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  1. So, West Michigan...Grand Rapids (preferably the western burbs) to the Lakeshore. Can anyone recommend a good instructor?
  2. Kettle Sours are on the upswing, that's for sure. They're relatively easy and low-stakes to make in small batches. If you're brewing with certain wild/sour yeasts, those are incredibly complicated, and can actually infect a whole-a** brewing facility if you're not careful (thereby funking up all your other beers).
  3. Hey, I went to that school! I've never played Greywalls, but I have played the Heritage...I know GW is in a whole different ballpark, but the views are awesome all the way around!
  4. I just wanna get out and enjoy golfing, ya know? I love the solitude of solo rounds; just groovin' with my headphones in. But man, it gets hard to zone out and enjoy a round when your shots constantly go awry.
  5. So what I'm hearing is that...being handed a bag full of cut-down irons as a 10 year old and being told to go to the driving range and figure it out myself wasn't the best option, eh? This also explains why I haven't improved much since I was 14 or 15. That's right - after reading the responses, I realized I've had literally no formal golf training in all my years playing the game.
  6. The Links At Rolling Meadows are in south Holland, right off of 48th St.
  7. A couple wedges followed me home today
  8. While I'm aiming down the path #5 -Irons follow 2 -Wedges follow 8 -Driver follows 6, but the hook itself is much more severe -My fairway wood and hybrid are honestly super straight.
  9. On my Kirkland wedges on full shots, I can feel the ball rolling across the face towards the toe and jetting off to the right...this happens maybe 1 in 3 shots. My Ping irons are more consistent/forgiving, but it's still 1 in 8 shots or so - and this is most undoubtedly due to my outside-to-in club path - that I can feel the face grabbing the ball and vaulting it left. On these shots, I can feel my whole torso facing the wrong way on follow through. I'll have beautiful 7 or 8 iron shots that go the right distance to the green, but they'll shoot far off to the left. Le
  10. It wasn't until I'd read this thread that I took a peek. You're correct, there are little waivers in the finish or the surface. That's not the reason I hit them poorly, but you're absolutely right, if I'm paying $4 a ball, I'd tend to expect a little more.
  11. I should get some vids of my iron game - I can feel the specific shots that are going to go 30 degrees offline as soon as the club hits the ball, but I can't quite identify what is happening.
  12. Found some vids from when I was getting fitted for my drivers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvS4QJWseJ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhQOKmPl6oU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cl9GNdt7OM
  13. Made a career change into the craft beer industry this past spring. I'm attending classes at the local CC for craft beer operations. Meanwhile, I got a job on the canning line at the local brewery.
  14. I was mostly joking about the discount (though a buddy used to get free beers at bars that he'd installed refrigeration in)...as part of my "diverse" work background, I was a designer at a cabinet company that did the whole South clubhouse - as it was my first week, they had me on the shop floor doing the actual carpentry...and my project on that particular day was the waitress stand
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