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  1. This one still stings: The summer between 8th and 9th grade, I led a team to "first runner up" aka 3rd Place in a golf league. I was thinkin' I was hot s***, so I went to try out for the JV golf team. The general rule was that, if you could break 50 on 9 holes, you were basically a shoe-in for the JV team. I went out the day before tryouts with my dad and a few of the neighborhood guys just to get a little practice in, and I shot something like a 48 or 49. I don't remember that specific number, as it's not important, but it would've allowed me to walk onto the JV team. Next day, s
  2. You might be on to something here. I found an OG Maxfli Noodle in the ol' shag bag and compared it to the matte green Noodle Neon. The Maxfli's cover feels smooth and grippy (despite being what, 18 years old now?); sort of like a moistened finger grabbing onto a smooth surface. The Neon has a texture to it that makes it feel like talcum powder on a pool cue; slippery and harder to hold onto. The one that really threw me for a loop was that stinger that I hit with a wedge...yeah, I caught it thin, but I didn't expect the ball to hover completely over the green. Like I said, it r
  3. Yeah, like I mentioned, the Noodles worked great with the Zing 2's I was playing last year...that combo was the pairing that made the whole thing "click" and drove me to commit to getting back into golf this year. I'll work through the dozen I have left (though I think I'm down to only 4 or 5) then move on.
  4. While I can't opine on the specific clubs in question (so my post may or may not be invalid), when I bought my new clubs this past summer, I was presented with Wilson Staff, Ping, and Cleveland irons then Cleveland, Wilson Staff, and Srixon Woods. I legitimately hit the Wilson Staff offerings the best and the most consistently out of everything I tried. Don't sleep on Wilson Staff stuff - it's not your dad's Target brand anymore. Ultimately, I went with what I did (Ping/Srixon) because the Wilson Staff stuff was more expensive, and the shop and I couldn't work out a deal on those
  5. I can read the heck out of the terrain, breaks, and everything. I'm about 90% accurate left to right. What really buggers my bogeys is distance control - I consistently 2-putt because I have a tough time getting all the way to the hole. Overall, I'd rate myself 6/10
  6. Did you see the recent Rick Shiels video? He took a 21hcp player with a wicked slice and compared the B21 with the Mavrik...the B21 didn't fix the slice, but a 10 minute set of lessons with Rick did.
  7. I've normally only had 12 clubs in my bag at any given time - save for last year when I got into thrift shopping, and bought a buttload of wedges to pump up my low-end.
  8. I've spent the past 2-3 seasons gaming the Noodle Neon seen in my avatar - I found a hot deal on 'em from golfballs.com and bought them at somewhere around a buck a ball. They worked good enough with my old juniors set, and worked really well with my iron-heavy Ping Zing 2 set (3-9, with 4 wedges. However, I recently upgraded my whole golf outfit to some Srixon woods and Ping G400 irons, and all the sudden, I'm getting all sorts of weird spins on the Noodle Neons: Most commonly, a pull slice type flight off of the driver, starting off straight then violently diving off to the right. Though
  9. Not OP, but my uncle once held that "inside the leather" meant from the top of the grip to the hosel - in other words, put the putter head inside the hole and everything from the grip inwards was considered a gimme. Or three feet-ish.
  10. This is humorous, as I'm the complete opposite! When I was in 4th and 5th grade (97-98), just learning to play in a few odd summer leagues, I was using my dad's old cut-down blades from the 70's and all my buds were playing with complete youth sets of cavity-backs and other GI-style clubs. While my clubs were thin and chrome, with pinstriped letters and branding, theirs were brushed nickel finished with big, flashy logos and grips that matched their golf bags. Being that we were just learning, their ultra-forgiving clubs were easier to hit; my clubs had a lot of thin hits, hosel rockets, an
  11. My G400 5 iron got delivered today. Hopefully @kbstockt1 and @johngalt312 get their wares delivered soon! Looking at some of the responses above, it seems like Ping had their shipping department constipated for a while there, and have suddenly unleashed a flood of mail-order goods.
  12. 10 years later. ROFL! 68 in our scramble on Sunday. Winning team shot 56 or something. It's been quite a story arc - this has been about the 10th year that our church scramble has gone on, and my dad and I have generally been with the same 2 or 3 pairs for the whole time it's been going on. Every year, we've consistently shot 3-4 under in our foursome. We've gone from actually winning the event in the first year, to outside of the top 10 last year, to 6th place this year.
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