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  1. Another pickle - two of the courses I frequent aren't listed on the National Course DB. One's a par 3 course that The Grint accounts for, and the other is a par 4 executive course. Do executive rounds not count?
  2. What's up with that? Nah, kidding. I was astonished at Hideki's performance yesterday! Started the day 5 up...that's impressive!
  3. Whew...Now my HCP has been remedied from "he can barely walk across the course" to "he can swing a club and make contact with the ball most of the time"
  4. Ah, I didn't know there was a USGA course database. I simply was just taking the 18 hole course rating and dividing by 2, going on a Google search of "[course name] course rating," and taking the results.
  5. Woof. I do that, and I hit 30 on my own calculation sheet.
  6. Using an Excel spreadsheet and the formula shown on the GolfWRX homepage, modified for 9 holes, I get the 18 that I rounded off to show in my sig line on the forums here...you know, the number under my avatar. However, using my profile on The Grint, it comes out to a whopping 26. It looks like The Grint combines 9 holes in sets of 2 to bring a total of 18 holes, then uses that combination of scores in their calculations...whereas my spreadsheet, and the formula from the front page, divides the course rating by 2 to even it up. I'm clearly missing something o
  7. I'm embarrassed to say, compared to the rest of the posters here. First round of the year, first time at a whole new course. 59 on 9, but if you follow USGA rules about max strokes, that "only" landed on 53.
  8. Are any of you attending the Random Golf Club outing at The Mines this Saturday?
  9. I guess, lol The reason I actually ditched the Eye 2's was because they lost distance and consistency on the golf sim, when compared to the Macs. The Macs lost distance (compared to the G400's), but at least went on a consistent dispersion. The old Pings are completely out of the question right now; I'm either donating them to my cousin's kid or selling them. I went out to the outdoor range again today, with my G400's, and got consistent gapping (starting about 100 yards with the wedge, and getting about 10 yards further with each club), with just a touch of fade, exa
  10. LE Kaufman is on Sugarland Social Club's Hidden Gems list, if you're into that sort of thing.
  11. I was just stunned, comparing the old Pings and Macs to the Pings in my sig. I can hit my new Pings with consistent gapping and dispersion...even though I have a slice, it's predictable. Focusing specifically on the Macs, like I said above, they only went about 100 yards, until I began playing the ball insanely close to me.
  12. I had 2 sets of vintage blades out at a golf sim over the winter: Ping Eye 2's and MacGregor MCX's. Couldn't hit them worth a darn. The numbers back me up, in that the longest iron I hit was about 120 yards, and that was my 7 iron. The Macs went right, and the Pings went WAY right. Today, I had the Macs out at an outdoor range, and once again, hit every iron PW through 3 right around that 100 yard mark. Nearing the end of my bucket, I just began swinging wildly out of frustration - nothing to that point had worked, until one shot gave me a nice lil' baby fade, mostly wh
  13. Super thin blades are for yer grandpa. Us hip, young, cool cats play flashy heads with all the bells and whistles, and so many logos it looks like a stock car.
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