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  1. No. Thanks for the info though!
  2. i matched a driver shaft to my old one. when it came the tip was not as stiff. question is can you stiffin a accra graphite tip without shortening the club? thanks
  3. have to replace driver shaft accra 2.6 250 m3 and having no luck, anyone??
  4. getting a sreroid injection for the same thing this week!
  5. how does their stuff stack up to others? Any opinions?
  6. I think peerless was Arnie's company
  7. Around the greens is awful. Can barely find the ball and get the club on the ball. And go 20 feet past with 13 on stump you might 4 putt. No way a 4 can break 100 but that's only my humble opinion.
  8. The other thing is putting. Going to be a lot of 3 putts and some 4 putts. Greens are murder in the open.
  9. It was a nice end of summer type major. Now they are all done in 3 weeks. I find the playoffs go hum
  10. Played hazeltine week after 91 open. The par 3 8th we couldn't find the ball in greenside rough, not to mention length and greens. 4 handicap putting out doesn't break 100.
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