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  1. Like Gallagher and mb matt henderson
  2. What would be the best course to rent on for next winter??
  3. Any ideas on quality affordable instructors
  4. Not sure but I just dont like the look.
  5. I was fired up till I heard they will have power holes. If they have those I wont be buying a set!!
  6. Can pre order in Europe in feb. Looks like March release there. Not sure about here
  7. I really like that. Any specs on the d9 forged
  8. I was disappointed in the d9 fairway. And I love Wilson Staff
  9. Has the tensei 50 r flex and has not seen a ball. 155.00 shipped!
  10. Looking for 1 with a stand bag with 3 to 5 dividers
  11. How about the three piece ball? Any new bags?
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