list of features I would look for in a scale: What I don’t like about the Auditor Pro: The level is directly under the beam so you can’t get a straight-on look at it (parall
  6. I second the Modus recommendation - probably the Modus 105. I had KBS Tour (not V) but didn't like the soft tip - I got an initial high launch and balls seemed to float a little. I played both S and X flex with similar results. Modus gives me same apex height but later in the flight, so ends up being a little more boring but still with a soft landing. The feel is what I'd imagine a KBS Tour to be with a stiffer tip, which is what V is supposed to be. KBS Tour S flex is comparable to Modus 125 S, or Modus 105X (which is around 112g.) You may or may not want to HS the 105. Modus shafts also feat
  7. I made the mistake of getting fitted this year while fixing swing faults. It hasn't been a good experience at all.
  8. Thanks Stuart. Interesting. Is the 9pts because of some average or standard grip weight? Or is it from the change in length due to no grip cap? Or both? I was thinking I could just make a hardened balsa plug (maybe 1-2 grams?) to use as a spacer if the shaft has no grip, and just tape or rubber-band the grip above the shaft. But really I hadn’t thought much beyond adjusting the clubs I have that are already built. Maybe assembling a new club is a different approach. 2 years ago I started playing golf again and was shooting ~110. Now even on my worst days I break 90 and I’ve got my sights o
  9. I like nice stuff, particularly nice tools. I used to have a shop in Ohio full of old American made shop tools. It was heaven to me. If I was dedicating a bench to club building I’m sure I’d go for a nice, all-metal scale and would be happy I paid the premium every time I used it. If that sounds like you, why not go for it? Hawaii is a different ballgame with regards to real estate/stability (and I didn’t move here to spend all my time inside!) so that changed my goal to finding a scale that gets the job done and is at least somewhat enjoyable to use, hence the basic Auditor. If that sounds mo
  10. Thanks guys. I went with the Auditor ‘Pro Shop’ from Golfworks. I realized I will want to use the scale on multiple surfaces around the house so the built-in levels became a priority. Also shipping for the V-line was $30, and shipping for my complete order of supplies w/ Pro Shop was $20 for 2-day air (to Hawaii.) I don’t think I need to worry about SW without installed grip, but it seems like there should be a way to modify the setup if I ever need to.
  11. So does that Economy scale read off the table? In other words, does balanced mean both sides are equal distance from bench top? I want to try progressive swing weighting and feel like that scale could be a little more tedious, and more susceptible to whatever condition the bench top is in, compared to pretty much every other scale. If that’s the case I think I will go for either the V-line or Auditor Pro depending on shipping cost. I’ll keep an eye out for Ken Smith scales too - unfortunately all the affordable ones on eBay right now are “Official” and not Lorythmic.
  12. Thanks guys. Yeah its just hard to know what ‘conveniences’ I’ll appreciate without having experienced them. Considering I don’t know how much club building I’ll do after this set I was looking at the $90 V-line scale from Golfworks, but the leveling feet and level on the beam sound pretty nice so maybe I’ll go with the Auditor series (Pro Shop or Clubmaker.) Roger Dunn has one that looks like their premium scale. The RD scale has a beam that balances on a metal blade resting in a triangular groove, and I really dislike it. Maybe it’s just old and dirty but the repeatability has been pretty
  13. I want to re-shaft a couple irons and adjust SW in my irons, so I’m looking at scales. There are recommendations and good reviews on everything from the $55 Economy scale all the way to the high end scales. So what made you choose one over the other? What makes the more expensive scales ‘better’?
  14. Thank you. I just learned the flat wrist a couple weeks ago and thought it might have something to do with delisting my short wedges. I don’t understand the clock face thing (where is 9:00 etc) but I get full, 3/4, and half swing.
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