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  1. 2 pairs. Both bought from sun glass hut in September - just trying to declutter and these have been worn less than a handful of times. no scratches on the frames or lenses on either pair. Comes with original box and microfiber. 1) matte black with blue Hawaii lenses. -$old 2) grey tortoise with HCL bronze lens -$old
  2. lightly used SL2. Purchased mid year 2020 and used for the remainder of the season. Purchased direct from stitch, comes with the single strap, double strap, and the nylon rain cover. Only signs of wear comes from the cart strap, which I tried to capture in the pics. Typically, any markings come off the bags quite easy with soap or a magic eraser - just didn’t have time this morning. Does have TS on the magnetic initial badge, but you can order a new one from stitch direct for $10. $old shipped - add $15 if you’re west of Mississippi
  3. Looking for 56° square thanks
  4. Looking to go up in loft from the 9° X to the 10.5° X+. Head is in great shape, minor scratches on sole and some faint marks on the face. Has the standard weights from the factory and is 199 grams. since I have to put a price I’ll say $275 but really want to trade
  5. Titleist U500 2 iron with Tensei White 100x. Standard length, loft, lie - just can’t beat out the hybrid. $old AD-DI 7x with Taylormade 2° LH tip. Measures 41 7/8” tip to grip. $165 Swag Masters Mallet headcover with sticker. Still sealed. $180
  6. I have played both the gen 1 and 2 PXG wedges, and found the Gen 1 to be much more versatile - however the milled were the best of the bunch. That being said I still dumped the milled wedges to transition over to Edel. The variety of grinds is really second to none, and the science behind what they do is really quite fascinating - producing what I would consider the most consistent shots, and experience, across alll 3 of my wedges. if you have the time or money for a proper fitting I woulld second Kwok, also should look at Artisan and National Cutom Works.
  7. Selling my PXG Wedge set 50:54 are the gen 2 forged wedges, the 58 is the Gen1 milled Romeo grind. All new as of late July, early august. Simply need more bounce on my wedges. All have S400 and black iomic grips, standard length and lie minimal wear and bag chatter. If you want more pics let me know. $400 shipped
  8. Watched the ForePlay scramble against the country singers and Hootie had the gen 3 fairway as well as an unseen gen3 hybrid that looks to have both the smaller weights behind the face as well as 3 of the large Proto style weights. Should be interesting to see what the final retail version looks like
  9. The D+ looks to have slightly lower torque, other than that both fit the Low/Low profile
  10. TaylorMade Sim Fairway Shafts - AD-DI 7x plays 42.75” - $old - Pro White 70TX plays 43.25” -$150 Freaky Mavriky SZ 9° with Diamana D+ Limited 60tx. Phenomenal shape, with minimal use and markings. Neutral Hot melt in head to 200g, plays D4 @45”. Aftermarket Callaway Headcover included - $old PXG Gen 2 0317x 19° hybrid - like new. Used for 1 range session and the gapping didn’t work. Has Hzrdus smoke black 80 6.5, factory standard with head cover. - $old Gankas G Box -$old
  11. They absolutely use hot melt in their builds. I have it in my Proto, 3 wood and hybrid. However, with the D2 swingweight, depending on shaft, they need to reduce the weight so I’m guessing you have a 10g weight in stead of the standard 15g which is a 1.66 swing weight reduction.
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