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  1. I liked GEA, but I really liked the old Ham and Egg/Party of Fore site even more.
  2. Was fit into a PING G425 Max back in late January after hitting most of the new crop of drivers. I'm a low spin player and the Max gave me the best spin numbers, launch angle and dispersion on the GC Quad. Finally took delivery of the driver on Friday. Tensei AV Raw Orange 65 S @ 44.75" in a 10.5° head turned to 9.5° with the backweight in the neutral setting. Got to play 36 holes over the weekend with it. Did not do any direct comparisons with my TaylorMade SIM, but in no way would I say the G425 Max is shorter. Well struck drives ended in places that I would expect. What was real
  3. Last I checked, tees were pretty damn inexpensive. I like the wooden ones over the plastic ones. Sometimes they break. So what? Hell, I always use someone else's broken tees on every par 3 and whatever hole I use something other than driver. $7 for 75 wooden tees will last me the better part of a year. If I dunk 2 Pro V1s in the water in a round, that's also $7, and it doesn't stop me from buying premium balls.
  4. Had my fitting on 1/25. Order was placed that day. Finally got my G425 Max today, 2/26. Hitting the course with it tomorrow.
  5. Damn ribbed alignment grips bother the hell out of me. It’s the equivalent of a shoe manufacturer sewing a pebble underneath the insole. And UPC stickers and what not that just rip instead of peeling off. Why?
  6. A little rubbing alcohol and a washcloth takes those marks right off. I use bright pink tees because they are easy to find on the ground and I can really tell exactly where my strike was after a tee shot.
  7. The PING fairway woods and hybrids and Vokey wedges in my sig are new to my bag since January 1st. Waiting on delivery on a PING G425 Max driver I was fitted for in late January.
  8. Did they fall in the ocean too? My G425 Max is still "in production" after being ordered on 1/25.
  9. Ordered a PING G425 Max after a fitting on 1/25. Checked in today, and ETA is 2/16.
  10. I have that exact club, and it is a cannon. Easier to hit from the turf than a 15°. I go back and forth between that one and my Ping G410 with the same loft.
  11. 5 wood turned down to 16-16.5 will feature a smaller head and open face. I like my Ping G410, but that's certainly not the only option here.
  12. Ping G425 LST is 445cc. A couple years old, but the TaylorMade M3 440 was a stable in my bag for a few years.
  13. Really need to adjust my wedges for the soggy dormant Bermuda right now. Played Sunday and hit the ball great, yet found myself with a lot of 75 yard shots that are normally right in my wheelhouse, but I struggled with that day. 8 degrees of bounce on the lob wedge probably isn't enough, so I need to break out my 12 degree bounce lob wedge from the backup until things dry up.
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