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  1. Only thing left are the Cobra King Tour MIM irons, Original One Mini Driver and Spider putter. Make some offers.
  2. Yes. It's not pictured, but it's the black Spider Tour headcover. I can shoot a pic over later this evening.
  3. Currently an 8.1 and just moved from Cobra King Tour MIMs to Callaway Apex Pro 21s. Shifted from a heavier shaft to a lighter one, and while it took a bit to get used to, I believe the move has been good for me. I actually just pulled out the 5 iron for an extra wedge and it hasn't hurt me at all.
  4. A. Callaway Jaws Forged 52° and 56° and Callaway Jaws Full Toe 60° B. Yes, Callaway Apex Pro 21 irons C. 45°-52°-56°-60° D. C-grind on all but PW. Bounce is 10°-12°-10° E. DG S200 on the Jaws Forged and DG Spinner on the Full Toe
  5. You’re right about that! It’s rare that I have the distance from the green needed for my 4 wood with a lie that allows me to use it and a green light to go for it.
  6. Ha! I was using the Original One Mini Driver until I put the Callaway Epic Speed 4 wood in my bag. Finally able to hit that one off the turf and it goes nearly as far off the tee as my Mini Driver did.
  7. I go driver (10.5°), 4 wood (16.5°), 7 wood (21°), 5 hybrid (24°) then 5 iron (26°). I don't worry too much about the lofts, because the shaft lengths of the fairway woods and hybrids make them go further than similarly lofted irons. It's taken a while, but I finally have gapping I'm comfortable with at the top of my bag.
  8. Hey there @eaglestan66, I figured out the issue. Got home and took a look at the sole and it's definitely glossy. Took it outside from my 67° man cave (I hate that word) into the 93° and humidity and it fogged up making it look like a satin finish. That's apparently what happened yesterday evening when I took pictures. It was gray and dreary yesterday as well. See below for pics I took a few minutes ago after I let the club sit outside for a couple minutes.
  9. Thanks. "Only" got 2.75" of rain from Ida, but the wind was brutal. Fortunate that just lost a tree and a portion of a fence that have all been repaired now. Then Nicholas rolls through with 11" of rain. Fortunately no flooding at my house, but lost power again for a while. The older I get, the more I wonder why I bother living here.
  10. The TaylorMade MG2 TW grind wedges have a very straight leading edge. Took me a bit to get used to.
  11. Time to unload some clubs and shafts to help offset the cost of the new generator and a/c unit I bought to get through Hurricane Ida. Got to use them both again yesterday as Tropical Storm Nicholas came through with 11” of rain. Didn’t have any damage, so I am fortunate in that regard. All prices include PayPal and shipping from Baton Rouge. No trades please. If you need additional pics, I’m happy to provide. Cobra King Tour MIM irons 4-GW Nippon N.S Pro Modus3 Tour 130 S flex shafts with Golf Pride Z-Grips. All in very good condition, and 4 iron is like new. $750 Callaway Epic Speed 10.5° head with cover, excellent shape SOLD Fujikura Ventus Velocore Blue 5S with Callaway adapter. Length is 44.25”, so it plays 45.5” in a Callaway driver. SOLD TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver 13.5° Diamana F65 Limited S shaft, very good shape, no cover SOLD Ping G410 3 wood (14.5°) with Tensei Orange CK 70 X flex shaft, Golf Pride Z-Grip, headcover, normal wear for a 2 year old club SOLD Ping G410 4 hybrid (22°) with Tensei Blue CK 80HY S flex shaft, good condition SOLD Ping Tour 85S shaft with Ping adapter and stock Ping Grip that goes with the above G410 4 hybrid SOLD Odyssey Stroke Lab Ten, 34” face balanced with cover, excellent shape SOLD TaylorMade Spider Tour black 34” face balanced with cover, SuperStroke grip, pretty good shape (that's a dog hair on the face of the 3rd pic, not a scratch) $100 Odyssey White Hot RX 7 33” face balanced with cover, brand new SOLD pin 9/16
  12. I throw a 64° PM Grind wedge in the bag from time to time. It is super easy to hit from bunkers and there may be a shot or two a round that it's good for around the greens. But I have zero confidence hitting any sort of full or even partial shot with it. So it only goes in the bag when I'm struggling with my sand game and need a boost of confidence. Although the recent addition of the 60° Full Toe wedge may even keep that 64° in the backup bag for good.
  13. Played 2 rounds with the Jaws Full Toe 60° this weekend. It's in the bag. It's so much more versatile than the PM Grind in that I'm comfortable using it for other shots than just around the green. It was great out of the bunkers for me as well, which was where the PM Grind really shined for me. I really like the C grind on the Full Toe.
  14. Golf is my hobby and trying out new equipment is fun. If I want it, I'll buy it. Golf clubs are way cheaper than a boat.
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